Jason Chester creates low poly classic Tomb Raider II scenes
[ 26 May 2020 ]
Homage to Lara Croft and classic Tomb Raider II in a collection of low poly digital 3D models.
Lara Croft outfits now available in Animal Crossing on Nintendo
[ 13 May 2020 ]
Square Enix has unveiled a series of Lara Croft outfits for Animal Crossing New Horizons.
Tomb Raider time limited giveaway from Square Enix
[ 20 Mar 2020 ]
Tomb Raider (2013) and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris are free to keep on Steam.

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[ April 3rd 2002 ]

Former Monty Python star Terry Gilliam has described Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider movie as rubbish. The Twelve Monkeys and Brazil director claims the majority of modern-day motion pictures have no content to them. "I watched Tomb Raider. Technically, it's brilliant, but it's just crap!" he said.

Gilliam continues, "Every shot is beautifully composed, the lighting is great, the sets are great. But what's the point? I'm not sure people know what points to make. I'm not sure how in touch with reality anybody is, everybody's too busy phoning each other."

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