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Level 26: The Vault Of Trophies

You begin the level underwater, so you may want to save your game before continuing, in case you do not manage to surface the first time. Swim through the tunnel and follow it to the left around the corner. To get past the set of spikes, swim at the top of the tunnel and through the vertical spikes. In the first juction, the left way is a dead end. Beyond there is another set of spikes, but if you want to avoid them, follow the tunnel on the right.

You will find yourself in a second junction. If you need air, surface above. On the left hand side are the spikes you just avoided. On the right is a dead end. So, follow the tunnel ahead. Your way out is through the lit opening on the left hand wall, just before the corner which also leads to a dead end. Swim though the lit opening. It is one way, although it seems there are more than one passageway each time. So, turn right when you meet the first wooden supports and then left. Then turn right again to surface and get some air. Climb out of the water and pick up the Health Bandages and the Aqua-lung that gives Lara an extra supply of water which you may need in just a bit.

Flooded room with statues - Drop into the water and follow the passage ahead and then around the corner to the right. At the end, press Action to kick the wall. You enter a room with statues of Lux Veritatis heroes. [ Notebook Reference ] Your Notebook is updated: Rearrange the statues - they are the key. There is another part of the wall you can kick and follow in order to surface and get some air. Look for it on the opposite wall as you enter, above the plague. If you are fast, you may not need to use the Aqua-lung, although you will not need it in the rest of the game.

The puzzle - Go back to the main room and stand in front of the plaque. [ Notebook Reference ] Lara reads "The brothers reunited see the gates thrown open". To find out which of the eight brothers she means, check the plague. You can see two big letters: L and V. These stand for Lux Veritatis, but they also stand for the first letter of the name of the two statues you have to move: Limoux and Vasiley. Limoux is the third statue on the right hand side of the entrance and Vasiley is the third on the left (assuming you have the entrance to the back of you). Pull the chain in the alcove behind each of the statues to move them towards the center of the room.

The cut scene shows the swords of the two statues to release a blue light each one which are joined and break a part of the ceiling.

Swim through that hole.

A second cut scene shows Lara climbing out of the water. She takes off the wetsuit, changing into her previous clothes.

Follow the tunnel, but watch your steps after dropping down the ledge. There is a huge boulder ahead. Do not forget that Lara can sprint now. To get past it, stand in front of it and run when it is at the highest point or stand some steps behind it, run when the boulder is down and sprint (the boulder should be up whilst sprinting). Reach the deep pit at the end and pull the lever to raise some platforms.

Getting across the chasm - You have to make your way to the opposite side, jumping on these platforms. Hopping on them is the easiest way to avoid falling to your death. Remember: Lara hops to the direction of the last command. If the last cursor key you pressed was the right one, for example, Lara will hop to the right. To avoid this, press the down or up cursor key slightly. Note though that you cannot jump to all platforms. Jumping on a "wrong" one will cause all the rest to break and after few seconds, the platform you are standing on will also break and you will fall to your death. Also, notice the alcove on the right side of the area. You can go there and claim an Aqua-lung, but you will not need it for the rest of the game.

Walk to the edge of the pit. You can see four platforms in front of you. Hop to the second from the left (as shown in this screenshot). This will break all the platforms apart from two that stay solid exactly in front of you. Hop to the right one. Two more platforms rise on your right. If you do not want the Aqua-lung, hop to the left hand platform and then jump on the safe ledge ahead (skip to the next paragraph). If you want the Aqua-lung, hop to the one closest to the alcove on the wall (the right hand one as you face them). A new platform rises in front of you. Hop to it. Again, a new platform rises above you. Jump up to grab it and pull up. From there, hop to the alcove and pick up the Aqua-lung. Take a running jump to land directly on the safe ledge below to the right.

Three more platforms rise ahead. You can hop on them or jump directly to the third one. From there jump into the tunnel. Follow it to enter a library.

Into the library - There are two knights in there. Unlike to the ones in the previous levels, you can kill them by taking them down twice. If you are low in ammo, jump on the table and kick their heads. You have to be patient because it will take you a lot of time. If you decide to do that, stand at the edge of the table having the fireplace to your back. There is small ledge at this side of the table, bringing each knight a bit higher. There is no such a ledge on the other side and close to the fireplace and you will not be able to kick their heads. Once you take them down twice, they are dead. Do not worry if they get some of your health. There are no more enemies in the level.

[ Notebook Reference ] Note: It's the second time that the specific note about the Shards is added to your Notebook. It was first added in Vasiley's apartment, from the inscription of the second glass case in the secret room. They probably offered this info for a second time, in case you miss the inscription at Vasiley's.

Pull the lever on the right side of the fireplace to get a strength upgrade. Pulling the lever, you also move one of the bookcases on the left hand side, revealing some Health Bandages. Now that you have got the upgrade, pull the chain on the other side of the room to raise the painting and reveal a climbable wall. Climb up the wall, then right and then up again. Continue to the crevice on the wall and then to the wooden platform. If Lara denies grabbing the platform, press slightly the up direction key. Then pull up onto the platform.

Turn around and jump up to grab the metal support above. Traverse across and drop onto the ledge to regain your strength. From there, traverse to the middle of the room dropping onto a square metal ledge. Lara's weight lowers this metal ledge, moving another bookcase, revealing an alcove on the right hand side of the fireplace. Safely drop onto the floor, go to the alcove and grab the Fifth Obcsura Painting. Getting the Painting, you extinguish the fire in the fireplace. Crawl through it and open the next door.

Jump into the water and follow the tunnel. It is one way, turning left and then right where the wooden supports are. If you need air, you can surface following the tunnel upwards after your second turn. Continue swimming through the tunnel until you reach a circular pool. When you surface, you trigger a cut scene.

The cut scene shows Eckhardt congratulating Lara for finding the Fifth Obscura Painting, as it was difficult for them to get it in the Vault. He asks Lara to give him the Painting and Lara having no other choice she throws it to him. Gunderson then pushes Kurtis in the arena and Eckhardt orders him to release Boaz, who used to be a human before she displeased him. He also pushes Muller who becomes a dinner for Boaz. Kurtis boosts Lara up to a ledge and gives her the two Shards. He then tells her to hurry up because she does not have much time to find the 3rd Shard and destroy Eckhart. He says he can take care of Boaz.


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