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[ April 23rd 2002 ]

The latest press release from Virgin INTERactive has revealed that the long-awaited Galleon has been delayed yet again - this time until December. Developed by Confounding Factor, the company founded by Lara Croft designer Toby Gard, Galleon looks set to revive many of the features that made Tomb Raider such a success, while adding a selection of new features such as tactile textures.

This new way of using textures makes your Character control differently depending on what you’re touching. For example: rocks with moss may be slippery, but you can grab the moss to clime. The latest footage we've [totalgames.net] seen of Galleon certainly indicates that the delay is needed. Much of the imagery was surprisingly crude, with lots of slowdown and frame rate drops. The extra few months should give the developers the time they need to tie up these loose ends.

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