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Level 3: Industrial Rooftops

Since you left the Derelict Apartment intact, you need to cross the rooftops and make your way to Cravier.

Turn right, jump on the metallic ledge and climb up the ladder. Jump up to grab the zip line, as Lara explains, and press forward to swing across. Halfway, a helicopter appears and drops its lights to Lara. It will be above at many parts of this level and you need to avoid it as much as you can. If you are careful, Lara will not get damaged a lot, so there is no reason to be in a hurry. Press the Duck button when Lara says so to tag her legs up and get past the railings below. Having the Duck button compressed, keep pressing the forward key until you reach the rooftop. When you drop onto the rooftop, run behind the crates and pick up the Health Bandages.

There is a ladder on your left that you can walk down. Carefully reach the edge of the roof and take a standing jump to grab the opposite ledge. Pull up and crawl into the crate to get the Health Bandages. Now you can do either:

• Drop onto the walkway you jumped over before: hang from the edge of the roof and release to grab the sill below. Drop onto the walkway and open the door. Pick up the Antique Doubloons, follow the hallway and open the next door at the end.

• Break the skylight: slide down the roof backwards at the other side. Press Action whilst breaking the skylight to grab the edge of the opening. Release to drop onto the floor.

Get the Chocolate Bar from the furniture and pick up the M-V9 Clips from the floor. By breaking the skylight though, you cannot open the door on the right side of the Clips. It opens from the other side, so you missed the Antique Doubloons. Exit the room opening the opposite door.

Cross the walkway. The door at the end leads to a room that you do not need to go yet. If you want, you can open it and take a look inside. Grab the ladder on the left hand side of the door and climb to the top. Then climb up the next short ladder. Pick up the V-Packer Cartridges and do not slide down the roof at the opposite side, because you will reach the end of the level and miss several pick-ups. Instead, make your way back, climb down the short ladder and then climb all down the long one. When you reach the bottom, release by pressing Action to land onto the ground next to a flaming barrel.

On the ground - Pull the movable box on the left hand side to get an upgrade in leg strength. Make sure you stand the box below the ladder, because this is the point where Lara gets the upgrade. Having the ladder on your right, move forwards and turn left around the corner. Cross the narrow passage to the left of the fence to get a Large Health Pack.

The door back to the fence does not seem to open. Notice though the upper left part of the fence where there are no wires (as shown in this screenshot). Jump up to grab that part and press forward to vault over it. As soon as you land on the ground, a dog appears that you have to kill (kick\ bunch). Collect the K2 Impactor Battery from the metal box, vault over the fence and make your way back to the flaming barrel.

Continue to the other side of the alley and pick up the M-V9 Clips just on the corner. You can climb the fence next to the garage door (jump up and grab), but there is nothing more than a dog. So, it is a waste of time unless you are interested in all kills. Crawl under the partly opened garage door and pick up the Large Health Pack on the left. Climb on the crate on the other side of the room, turn left and jump to grab the walkway ahead. If you jump and grab the upper ledge or climb up the pipe on the left hand side, you will see the door you opened, before climbing down the ladder which led you to this area. There is no reason to go there now, so keep going.

Lara reckons she will make it across if you have got the upgrade in leg strength. If not, you have to go outside by crawling under the garage door, turn right around the corner and pull\ push the movable box below the ladder. Take a running jump to grab the ledge, shimmy left and pull up. Climb up the ladder and pick up the V-Packer Cartridges. Jump the gap and exit by opening the next two doors. Jump across to the fire escape and go down the stairs to get some Antique Doubloons. Go up to the top of the stairs and open the door. Climb up the ladder and open the next door.

Back on the rooftops - You are again at the top of the roofs. Get the Antique Doubloons from the backside of the shed and approach the broken fence where the light of the helicopter is. Take a running jump to grab the edge of the opposite roof and pull up. Make sure you jump just before the step of the current roof or Lara will not make it (as shown here). Climb down the ladder and pick up the Health Pills. Climb back up the ladder and jump to the previous roof. Approach the broken fence at the other side of the roof to end the level.

The cut scene shows Lara walking to the edge of the roof. The helicopter finally tracks her and Lara jumps and grabs a pipe. It breaks and she falls down. She now goes to meet Werner Von Croy's friend; Margot Carvier.


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