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[ Mar 20 ]

Stay up-to-date with breaking Tomb Raider news and media from Lara Croft TV.


Karl Stewart to leave Square Enix for Petrol agency

[ Mar 20 ]

Industry veteran Karl Stewart has announced he is leaving Square Enix.


Lightning Returns 'Tomb Raider DLC' launches February

[ Feb 06 ]

A collection of outfits and weapons from Tomb Raider heading to Lightning Returns.


Tomb Raider Definitive Edition launch goodness

[ Jan 28 ]

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition screenshots, exclusive artwork and launch trailer.

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[ December 17th 2009 ]

A comprehensive solution for playing the original Tomb Raider and Unfinished Business on Windows 7 and Windows Vista has been produced by gidierre from Tomb Raider Forums. The solution includes simple instructions and an installer which automates the installation process on 32bit operating systems.

A Tomb Raider on Windows 7 and Windows vista 64bit solution has also been produced and will be released subject to approval from Eidos. As with our 32bit solution this also automates the process of installing Tomb Raider on 64bit operating systems.

Comments and suggestions can be submitted to gidierre direcly via Tomb Raider Forums. We would also like to express our thanks to gidierre for writing and producing our Tomb Raider and Unfinished Business on Windows 7 and Windows Vista Guide and Installer.

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