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[ March 27th 2002 ]

Burbank, CA based video game software developer Tremor Entertainment, Inc. announced that it has retained Boesky & Company, as an advisor to management. Boesky & Company will be assisting Tremor in the areas of strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, as well as organizational and marketing development.

"With the blockbuster hit 'Tomb Raider: Starring Lara Croft,' Keith Boesky was one of the first to successfully translate a franchise property across multiple media," stated Steven Oshinsky, Chairman and CEO of Tremor Entertainment. "We are confident that Mr. Boesky can assist Tremor to do the same with its growing library of proprietary intellectual properties."

"Tremor's creative talent, technical expertise and first party relationship with Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT) are remarkable for such a young company," stated Mr. Boesky, President of Boesky & Company. "These skill sets and relationship put Tremor in a unique position to create and leverage franchises across multiple media like we did with Tomb Raider."

Prior to establishing Boesky & Company three years ago, Keith Boesky was President of Eidos Interactive, Inc. (EIDSY), where he focused on expansion of Eidos properties, including "Tomb Raider" into film, toys and publishing, as well as the acquisition of new properties, such as "Fear Effect" and "Final Fantasy VII". Boesky & Company provides counsel in the areas of global strategy, vertical integration, cross platform exploitation, business development, marketing and finance to owners of proprietary technologies, content and brands.

Founded in 1998 Tremor has developed games for Sega Dreamcast, (SEGNY) and Sony Playstation II. (SNE) Tremor is currently developing an original title under the Microsoft label.

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