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Level 27: Boaz Returns

* 2, if you think that the nymph is a second kill.
** We count the unlimited Boran X Clip only once.

Playing as Kurtis again and the deal here is to kill Boaz. Another frustrating moment after Proto, but this time it is not so easy. Again, there is an unlimited Boran X Clip on the right hand side of the arena (when the cut scene ends), which means that every time you run out of ammo, a new Clip appears. If you do not have enough ammo, or you do not have any at all, try to pick up this Clip.

The procedure (by Nicky) - With a simple sentence, you need to destroy her four flaps: two on each side. And here is how:

First of all, do not get intimidated by her size. She may be huge, but does not move too fast. If you manage to keep away from her from the start, you should not have serious problems later. As soon as the level starts, draw your Boran X. Boaz will be charging towards you, so when you see Kurtis aiming at her, shoot her in the (human) face approximately four times. If you think she is getting too close to you, backflip once or twice to make the distance longer.

After you shoot her approximately four times, she should open the four flaps on her back, and a disgusting green goo will start flowing out of them. Now, this goo is not exactly lethal per se, but if it falls on Kurtis, it will make him drop down, which is not a good option as we all know how slow Kurtis is, and he needs centuries in order to stand up on his feet again. The more time Kurtis spends in the spat goo, the more dangerous it becomes. Tip by Lacek: the goo cannot kill Kurtis though, at least not if he moves away as soon as he can.

Also at intervals, and while her pods are still open, Boaz thinks it is good to vomit a toxic green liquid from her mutant mouth. This toxic liquid can also cause Kurtis some health loss. Moreover, Boaz can bite Kurtis with her teeth and sting him with her legs, so be cautious as you move around her.

Your task is to destroy the four flaps on her back - once you achieve this, she will die (sort of).

As soon as she opens her flaps, immediately side-jump to either side two or three times and then, without haste, run towards Boaz's side. The closer you are to the flaps, the better for you, as the flowing goo forms an arch over you, so it is difficult to get you, and besides this way Kurtis will be able to aim his target better and faster. You will see Kurtis aiming at the front pod, so shoot it. A few bullets are enough to destroy it. Do not waste time, because Boaz is about to close her flaps again.

When she does so, shoot her in the face again. She will open her flaps one more time, so this time side-jump to the other side and repeat the same process to destroy the other front flap. When you have achieved that, half your work is done.

Have in mind, however, that if you are fast enough, you can take advantage of the fact that Kurtis autoaims the two front pods and shoot them off together, before Boaz closes her flaps for the first time.

The hard part begins now, though, because Kurtis does not aim automatically the two back flaps. You have to do this manually, and it requires all your attention and alertness.

Boaz should have closed her flaps again, so shoot her in the face like before, to make her open the two remaining ones. Side-jump to one side and approach the one of the non shattered flaps. Kurtis will aim at the already destroyed flap, so when you see him doing that, press the Roll key (this is END for PC players and SQUARE for PS2 players) to make him change target. Press the key briefly once and wait to see if he changed the target. He may not do it with your first attempt, in which case you will have to press the key briefly again. By all means, do not keep pressing the key in panic, because you will not be able to notice if and when he changes target. When he does, his movement is going to be very brief and short, so keep your eyes on his hand and gun in order not to miss it.

Once he targets the back pod, shoot it a few times and it will be shattered. Repeat the same process for the last back pod, and you are done.

Alternative method (by Joseph) - There are two corners in the room and you can use the benefit of them. Choose whichever you want; Boaz cannot do much damage to you there. Stand with the corner to the back of you and turn slightly so that your left or right shoulder touches one wall. Do not forget: to shoot each pod, you have to shoot her head first four times.

Save your game. Boaz may attack you after standing in the corner, but you lose a small percent of health and she does not take you out of the corner. Whilst holding the gun, you are able to see only Kurtis' hand holding the gun. Shoot her head four times so she starts spewing venom at you. If you stay in the corner you will not get damage at all (or at least you will lose a small percent of health). The bad thing is that when she is spewing, Kurtis falls down which makes it difficult to shoot the pods. It is not impossible, as long as you do not hesitate. Shoot the pod when you see Kurtis' hand holding the gun. You need the most two shots to destroy the pod. You will realize that you have destroyed the pod when you see Boaz making an instant move like, something hit her. If after shooting, you have not destroyed the pod, it means that you need to change the target. Load your game and do it again.

You will find that destroying the first two pods (the front ones) is easy. For the rest two, shoot her head four times and - whilst holding your gun - side jump to the either left or right, depending where the remaining pods are. In the case that Kurtis does not aim the correct pod, press the Roll key briefly once to make him change the target.

Quick tips - Save after each successful broken pod and shoot it shooting twice. If you loose too much ammo, go back to your last saved game and change your strategy a bit. You only need four shots for her face to trigger her squirting and for each pod you only need one or two well aimed shots if you play well.

After destroying all four pods, a cut scene shows Kurtis saying "That wasn't so hard" (LOL, he must be kidding!!). But Boaz has not said her last word. She comes out of the spider uniform and she now is a somewhat nymph flying around. "Oh gimme a break", Kurtis commends.

Second round - You have to kill the nymph now but this time it is easier. When the cut scene ends, draw your gun and start shooting. If you have enough bullets left (so that you will not have to run and pick up extra ammo), and keep shooting at her continuously, she wil remain immobile in the air receiving the lead without even attempting to approach you, and you will not have to even move a single bit.

If however your gun empties during the process, you will have to run to the corner where the extra ammo will have appeared and pick it up. Be very careful because the situation may become more complicated. Tip by Lacek: if you are slow and she manages to attack, she will start throwing energy bolts. Her energy bolts may not only will delay her killing, but it may also result in Kurtis dropping down dead if he is low on health and slow in reacting.

When you finally kill her, a cut scene shows Kurtis leaving, but Boaz again has not said her last word. She somehow uses her last strength and nails Kurtis. He then looses his shuriken and slices her head. But that was not enough; Kurtis falls on the ground.


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