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[ May 6th 2002 ]

The Eidos/UNICEF charity auction featuring Nell McAndrew's original Lara Croft outfit has now closed with a winning bid of 4,400 going to PAULUS38 who walks away with one of the most famous outfits of contemporary popular culture. A total of 69 bidders participated in the auction each hoping to secure their own part of video-game history.

The costume, which comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Ian Livingstone and Nell McAndrew, features Lara's trademark green rubber all-in-one vest and military-style shorts. Lara Croft will never be seen in this outfit again making it even more collectable - a brand new outfit was unveiled last month by the new Lara Croft model, Jill de Jong.

Jeremy Heath-Smith, managing director of Core Design says, "This outfit is one of the most desired items in computer game history. We hope it will raise a substantial amount of money for a very worthwhile cause." Rose Nelson, regional fundraising manager of UNICEF UK says, "Education opens an infinite number of doors for children and it is our hope that all children everywhere can receive their right to a basic education. Sadly though, more than 130 million children world-wide - most of them girls - are being denied this right. UNICEF is working very hard to get these children in to school and we are so grateful to Eidos and the public for supporting our efforts."

Jennie Reed, marketing communications manager of eBay UK says, "We are sure that this Lara Croft outfit will prove to be a huge hit with girls, who dream of looking like her, and boys who want their girlfriends to look like her! With such a world-wide appeal we are confident that a significant amount of money will be raised by selling the item on eBay, for what is such a good cause."

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