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Level 2: Mediterranean Sea | Part 4: God of Thunder

Health Supplies: 5
Treasures: 0/0
Relics: 0/1

Jump from Lara's boat to grab the anchor and jump straight up to grab the chain (press up and Jump). Climb up the chain and when you reach the top, jump to grab metallic outcrop. Pull up and jump up to grab the edge of the hull. Pull up to reach the upper deck.

If you take a look on the left, you will be able to see a mercenary patrolling on the lower deck. If you want, you can kill him from here, but make sure you have a more powerful weapon than the Pistols (Assault Rifle is a good option, followed by the Submachine guns). Drop down and pick up the Health Pack just ahead.

Deck with stacked containres - Go down the stairs and be on your toes. Two more mercenaries are hiding behind the containers, so kill them both. There are various fuel tanks around that you can explode if an enemy is nearby, but make sure you are not too close because the mercenaries can also shoot at them. Once the coast is clear, go to the other side of the deck.

You need to climb on the last stack of containers which is the tallest one (as shown in this screenshot). To do that, you have to perform the Chimney Jump between the tall and the one that is closest (and shorter) stack of containers (see this screenshot). Once you are up there, you will see a mercenary with a shotgun patrolling on the upper deck. Kill him from here, and if you want to finish him quickly, throw him a sticky grenade.

Upper deck - When you are done, jump to the deck that offers two ways; left and right. Both lead to the stern, however the left way hides two mercenaries whilst the right one hides just one. There are four more mercenaries in the area with the circular platform, so kill them all. When you aim at an enemy and run towards him, press the Interact button to kick him. Once he falls down, shoot to finish him. When everything that moves is down, pick up the Health Pack close to the right hand stairs.

Helipad/ stern - Go down the stairs and kill the two mercenaries that are patrolling behind the crates close to the helicopters. Pick up the Health Pack beside the second helicopter and go down the stairs on either side to reach the stern. Four mercenaries are guarding the doorway, so be careful and do not burst in. Instead, take them one by one, using the sticky grenades and the protection of the wooden crates (beware that the bullets will destroy the crates after a while, so you have to be quick). Pick up the Health Pack near the doorway and go through it.

Inside the ship - There is a mercenary just ahead behind the crates, so take care of him. Go left and down the stairs. The doors open automatically as you approach, so go through it. Follow the corridir around to the right and kill two more mercenaries. Then go down the next flight of stairs. The door again opens automatically, so go through it and around to the right.

In the cut scene, the squad leader appears and shoots at Lara who hides behind a metallic structure. When she looks up, Lara realises that it is not an electric box but a gas pipe and that the gas is already leaking. Lara flees and the squad leader is on her heels but the tank explodes an instant later, killing the mercenary instantly.

The boat is now damaged and a siren is ringing out. Head forward and go down the stairs. Follow the corridor, turn left and go up the steps.

The cut scene shows Lara sneaking into a room. Upstairs, Amanda Evert is holding the gauntlet from the underwater temple. Amanda complains that the glove is too small for her hand, and a second, feminine voice answers that only Lara can use it now. Amanda notices that the boat is sinking and leaves with a frustration sigh.

Lara enters the room. She sees a winged silhouette from the back, inside a glass container. The creature says she is pleased to see Lara and turns around. It is Jacqueline Natla, the well-known Atlantean queen. Lara now knows that it was Natla who told Amanda about the Avalon. The time is short, so Lara has to choose her questions carefully. When Lara asks her how the Norse mythology is connected to Avalon, Natla answers that the Dais found by Lara and her mother (as shown in Tomb Raider Legend), are part of a kind of network. According to Natla, Lara’s father was not looking at the right place for his missing wife: Lady Croft was in Hellheim, the Norse version of Avalon. The time is ticking; the locks holding Natla’s container are released, and Natla just has enough time to tell Lara that she will need Thor’s Hammer to be able to enter Hellheim and that the key to find that artifact is in Coastal Thailand. The container starts to elevate, taken away by a helicopter.


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