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[ July 9th 2002 ]

The Tomb Raider movie sequel rumour machinists are weaving a frenzied tapestry of connotations as Paramount Pictures prepares to set the wheels in motion for Angelina Jolie's second foray as world renown archaeologist Lara Croft, the most recent being the claims that former band member Luke Goss will play opposite Jolie in between shooting the Midas Films gangster flick Charlie. But will he...?

According to a second source close to the Goss camp, the former 80's heart-throb is not aware of his impending doom with oriental crime lord Chen Lo, nor has he received a copy of the allegedly recently reviewed motion picture script. So what's going on here...?

Perhaps a crazed fan, mind bent on keeping the former chart-topper firmly encased in eighties paraphernalia, doesn't like the idea of his tanned hero parading the silver screen wielding axe and compass while holding up the rear of Angelina Jolie... or maybe our two nimble industry sources fished deep into the rumour abyss during a moment of intellectual starvation and pieced together the results of desperate measures....

Either way, perhaps it's about time for a press release from Paramount Pictures to quash the tattle and set the record straight once and for all!

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