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[ May 17th 2002 ]

While Sony itself obviously considered a US and European launch for role-player Legaia 2: Duel Saga, developed by SCE Japan, Eidos clearly disagrees - it's doing just that, hoping to attract a few die-hard RPG fans along the way. Eidos has promised to localise the game for Europe, which will also involve translating the Japanese dialogue as well as text.

The plot is typical RPG fare - As rookie militiaman Lang, your task is to recover the Water Crystal that evil tyrant Avalon has half-inched from your village - no water, monsties roaming all over the place, that kind of malarkey. The game has a few innovations, such as the 'Tactical Arts' combat system - basically, you call up special combos by entering a particular series of gamepad commands. Interesting for a turn-based game.

You can also combine objects to create new, more powerful ones. Throw in some mini-game action and you've got a typically quirky little Japanese RPG. The great Water Crystal hunt kicks off on PS2 in autumn.

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