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[ July 12th 2002 ]

Last November Macworld Spain first broke the news that Pyro Studios was working on a Macintosh conversion of Eidos Interactive's hit title Commandos 2, a tactical action/strategy game. Editor Guillermo López followed up his original story today with less sanguine news in an article entitled Peligra el lanzamiento de Commandos 2 para Mac. Roughly translated, the release of Mac Commandos 2 is in jeopardy.

López said the Mac version of Commandos 2 was in late development before Pyro put the brakes on the project, in need of some final code optimization and testing. According to Pyro developer Gonzalo Suárez, the Mac conversion is dead in its tracks because Eidos has no Macintosh game publishing experience.

Although Eidos games have come to the Macintosh before, the titles have always emerged through third-party publishing arrangements with other companies. A spokesman for Pyro told López that no such publisher has stepped up to the plate with an offer for the Mac version at this point.

What's more, Pyro's own resources have been wrapped up in other work. López said that Pyro has been busy readying versions of the PlayStation 2 and Xbox video game console versions of Commandos 2, which has monopolized the company's limited development resources.

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