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[ November 1st 2000 ]

The Croft Manor trophy cabinet welcomes it's newest addition in the form of Gamespot UK's Top Ten Best Female Character, awarded to Tomb Raider star Lara Croft, the spellbinding adventurer one step ahead of Van Croy and soon to make her fifth debut as Eidos Interactive archaeologist heroine in Chronicles. Her fearless deductive skills have enthralled a divided generation, and compels a new audience into a torrent of adventure and intrigue, battling the covenants of the globe in search of ancient artifacts.

No other computer-game female character has attracted as much attention - and caused as much controversy - as the Tomb Raider series' leading lady, Lara Croft. Certainly, Lara Croft doesn't leave most people indifferent; most seem to either love her or hate her. Those who dislike Lara usually take issue with her physical representation. She's got what some call the virtual Barbie syndrome - she has unrealistic physical proportions that conform to a male standard of beauty. Lara's supporters counter these criticisms by highlighting her profession, her education, and her strong personality - she's the female equivalent to Indiana Jones, one of the most famous male pop icons.

Lara Croft made her starring debut in Tomb Raider, battling the elements and dodging boulders and spikes in search of the Atlantian Scion. Her sequel saw her quest for the Dagger of Xian begin at the Great Wall of China and travel the continents fighting off Bartolli and his Fiama Nera. Tomb Raider 3 introduced a five continent strategy, which included Area 51 and the South Pacific Islands, and saw Lara frequent London, UK, and India.

The Last Revelation was by far the longest instalment to date, a game riddled with puzzle and intrigue, and married Lara with her arch rival Van Croy. It's timely demise saw Core's heroine trapped in the Temple of Horus, where the closing episode raised the fear that Lara Croft may have finally met her match. Chronicles returns this November, featuring four flashback adventures with 20 sublevels, and is a marriage of experience, architectural makeover and another chance to see Gamespot Top Ten Female perform before the Next Generation sees it's 2001 PS2 release.

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