Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough and Game Guide
Level 14 - Xolotl's Stronghold

Stronghold Passage

Xolotl's Stronghold - Single Player (Level 14)

The Challenges:

Score Challenges

Score 80,000 points

Score 120,000 points

Score 140,000 points

Reward Challenges: Reward

Defeat Xolotl in 10.00 mins or less: Spear of Darkness


This first section is one where you have to keep one eye on the floor as spikes are triggered some of the time in patterns and other times randomly. You should have enough time to react to each wave of spikes. After Xolotl has harangued you for a bit you have to run around avoiding the spikes. Then he jumps down on the far right pedestal. Keep blasting him and watch his life bar go down. After a while he changes sides so follow him and keep blasting away. As his life bar depletes he will swop sides again, follow him and keep up the punishment. When he slumps and the health bar vanishes you know he is about to jump back up the top and the next stage is beginning.

Move to just in front of the spiky roller and shoot the spiders that emerge from underneath it. Avoid the spikes and wait for Xolotl to drop back to the pedestals. This time you have spikes and spiders to deal with while still shooting away at Xolotl. So keep moving and keep firing! After a while he moves away again and the spikes appear randomly so move from square to square cautiously. When he drops back to the pedestal shoot away at him until he retreats. He releases the roller, so get away from it and watch the spikes. First the spikes are triggered at the edges of the area and just as the roller moves towards you move towards the spikes which will retract leaving you safe as the roller passes and then move back into the middle quickly.

Breathing a sigh of relief, top up any ammo or health that you need at the Ammo Cache and the Health shrine. Then jump the gap to reach a ruined platform. Turn right jumping over the gap, the platform will fall away as you jump and you will find yourself in a small area with lots of poison pods. Keep moving as if you stand still Xolotl will land on the spot you are stood on. When he does land, shoot him. When he has had enough (and his health bar has gone down) he will unleash a load of lizards, skeletons and one grumpy enemy to attack you. Keep moving and blasting at them. After Grumpy's death Xolotl will make a return. Once again keep moving and killing. This time when you reduce his health bar he goes off in a huff to the next section. Fill up on ammo and health at the conveniently placed Ammo Cache and Health shrine and then follow the path down. At the end jump down on to the platform for the final battle.

Xolotl rather foolishly stands on a small platform opposite Lara so shoot him while he strikes dramatic poses. Keep an eye out for fire balls. After a while he will jump out of your reach and a barrage of fireballs will start landing. Roll Lara around until it stops and he jumps back on the ledge. Shot at him while he poses on his ledge until he jumps away again. This time a host of fire baddies will appear from the lava so kill them as they climb up the steps. Once that section is over there will be a rain of fireballs. Keep moving around the area. Then comes the easy bit! Xolotl will jump on the platform with you. Back off and stand on the stairs. Keep shooting at him until he falls in a crumpled heap, and then carry on until his health bar is gone. Once you approach the prone figure the game will cut to stills and voiceover. You have completed the game!



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