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Copyright 2002 Sold Out Software Press Release

[ July 2nd 2002 ]

Sold Out, the clear market-leader in PC super budget titles, is to buck the trend of low-key releases during the summer months, with a stunning sextet of titles joining the 4.99 label in July. While traditionally a quiet month for publishers, Sold Out is to give super budget debuts to six titles in July, with Eidos' Tomb Raider 3: Adventures of Lara Croft leading the line.

Joining its two predecessors as part of the 4.99 range, Tomb Raider 3 is an epic quest, which sees the buxom archaeologist Lara Croft tracking treasure across a host of perilous locations. New additions appear in the form of a more acrobatic central character, with Lara adding a number of moves to her repertoire, and larger, more open levels and a greater use of puzzle solving. Equally impressive, is the addition of Codemasters' TOCA 2 to the range. A stunning recreation of the touring car championships, TOCA 2 uses incredible visuals and finely-tuned controls to faithfully depict the arduous nature of the motor sport, with the cars even picking up damage as they slam around the tortuous courses.

Codemasters' back catalogue also provides two more additions to Sold Out's amazing roster of titles, with Severance: Blades of Darkness and Insane joining July's releases. Severance is a graphically stunning hack n' slash title using a superb 3D engine, while Insane is a madcap racing title, where a host of high-octane vehicles come together in a frantic race where anything goes.

The sextet is duly completed with Championship Manager: Season 99/00, an update of Eidos' acclaimed managerial simulation, Thief 2 an epic RPG boasting a rich and varied play area with a wealth of tasks. Trust Sold Out to ensure a scorching July for its customers," said Managing Director Garry Williams. "Not only have we added the third Tomb Raider to the 4.99 range, but high-quality titles such as Insane and Severance. Coupled with the latest Champ Manager and, of course, TOCA 2, and it's easy to see why Sold Out leads the pack."

As with all Sold Out titles, each game will feature the .Now installation and online help system and are available in sturdy DVD cases.

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