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[ March 23rd 2002 ]

Throw out the envelope, please. Tom Green is Tinseltown's top turkey. Comedian Green and his big screen debut Freddy Got Fingered were panned as the worst of the merely bad at the 22nd Annual Razzie Awards, given to Hollywood's most dubious achievements on the eve of its biggest night.

Green, who starred in Freddy as a thirtyish, basement-dwelling slacker who dreams of Hollywood fame, was picked as worst actor, co-credited for the worst script and as half of the worst screen couple for his various on-screen encounters with animals. In a movie that challenged critics to find synonyms for witless and offensive, those included him drinking from a cow's udder, cavorting inside the bloody carcass of a deer and sexually servicing both a horse and an elephant.

In all, Freddy took five gold-spray-painted Razzie Awards, first launched in 1980 as a "derby of dishonor" and a parody of "that other award show," the Academy awards, which takes place Sunday night in Hollywood. Mariah Carey was named worst actress for the box-office disaster Glitter, taking 60 percent of the votes cast by Golden Rasberry Award Foundation members, and beating back a challenge from a field that included Penelope Cruz (Blow), Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider), Jennifer Lopez (Angel Eyes) and Charlize Theron (Sweet November).

The rest of the annual Razzies was pure monkey business as "Planet of the Apes" took a bow for worst remake or sequel and for featuring two other worst-of-class performances by Charlton Heston and Estella Warren. Heston, who starred in the original 1968 science-fiction classic, was named worst-supporting actor for his ironic return appearance in Tim Burton's remake, this time as the old ape who curses the ancient humans.

Warren, a synchronized swimmer, turned model, turned actress, was picked for her supporting work in Planet of the Apes, where she played the human love interest, and her role in Sylvester Stallone's Driven. The latter role was honored by Razzie organizers as "the character equivalent of a hood ornament ... in (a) formulaic Formula One drama."

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