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[ May 7th 2002 ]

Hollywood is awash with rumours about Paramount's Tomb Raider movie sequel, and the latest to matriculate from the screw factory places former Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie in the running once again for a second stint as British aristocrat Lara Croft after dialogue surfaced earlier this week of Jolie talking about shooting underwater scenes from the sequel.

"I want to be much, much stronger. I would love to train with Cirque Du Soleil. Lara Croft should be more athletic and cut. In the beginning of the first movie, we added padding to make me one cup size bigger. Also, I put on about 20 pounds for the role. I would also like to go underwater in the next movie. I'm just curious about what gadgets can be used underwater - it's like James Bond."

Jolie also refers to the inclusion of an underwater treasure-hunt sequence which shoots in the steaming tropics later this year. Paramount Pictures Lara Croft Tomb Raider sequel will commence principal photography at Pinewood Studios in May 2002. The videogame adaptation is queued behind Ian Flemming's Die Another Day which concludes stunt sequences later this month. Two script writers have tendered screenplays to producers.

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