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[ April 12th 2002 ] and Audio Network Plc have announced that they have signed an agreement to have distribute the SoundStorm sound design library. SoundStorm is an Academy Award-winning sound design team from Los Angeles, creatively led by Supervising Sound Editors Bruce Stambler and John Leveque, with 10,000 (130 Gb) never-before-published effects, created for many of the greatest Hollywood films from the past twenty years.

Stated Paul Virostek, Vice President of Production at SDC, "The SoundStorm library is immaculate, and we are excited to provide our much-beloved customers with one of the greatest sound libraries in Hollywood history." SoundStorm, Inc. is best known for its work on many of Hollywood's highest-profile motion pictures. Recent works range from The Fast and the Furious and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, to the upcoming Star Trek: Nemesis, Triple X and The Sum of All Fears.

John Switzer, Vice President of SoundStorm, on working with, "Both Audio Network and SoundStorm are very excited to be teaming up with and Rob Nokes. This is the first time the general public has been given access to our legendary library, and we are thrilled that its debut has been on"

In his additional capacity as a Director at Audio Network Plc, Switzer organized the deal between the three companies. Switzer and Nokes worked together at SDC between 1998-2000, and the two closed deals with AvidProNet, Microsoft MSDN and Apple iMovie. The two had originally met and worked on a deal with Audio Network Plc principals Robert Hurst and Andrew Sunnucks when they were with Boosey & Hawkes Plc.

"There are many reasons that make this a special moment, most importantly is that we continue to provide the absolute best product and service to our clients," stated Rob Nokes, President of "We are also reunited with good friends, as we strive forward in our vision to provide the world with the most elite sound and music library, with a design that is accessible by grade-school students and major motion picture editors."

Nokes concluded, "SoundStorm is a fantastic company that does exceptional work, and we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to provide their exquisite sound library to the world."

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