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Level 4: Margot Carvier's Apartment

The cut scene shows Lara reaching Carvier's apartment. Carvier recognizes Lara from Werner's description and photos and asks her to come in.

The deal here is to get Werner's Notebook from Madame Carvier (check the Note about Werner's Notebook at the end of the page). The level begins with a conversation between Lara and Carvier and it is the first interactive conversation of the game.

Be nice to Carvier or you will not get the Notebook. Try to select the kind replies and always insist that you did not kill Werner. Answers like "Can I get you anything?", "There was gunfire. That's all I can recall", "I was a good friend of Werner's. I didn't kill him. I didn't!" and "I really am going to need Werner's notebook" will help you get the Notebook. Otherwise Carvier does not give you the Notebook and calls the police.

Being or not rude, the police are coming to her apartment anyway. You have less than a minute to collect the Health Pills from the drawer of the desk, a Diamond Ring from a small table with a lamp next to the kitchen's door and the Vintage Cognac from the kitchen. If Carvier did not give you the Notebook, you have a second chance to get it. You can find it in a drawer on the right hand side of the kitchen, next to the doorway. During that, you may have a chance to see a brief cut scene where the police arrive at Carvier's apartment. This does not meen that they will enter immediately, so you have some more seconds in order to leave.

If you do not make it on time, the police burst in the Apartment, Lara surrenders and the game is over. As soon as you get everything, exit the house from the door on the right hand side of the fireplace. You cannot leave without the Notebook (Lara says "I have business here. I can't leave yet"), so make sure you got it from the kitchen.

The brief cut scene shows Lara leaving, climbing through a window and passing in front of the police car (if the police came. If they did not, you will not see their car).

(Note about Werner's Notebook - When you first get the Notebook, you have the chance to read some random thoughts and notes from Werner. At this point, most of the pages include information about the reason that Werner was killed and some other give hints of Werner's contacts. During the game, the Notebook icon will appear at the bottom right part of your screen, indicating that new notes have been added. These include information of either what you have done so far in the game or what you have to do next. To help you better on this, we have created several pages, which include the notes that have been added throughout the game. If a new note is added, there is a reference in the walkthrough.)


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