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[ June 20th 2002 ]

Angelina Jolie's marriage to Billy Bob Thornton could be on the rocks, according to reports. Apparently, the quirky Hollywood couple are on the verge of splitting up after three years of wedded bliss. The pair have always seemed rock solid, and even wear vials filled with each other's blood. They have not commented on the rumours. They recently appeared to underline their union by adopting a child from Cambodia.

Meanwhile, the Tomb Raider star has revealed that her work with the United Nations on refugees has changed her life. Angelina, who works with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, started her advocacy a year ago by visiting homeless people in Sierra Leone and talking to children who were mutilated by rebels. She said: "I don't know really the difference I've made. I know how it's changed my life."

She joined more than 40 Hollywood stars, athletes, writers and other public figures, at a meeting of UN celebrity goodwill ambassadors in New York to discuss how they can use their names to fight poverty, AIDS and war. All are unpaid advocates for the world body. Some, like writer Elie Wiesel, were chosen by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan as a peace messenger for the United Nations as a whole.

Most others are "goodwill ambassadors" for UN agencies on refugees, development, population, children and Aids. "I think I must be in the wrong place," Mr Annan said at the opening of a two-day session. "I seem to have wandered into a combination of the Oscars, the Olympics, the Grammies and the Pulitzers."

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