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Level 2: Mediterranean Sea | Part 5: Realm of the Dead

Health Supplies: 0
Treasures: 0/0
Relics: 0/1

During this part of the level, you have to find the way out before the boat sinks. You do not have to rush though, as the boat will not sink while you are still inside. Avoid the flames and the steam springing from the pipes, because they can damage Lara badly.

Go through the opened doorway ahead. The one behind you is where you came from. Turn left and go down the steps. There is nothing on the ledge with the fires ahead, so turn right and then left around the corner. Again, avoid the fires on the left and go up the steps on the right. The door will automatically open, so go throuhg it.

Enter the steamy corridor and head forward. The ground is shaking and the ship is slowly turning upside down. Turn left, pass the corner and carefully walk forward; crates and trunks are falling from the shelves, so run past them. At the end of the corridor, a few crates are set on fire. Turn right and you will end in an ascending corridor. Notice the flaming barrels at the other side and get ready for a situational adrenaline. Run up the corridor, sticking to the right hand wall. An explosion occours and the barrels roll down. Sprint to the right or jump over them. The ground shakes and turns again. Follow the passage until what seems to be a dead-end. Be careful with the metallic plates falling from the left.

Climbing up the first wall - (The following sequence of jumps is shown in these screenshots). First, jump to grab the metal bar on the left. Jump up to grab the valves above and move to the right until you grab the ladder (if you hang from the very right side of the bar, jumping up causes Lara to directly grab the ladder). Climb to the top of the ladder and move to the right to grab the valves. Climb dioagonally upwards and to the right and jump straight up to grab the next set of valves above. Move to the left, grab the ladder and climb to the top. Wait for the metallic boxes to fall from the ceiling and move to the left to grab the valves. Jump up to grab the metal bar, then the next one above. Finally, jump to grab the last metal bar and traverse to the left and around the corner; pull up.

Climbing up the second wall - Follow the corridor until the next ladder. (The following sequence of jumps is shown in these screenshots) Grab it and climb to the top. Jump straight up to grab the top of the grating, then the valves above. Move upwards and to the right, following the valves. When you reach the end, jump up to grab the next set of valves above. Move upwards, then to the left to grab the metal bar. Traverse a bit to the left and jump to grab the ledge behind you. Finally, jump to grab the ledge above and pull up.

The cut scene shows the sinking cargo. Lara opens the door and stands on it while Amanda escapes, holding a rope hanging from a helicopter. Lara shoots at her several times and one of the bullets harms Amanda’s cheek. Scared, Amanda throws the gauntlet away, into the Mediterranean Sea. Holstering her gun, Lara performs a swan dive and catches the artifact. While the helicopter flies away, Lara surfaces and steps on her yacht.


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