Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough and Game Guide
Level 13 - The Mirror's Wake

Stronghold Passage

The Mirror's Wake - Single Player (Level 13)

The Challenges:

Score Challenges

Score 150,000 points

Score 190,000 points

Score 240,000 points

Reward Challenges: Reward

Collect 10 Red Skulls: Jade Heart Artifact

Reach Xolotl's stronghold in 6.00 or less: Mask of Xolotl relic

Achieve a hole-in-one: Stone Serpent artifact

Break two shields with one truck: Health Upgrade

Get the first spinning ball in its fire pit in 15 seconds: Ammo Upgrade

The Level Walkthrough

You start the level in an area with a ball on a pedestal. Move directly forward until you come to a wall with some not very obvious tnt against it. Blow this up and get some gems and Red Skull (1/10). Then carry along the path, taking the ball with you and wait for a shield demon to turn up. Aim at the tnt and blow his shield off and with any luck it will kill him as well. Keep moving down the path. You will be attacked by a selection of enemies, kill them and check the area out for gems. Push the ball down into the area below and then drop down as well. One of those fire baddies will start attacking you. Kill him and then place the ball in the fire pit to get a Health Upgrade.

Go up the stairs to watch a cut scene with Xolotl (sadly you cannot bypass this so always a good time to sip your tea!) Once it ends you have to kill a Gatekeeper and his friends. Blast them and grab the key when he drops it. When they have all died move up the stairs to where there is a tomb and a Health shrine. A rotating flame is the location of Red Skull (2/10) and some gems. Some red lizards also attack you.

Enter the tomb; you will see an Ammo Cache, a fire pit and some lizards will attack. Go to the left to the spinning ball where the Reward Challenge: Get the first spinning ball in its fire pit in 15 seconds will pop up. This is one of those challenges that if you don't get it right on the first try then you are better off reloading and trying again. You also need to beware the fire balls that fall as I have had them blast the ball free before I was ready! You need to set a bomb by the ball and trigger it just as it is about to go towards the passage opening. It helps to stand Lara down the passage you are aiming into and if the ball doesn't end up in this passage straight away you won't have the time to do it. Grab it and push it down the passage and then round towards the fire pit. As you reach the right hand corner bomb it towards the fire pit. Kill the enemies that appear.

Climb over the ball and move around the maze. If you look to the right you should see Red Skull (3/10) sat in plain sight, as you grab it a Fire Baddy appears. Kill it and back track and follow the maze down past the fire pit and turn right at the end. There is Red Skull (4/10) and as you grab it another Fire Baddy emerges. If you keep moving around the area at the far right corner you will find Red Skull (5/10) but as you clear the area more enemies will show up. In the middle of this section is a pressure pad and a ball. If you place the ball on the pressure pad it opens a gate (you can see it behind the spiked wall behind you) which has an Ammo Upgrade. One little problem, when you place the ball on the pressure pad it gets bombed by fire balls which push it off so you have to move fast ignoring any enemies on the way.

When you have grabbed the Ammo Upgrade take the ball and find the next fire pit to the left of the area. A Fire Baddy will attack you but kill him and enter the next area. Here is the next Gate-keeper so blast him until you can get the Key. Follow the path around where the Dark Drum artifact is sitting on a pressure pad. Go through the door and kill the lizards and follow the path round to go back out.

Follow the path back down and keep moving right a couple of Fire Baddies will attack you but keep on going right. You will get to some stairs but before you carry on down the path there is a Challenge Tomb for you to enter. The way I did it is probably not the way you are supposed to but all I did was roll the ball up to the pillar, stand on it and put a spear in, then jump on the spear and up on top of the pillar. Jump across and grab the Clay Serpent artifact this way is much simpler and quicker and doesn't involve triggering the flames on top of the pillar. Go back out and down the steps.

Here two shield demons will attack you; there is a Reward Challenge here: Break two shields with one truck. You have to blast the truck as they approach so that it blows both their shields off. Kill them but before moving forward note the vent with the fireball blasting out of it, sat over it is Red Skull (6/10). Carefully grab it. Then make sure that your ammo and life are full and move into the next area. The final gate keeper is here in the arena, I found it best to stand as in the bottom middle of the area, between the two rotating flames so that my back was by the wall and blast him from there. Some lizards arrive but they can be despatched easily. Once he is defeated and you have the key in your grasp then pay closer attention to the area around you. Each of the vents where the fireballs are coming from have Red Skulls (7-9/10) over them. Collect them and then carefully move towards the rotating flame at the back. If you examine your map you will see a Challenge Tomb on the cliffs above. You can reach this by moving along the wall until it shows you a grapple point. Time your move so that you don't get fried. Enter the tomb and a Reward Challenge is triggered; achieve a hole-in-one. To do this you have to avoid the flame traps and the annoying fireball throwing baddy, and place a bomb behind the spinning ball. Just prior to it being opposite the fire pit, trigger the bomb and hopefully it will glide daintily into the hole (unlike mine which once went straight over it and when I finally got it I died just as it went in!) If you feel this is too annoying then just roll the ball into the fire pit and grab the Mask of Cipactli relic that is behind the now opened gate. Sadly the burners are not switched off so escape with care. Drop down the grapple point but time it so that you don't land on the flames!

Move to the left of the area and walk to the end of the bridge. Grapple up and swing across to the bridge. You will have spotted Red Skull (10/10) above the grapple point. Stand on the bridge and use your spear to climb up and get it. Jump back to the bridge and follow the path down. Jump both gaps and you find yourself back in the area with the fire pit which had the health upgrade. Go back up the stairs and go towards the locked door. Once they have opened roll up the path until a cut scene heralds the end of the level.



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