The Angel Of Darkness Game Guide
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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel Of Darkness

... Introduction

01 ... Parisian Backstreets (Training Level)
02 ... Derelict Apartment
03 ... Industrial Rooftops
04 ... Margot Carvier’s Apartment
05 ... Parisian Ghetto (Part One)
06 ... Café Metro
07 ... Graveyard
08 ... Bouchard’s Hideout
09 ... Rennes’ Pawnshop

10 ... Louvre Storm Drain
11 ... Louvre Galleries
12 ... Archeological Dig
13 ... Tomb Of The Ancients (Part One)
14 ... Hall Of Seasons
15 ... ... The Breath of Hades
16 ... ... The Sanctuary Of The Flame
17 ... ... Wrath Of The Beast
18 ... ... Neptune’s Hall

19 ... Tomb Of Ancients (Part Two)
20 ... Archeological Dig
21 ... Galleries Under Siege
22 ... Von Croy’s Apartment
23 ... The Monstrum Crime Scene (Part One)
24 ... Strahov Fortress
25 ... End Of The Strahov Fortress (Part One)
26 ... Bio Research Facility (Part One)
27 ... Bio Research Facility (Part Two)

28 ... Bio Research Facility (Part Three)
29 ... Bio Research Facility (Part Four)
30 ... Sanitarium
31 ... Maximum Containment Area
32 ... Aquatic Research Center
33 ... Vault Of Trophies
34 ... Boaz
35 ... The Lost Domain
36 ... Eckhardt’s lab
37 ... Eckhardt (The End)

... Need help?





Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness asks more questions of Lara's abilities and motivations as she finds herself in nightmarish situations she has not faced before. As both hunter and hunted she must rely on her ingenuity, athleticism and a new harder edge that has arisen from her inner demons. For Lara it's no longer a clear-cut case of good versus evil, this is a more complex tale in which she will have moral choices to make for the first time.

A desperate phone call from her former mentor Werner Von Croy leads Lara to Paris. Von Croy has been asked by a sinister client, Eckhardt, to track down one of the Obscura Paintings - five 14th century artworks, which he is desperate to possess. She arrives to find the Parisian streets gripped with terror following the attacks of a violent serial killer.

Von Croy has been the victim of a horrific murder and framed for the crime, Lara becomes a fugitive on the run. Pursued by the police, she follows Eckhardt's trail from the back streets of Paris to the hellish depths of Prague, where plans to reawaken and exploit the powers and secrets of the Nephilim race are underway. It is up to her to defeat this unholy alliance and stop Eckhardt and a powerful group of individuals calling themselves 'The Cabal' from unleashing their incredible alchemic powers on the world.

During her epic adventure Lara encounters a kindred spirit in Kurtis Trent, a hardened adventurer, who is also in pursuit of Eckhardt. In her struggle to unravel the trail left by Von Croy, Lara becomes involved in underworld deals, grotesque murders, the dark side of an advanced form of alchemy and a history of blood, betrayal and vengeance spanning across hundreds of years.


Pickups: Two health bars. Large Med pack. Strength upgrade. Crowbar. Gold Doubloons Gun Necklace

The goal of this training level is to gain a strength upgrade. In order to do this, you must find a crowbar. Using the crowbar to pry off a lock will give you an upgrade in strength. The game begins with Lara in an alley of sorts. Down the alley to the right is a short hallway. Just past the entrance of the hallway is a dog. Avoid the dog as he can kill you. The only way out of the alley is upward. Standing in the position that you started the game, go forward and pick up a chocolate bar. This is a health bar and gives you an increase of 10% of health. The health pickups in the game have a green sparkle to them. Climb up on the green bin to your left. Jump up and grab the ledge. Lara will pull herself up. Jump across to the other ledge. Walk straight to the ladder.

Climb up the ladder. You will be on another level of scaffolding. Don’t go in the window yet because there is a cabinet that will not open until you have a crowbar. Climb up the ladder. Pick up the gold doubloons on the left side of the wooden scaffolding. Jump across to the canopy of the other building. Climb over the railing to the left and pick up another health bar.

Walk to the end of the balcony and jump across. Climb up the drainpipe. At the top of the drain pipe, begin to shimmy along the edge of the roof to your right. When you see a roof top just below you (it is yellow), drop down and regain your strength. From here, jump up and grab the edge of the roof and shimmy around to the right (and around the corner) until you see a break in the railing on the roof. Pull up at this break in the roof. You should now be standing on the roof. Go to the NW corner of the building to a barrel. Move the oil barrel and expose of the roof that is not blocked by fencing. Climb down off the roof at this area and onto a platform. There is a crowbar here. Once you have the crowbar, climb back onto the roof.

Go to the small shed on the NE corner of the building (or to your left if you have just climbed back onto the roof and are facing the water tower). Use the crowbar and pry off the lock and gain a strength upgrade. There is a cabinet into which Lara can look. Open it and there will be a gun inside. You can either continue forward in the game or backtrack for more goodies.

If you decide to back track, go to the opening in the roof where you first climbed up onto the roof (if you are standing facing the door of the shed, the area is to your right). Drop down and hang on the edge of the roof. Shimmy to the left and drop down onto the yellow roof canopy. From here, you can jump up, grab the edge of the roof and climb down the pipe or simply go to the far right end of the roof canopy and simply drop down onto the wooden scaffolding where you picked up the gold doubloons. There may be more doubloons there (this may be a bug or intentional). Go to the ladder that is attached to the wall and climb down. You should now be on the level where the window was. Climb into the window opening and into the room. There is health in the kitchen cabinets and a necklace in the large cabinet (you use your crowbar to open this large cabinet). There are also Doubloons on the floor. Exit the room.

Face out toward the alley way. There is large med pack under an alcove across the alley. Make a running jump and you should land in the alcove. Pick up the med pack. Standing at the base of the stairs of the alcove, you should be able to jump out. If you wait too long something kills you. Return to the roof.

Completing this level:

Go to the NW corner of the roof and drop onto the platform on which you picked up the crowbar. Walk to the edge of the platform to your left (if you are standing with your back to the wall). If you do not, you may not have enough strength to make it across the edge of the roof to the next platform. The platform has a door to it and a ladder leading down. The door is locked and you need a key.

Walk to the end of the platform away from the door and move stealthily around the corner. There is man that is standing with his back to you. Sneak up behind him, press X and break his neck. Go back and grab the key that is on the sawhorse. Go back to the door and open it and begin to climb down. A cut scene will play showing lights flashing and helicopters roaring above you.

End training level.


Pickups: Health bandages. Health bar. Strength upgrade. Bullets. Rapid power charger. Another gun

The goal of this training level is to gain a strength upgrade, find a key, and get out the back door of the Apartment. In order to do this, you must find your way to the top floor of the Apartment. This is a somewhat timed event because the gendarmes break down the door to the apartment building and throw gas bombs inside. If you don’t make it to the top soon enough, you will die from the gas. Additionally, if you run back down the stairs and one of the gendarmes sees you, Lara surrenders and the game is over.

When you first enter the room, a cut scene plays showing a metal bar dropping down to lock the doors. You can hear the gendarmes trying to break in. There are four floors to this apartment complex. Each floor is separated by two flights of stairs and the second and third floors have short hallways with pickups. In the beginning of this level, assuming that your back is to the door, you should see a metal locker to the left. You can pull the metal locker in front of the doors. We are not sure whether this actually allows you more time to finish the level or whether it is a waste of time. Use your own judgment. Go to the second floor of the apartment.

Floor 2 of the Apartment. At the second floor, you should avoid the hallways and simply head for the third floor. You will come back down here to get pickups. To get to the third floor, you need to run and jump across the chasm and then climb the stairs to the third floor.

Floor 3 of the Apartment. Follow the pathway to a hallway. There are health bandages in the hallway. (If IIRC, these give you a 20% health increase). Head out of the hallway and in front of you to your left is an armoire. Pull the armoire away from the stairs. Go upstairs. In the hallway to the left is a door. Push it open. Gain upgrade. Look through the two green cabinets. Gain bullets and power chargers for a Taser. Exit and go down the hallway to the opposite side. This hallway has more health. (I think it was a small med pack). Go upstairs.

Floor 4 of the Apartment. There is a box at the top of the first flight of stairs. Move the box to edge of the stairs. Climb on. You should be to the right of the elevator and facing forward so that the stairs below you are going down. Jump forward and grab railing and pull up. To the right is a doorway. Enter the room to the right. There are two keys. One is on the floor and another is on the wall by the door. (In rewriting this, I can’t recall if there was just one key on the floor or if there were two). There is lever to your right. Pull this lever. It will provide power to the Elevator. You can leave out the back door now and end this level or return to the second floor for pickups.

If you decide to go for the pickups, exit the room and enter the Elevator. Press 2. Exit the elevator and jump across the chasm. Go straight to the hallway and to the left is a room that was locked or you couldn’t open because you lacked strength. Go through the locker and pick up another gun. In the desk drawer you will find health bar and bullets. Exit. Jump across the chasm again and enter the elevator. Go to floor 4. Exit the elevator to the right and enter the room that had the power to the elevator. Exit the Elevator power room by the door in the back of the room.

End of Derelict Apartment level.


Note: There is more than one way to complete this level. The following recounts the manner in which we completed this level. This non linear aspect of the game provides excellent replay qualities but also hampers the effectiveness of the walkthrough. If you have completed this level in a different manner, please post to the FORUM and share your findings with the other users.

Pickups: Health bar. Health bandages. Health pills. 2 Large medpack. Strength upgrade. Ammo Gold Doubloons

The goal of this level is to find your way to Madame Carvier’s Apartment. The Industrial Rooftops is a bit of a maze. You will find a lot of health on this level and a lot of ammo. This is likely because gendarmes from the helicopter shoot at you. The following walkthrough was done, however, without suffering any physical damage, mostly because we didn’t spend much time on the roofs! You should have exited the Elevator power room. You will find yourself outside on a small balcony. Turn right and locate some boxes and a ladder. Climb up onto the boxes and up the ladder. Dismount the ladder onto the platform. Above you is a zip line. Take the zip line across to the industrial rooftops.

After crossing to the roof via the zip line, drop down onto a flattened portion of the roof. You should now be on a rectangular portion of the roof that has a crate on it. Go straight toward the crate. You can use this box to avoid getting shot. We crouched and crawled to the health bandages that are located to the right of the box. To your left and just past the box is an opening. There is a ladder that runs along the side of the roof and downward. You can walk down this ladder. We walked down about half way and then jumped to the flattened part of the room across from us instead of merely dropping down. There is more health up here. Once you have this health, simply slid down the roof onto a platform right below you. There is a doorway here. Inside you will find gold Doubloons. Follow the hallway around and enter another room. In the corner to the right of the cabinets is more ammo. On the ledge is a health bar. Exit out the door and run across the bridge and open the door next to the ladder. Climb down the ladder. Drop onto the box and get onto the floor of the warehouse. There is a large med pack in the left corner.

Crawl underneath metal door and go to the left. There is ammo on the ground. Turn the corner. There is a box at the end of the alley. Pull it underneath the ladder and you will get an upgrade in leg strength. Go to the end of the alley. Turn right. Toward the end of the alley is another small alley to the left. At the end is a big green health pack. Return to the ladder that is under the box you moved. Climb up onto the box and jump and grab the ladder. Climb to the very top of the roof.

Once on the top of the roof, you should see a ladder in front of you. Climb to the top of another part of the roof and you should see ammo that is to your right. Slide down the roof and at the base will be health pills. (These give you some percent of health which I cannot recall). Straight and to the left is another ladder. Climb the ladder to yet another platform. From this platform you need to jump to the roof below you. There are gold Doubloons to the left of the small shack on the roof. Walk to the edge. There will be a cut scene showing you to Margot Carvier’s apartment.

Note: There is a pick up on the other side of the interior of the building but we could not get to it.

End of Industrial Rooftops level.


Be nice to Margot. If you are not, she may not give you the notebook. This is a timed event. Don’t spend too much time lurking about her apartment. There are bandages in the desk drawer. There is a ring on the lamp table. A vintage bottle of wine in the kitchen. Take those and then leave by the front door.


Lara wakes up in an old Subway/Railway car. Go talk to the homeless people. Go to the left side of the railway car. There is a pipe. Climb on that to reach the top of the Railway car. Crawl under the pipe to get to the med pack. Lara will tell you she can climb. You can climb on either side of the pipe. Climb up onto the metal bridge. Jump across to the metal bridge opposite to you.

Jump from the metal bridge to a small grass covered ledge. Using the walk or stealth mode, walk toward torn away fencing to get to the edge of the building. Inside the fenced in area is money and a health bar. Exit onto the grass covered ledge and jump across to the metal bridge. Jump again to the first metal bridge. It helps to run when jumping from metal bridge to metal bridge.

Walk toward the edge of the building and jump onto it. Talk to the “City Guide”. Run past him to the right and pick up money at the end of an alley and down some stairs. Return to the entrance of the Ghetto which is beside the City Guide.


Talk to Janice. Go up the stairs in front of Janice. At the top and to the left is a small park area. There is money in the park by the first bench to the left. Go straight and turn left through the cement pylons. Café Metro is to the right. The door is under an awning and has an outdoor menu to the left of the door. Enter and talk to the bartender. Exit. Go back to the park (straight and then right). There are a narrow stairs, go to the right. The last door to the right is Rennes’ Pawnshop. You need to pawn your stuff before you see Bouchard. We pawned everything. You need to remember Rennes Pawnshop as you will be returning here.

Head for the Serpent Rouge. Exit the pawnshop and go straight past Janice. There will be a cut scene where Kurt runs down stairs, gets on his motorcycle and speeds off. There is other life to explore here such as an herbalist, more money, but you can go straight for the Serpent Rouge. First right after Janice is a small alley. Just past a manhole cover is a small green door to the right. Enter. There is a guard to the left inside a room. You can use the stealth mode to sneak up behind him and knock him out. He will leave behind gun/ammo. Pick up candy bar, ammo, keys, and gun from the desk. Exit his office. To the left on some cardboard boxes is a cartridge of ammo. Go straight and turn left down a long hall. You can pull the switch on the wall to the left above the radiator. Go up the stairs and enter the nightclub. Be prepared to shoot someone the minute that you open the door. Pick up his gun.

Go to the bar area to the left. There is another gendarme you will have to shoot. Make sure your weapon has enough bullets for this. To the left of the bar is a button for a dumb waiter. Press the button and the dumb waiter will bring up 2 cartridges of ammo. Pick up two candy bars and a bottle of vintage wine. Exit the bar area. Time to turn the music on. Head for the stage. On the right side of the stage behind large speakers is health. Return to the left side of stage and pull down the lever. The spotlight platform will begin to turn and the music will come on. Pick up a vinyl record from the table. Another gendarme appears at the base of the stage stairs. Kill him. Pick up his gun. Another gendarme will appear. Kill him and pick up his gun.

Go to the stairs that are opposite of the bar. Walk up the stairs but be prepared to kill another gendarme at the top of the stairs. Continue to walk around the edge of the room. Stop about half way down. You will see a small balcony that juts out. Pull and push the small speaker box into the balcony. Climb on top and jump to the scaffolding. The end of the scaffolding will give way. Walk to the end and jump across. Pick up the medpack. Turn and shoot the gendarme. He will drop a gun. There is a medpack and another health item behind him. Turn around and head back. There is another gendarme shooting at you from across the way. Kill him and run around to where he was and pick up his gun.

Go back to where the first gendarme was killed. There is break in the railing. Jump onto the square moving platform. Jump across to the other side of the platform. Climb the square framework. Jump across diagonally. When the platform is at its highest peak, jump to the platform. Scale ladder and go to the right. Go straight to where the platform slants down. Jump across. Jump to another platform. Face the scaffolding. Jump and hang. Shimmy across past the spotlight and then pull yourself up. You should be facing the control room. Jump onto the platform. Kick down the drawbridge. You will receive an upgrade. Go to the control room by kicking it open. Grab the key on the floor.

Pull the left lever twice so that the light coloured spotlight is in the square closest to the small balcony. Pull right lever. Exit control room. Scamper across the drawbridge. Climb ladder. Head for the spotlight box and get the trinket box. Head down the ladder and across the drawbridge Climb down the ladder to the right of the control box. At the bottom of the ladder is a health bar and a door. Exit the door and run around to first break in the railing. Jump across to the scaffolding. Run across the scaffolding, jump to speaker box and then turn right toward the stairs. There is a gendarme. Kill him. Once on the main level, head for the small green door to the right of the entrance of the club. There is money in the room (and a cash register). Exit and head toward the small green door just to the right of the bar. Head down, open it up.

Exit this room. Head back up to the main floor. Go up the stairs on the left side of the room. Head to the small speaker box. Get up and jump up to the scaffolding. Jump across and turn left away from the rotating platform. There is a door that you exited from the control room. Enter the door. Climb up the ladder and exit out the back door of Serpent Rouge.


Return to the Café Metro. Climb down ladder to platform. Jump down to ground below. Take stairs to another level and then drop down onto the street level. Turn left and head for Janice. Right before Janice is a small doorway to the right. There is money there. Head up the stairs to the right of Janice. Go straight past park and turn left. (You can pick up money at the park, if you like). The Café Metro will be on the right hand side. Talk with the bartender. He will give you the code to the his ex’s apartment. The code is 15328. Exit the Café Metro and turn left. Go straight, past the park, to a small brown door with a keypad entrance. Enter the code. Go straight up the stairs and enter the apartment. If you like, there is a small piazza opposite of the park that has money. It is in the right hand corner if you are facing away from the park.

Talk with Francine and then exit the door to Francine’s right. You should be on a small balcony. Look to your right. Jump across to another small balcony. Use the jump and grab technique. Walk straight to the pipe. Climb up the pipe onto the ledge. The ledge will break (remember Francine’s warning) so run across it. Walk to the edge of the ledge and hang off. Shimmying around to a small platform that has a red zip line above it. Climb the zip line and drop down onto another balcony. Walk to the end of the balcony and drop down onto a tomb.

[Alternative TM Jay]

Instead of going to the cafe after speaking to Janice, you go to the park and speak to Bernard (ex janitor at the club). You will need 160 Euros to take this route in the story. Turn right from talking to janice and follow the road around to the left. The park is opposite the church. Enter the park and talk to the man, mention Janice to him. He will talk about retrieving his `box` at the club, and offer to give you a password to get passed the doorman. He will also give a set of keys for the garage. Head back down the way you came and enter the door with `Garage` written above it.

Inside, raise the vehicle on the ramp, using the lever to the left of the vehicle. Then pull the long lever which is found on the right hand side of the garage by the workbench. You will get an upgrade. This will enable you to burst thru the door up the stairs to get the gun and the ammo. There are items to pick up in the lockers at the back of the garage (an antique flintlock, health, ammo and batteries). Make sure you pick up the wrench on the workbench! Head down the gap under the vehicle (opened by pulling the lever) and pick up the health and ammo on top of the box, before heading up the ladder.

Head across the room to the broken switch, perform action on it to fix the switch with the wrench. Then use action again to flick the switch. This will alert a guard who will come down and open the door.. Arm yourself and prepare for a gun fight. Shoot the guard and walk up the stairs to enter the Serpant Rouge club. The actual Serpant rouge section is the same on both walk throughs, however instead of going back to the cafe you go back to Bernard in the park. He will give you the password, which you use on the doorman who is in the archway beside the church. This leads you to the Graveyard, where you continue the play through as already covered.


You are now in the graveyard. Beware of the dogs. You can shoot them. There is health behind a tomb at the end of the graveyard opposite the fenced in angel area. Now go to a tomb that is right next to a small vault area with a red door. Climb on top of it. Face toward the apartments. Jump to another tomb. Face in the direction of fenced in angel area. Jump to the top of the tomb. Look to the right. Jump into the tomb roof that is to your right inside the fenced in area. Go to the front of the building that houses the angel statute Kick in the door and gain strength. Go in and get ammo. Exit and jump up behind the angel. Push it down. Return to the top of the tomb that is farthest away from the angel. Climb on top. Jump to the tomb in front of you.

Turn to the right and look up. There is a small ledge. Jump across and pick up a health bar. Walk to the left and jump into a small fenced in area. Jump off the roof of the tomb and kick in the door. Pick up ammo and health. Climb back onto the tomb. Jump off the roof onto the ground. Return to the fenced in Angel area by the jumping onto the tombs and leaping from tomb rooftop to tomb rooftop. Go to the angle and climb into the crypt.


As you are walking forward, the floor collapses. At the end of the hole is a vine/branch covered area. Climb out. Look up to the right. There is a pipe. Jump up and use the pipe to shimmy across. You must not hesitate because Lara has just enough strength to make it across. Be careful because the floor will give out. Walk to the edge and jump into the water. Dive deep enough to get past the rock that juts into the water. Swim to end and turn to the right. Another branch area will appear on the wall. Climb up and out onto the pathway. Go the end of the hall and pull the rocks out of the way. Go halfway back down the hall where you see a rat and a grate. Kick open the grate.

Crawl through grate and pick up some ammo. Disregard the rat. It will hurt you a bit but not too much. Go through two doors. Turn left and across the rubble that you just cleared away. You will come up to some water. Swim across and climb out. Walk to the end of the hall and turn right. There is small opening in the wall. Enter a room with two crypts. Go to the door on the left. Walk through. At the end of the room is Arnaud. Gross. Next to Arnaud. is a small med pack. Exit the room. Go straight into a dark room with 2 crypts and 2 pews. At the end of the room, behind the crypt is ammo. Exit room and turn right. Enter the room at the end of the hall. You are going to talk to Bouchard. Be polite or he will kill you.

After you are done talking to Bouchard, walk toward the blue door. There is a lever on your right. Pull it. Exit the room back toward Arnuad. Pass Arnaud and go straight. It is the room directly to the left of Arnaud (if you are facing Arnaud’s room). There is ammo on the floor. There is also a small crate you can move. Pull it as far as you can to the left of the room (if you are facing the door of the room). Push it toward the door of the room as far as you can. Climb up onto it and jump up and grab the ledge above. Pull the lever. This lever will open the blue door in Bouchard’s room. Head back to Bouchard’s room and exit. You will come into the top floor of the church. Do not talk to the trainer. You will always lose your money. Head to the statute and the stone crate. By pushing and pulling it, you will gain an upgrade.

You can climb onto the box and onto the ledge on either side. There are goodies on top of the stone pillars. Once you are up there (the same on both sides), you can grab onto the ledge and shimmy across by hanging onto the stone molding. Drop down onto the top of the stone pillars to gain gather your strength again. Go to the front of the church to the vestibule and exit the church. You need to go to Rennes’ pawnshop.


Head straight down the street. You should see the truck to your left. Turn right and go past Janice. Keep going straight to the metal street barricade. Rennes pawnshop is right before the barricades. As you enter the pawnshop, you will see that it is ransacked. Go to the backroom. Rennes is on the floor. There is a symbol drawn in blood. It is a circle with an O and V interwined. Pick up his wallet. Look at it. There is a key code for the blue metal door. 14529. Enter the code.

Pick up all the items. This becomes a timed event. After picking up the items, a cut scene will play. Immediately after the cut scene ends, press the yellow button which will unlock the safe door. Exit the room and head to the right. There is trap door. Open it and drop down. Run down the hallway and jump into the sewer pipe. Turn left and start running. If you do it right, there will be a cut scene wherein Lara lands in a boat and Kurt is seen smoking across the river. There is another cut scene of Eckhardt.


Lara is now in cammo pants and has a knapsack. There is a health bar to the left. Go down the long hallway straight to the room with the pouring water. Head to the left around the circle until you get to two drainpipes. To the left of the drainpipes is a vertical pipe. Climb up the vertical pipe and head around the metal ledge to a switch. Pull the switch and you will see a cut scene that stops a fan. Go back to the main floor. Go to the left to another storm drain. Go half way down and turn right. There is a small ladder. Climb up the ladder. Turn the fan blades twice. This is a power upgrade. Crawl through the opening created by the broken fan blade. Pick up an energy bar. Walk to the end and jump into the room. Turn the valve. Exit the room the same way you came in.

Head to the main room. Go to the drain pipe exactly opposite the pipe you are currently in. Go down the hallway and turn left into the open door. Follow the hallway until you get in the room with another valve Turn the valve and exit. Head back to the main room. Go back up the vertical drain pipe. Walk across the caution walkway that is under the water flow. There is a valve at the end of the walkway. Walk to the end of the metal ledge. There is a ladder that is above you. Jump up and grab the ladder. Climb onto the metal ledge. Walk to the edge and climb up the ladder. Get off onto another metal ledge. At the end of the metal ledge is a pipe that Lara will climb across to another valve. Grab the horizontal pipe and go halfway across. Drop onto the caution walkway and head toward the small hallway. There is ammo in this hallway. Return to the main floor.

Dive into the pool of water. Go straight down turn left, then right and then up. There should be a yellow fence. Swim to the rear of the fence and climb onto the metal ledge. Walk down slowly until Lara says “I can climb on that.” There is a horizontal metal pipe above you. Grab it and shimmy across to the caution walkway. Walk to the left and turn the valve. Return to the caution walkway and go completely across to a broken metal ledge. Climb up that ledge. Walk across the ledge until Lara says “I can jump across that one.” Jump across and turn valve. Jump back across and see a drain pipe to your left. Climb under the broken fencing. Walk to the end and slide down to the main floor. You will come out by the broken fan. Head back to the main room.

Go up the vertical drainpipe to the ledge that is next to the drain pipe at the top where the water was initially pouring out. Walk down and climb up onto the raised drain pipe. Open gate. You will walk toward a large room. Drop down. Facing the pool of water, go to the right. Place your bomb on oil barrel and turn and jump into the water. Head to the left. There is drainpipe that you can swim into. Go straight into the drain pipe. Take the second left. Climb up the pipe. Turn left. You should now be overlooking the burning room.

Drop down onto the cement walkway. Facing the center of the room. Go right. Climb up the ladder. Go across the cement walkway. As you go down the next ladder, go about halfway and press the jump button which will make Lara do a backflip over the fire. Run toward the next fire and jump over it. Go to the blown out area of the wall. You are now in the basement of the Louvre. Go left.