Crystal Dynamics
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U.S. based video-game developer of Tomb Raider and Legacy Of Kain series.


SCi Entertainment Group plc (SEG) is the UK’s leading publisher of computer games and one of the world’s leading developers and publishers of entertainment software. May 2005 saw the integration of the UK’s two largest video games publishers.

SCi Games, founded by Chief Executive Jane Cavanagh in 1988, and Eidos Interactive, resulting in a combined group with a valuable portfolio of intellectual property and a global distribution network.

The company’s strategy is to create, own and exploit valuable game franchises through investment in high quality licenses and products, all the time maintaining a strong reputation as a publisher of successful games.

The company now operates on two clearly defined levels: SCi Entertainment Group is the parent company, trading on the London Stock Exchange and visible for all financial and corporate company matters. Eidos Interactive Ltd (Eidos) is the company brand and consumer identity of the business. All of our games will be released, promoted and marketed as Eidos product.

SCi Entertainment Group now consists of publishing operations across Europe and the US with several development studios including Crystal Dynamics, IO Interactive and Pivotal Games as well as valuable stakes in other studios.

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