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[ July 12th 2002 ]

Eidos Interactive, home of the videogame industry's biggest franchise operations bla bla, has lauched two new websites to herald upcoming releases from Free Radical Design and Deep Red; specifically TimeSplitters 2 and Virtual Resort: Spring Break.

TimeSplitters II:

The evil race of TimeSplitters are traveling back into human history authoring events that are leading to the enslavement of mankind. In Control of a motley crew of renegade characters you must hunt down the TimeSplitters across time in historical eras like the gangster- Ridden 1920íS, the lush jungles of Aztec temples, soviet military installations of the cold war and Futuristic robot factories in space.

Virtual Resort: Spring Break:

The more fun they have, the more fun you have! Itís time to slather on the suntan lotion, slip on your flip-flops, and head down to the beach for an epic spring break party! From feverish flings to sloshed scuffles to savage shark attacks, youíre in charge of creating a tropical playground teeming with coeds, clubs, cabanas and a lot more...

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