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[ May 31st 2002 ]

With thoughts of a massive box-office gross - and, no doubt, Angelina Jolie's remarkable thighs - firmly in mind, it seems that there might be a second outing for the Tomb Raider franchise. Details are currently sketchy, though it appears that Ms Jolie will reprise the role of Lara Croft in a film that is rumoured to be more 'science-fiction-y' that its predecessor.

John Voight, Jolie's real-life and on-screen father, has also expressed an interest in reappearing. Rumours from Pinewood currently put Speed and Twister director Jan de Bont in the director's chair - though production is not set to begin until the autumn. Best of all is the news that Chris Barrie will once again be donning the butler's outfit to play Hillary, Lara's fussing companion. No word yet on if he'll be kicking bottom with a shotgun once more - though Chris was apparently such a hit in the first film that his role will be much increased this time around.

While being booked for two movies over the coming year is going to keep Mr Barrie busy, it is not currently expected to delay the release of Red Dwarf - The Movie. Production, though, may be nudged back to accommodate his schedule, with filming anticipated to begin in Winter.

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