Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough and Game Guide
Level 12 - Stronghold Passage

Stronghold Passage

Stronghold Passage - Single Player (Level 12)

The Challenges:

Score Challenges

Score 60,000 points

Score 90,000 points

Score 120,000 points

Reward Challenges: Reward

Collect 10 Red Skulls: Fist of Tezcatlipoca

Reach the exit in 15.00 or less: Jade Heart artefact

Rest a ball on top of the Skull Pedestal: Health Upgrade

Step on the 3 hidden spider tiles: Ammo Upgrade


You start off in a passage leading to a larger area with flame pits. Step further into the room and a explosive Fire baddy appears. Blast him and make sure you stay out of range when he blows. Travel up the stairs. Here a ball is balanced on top of a tower. Place a bomb on the tile behind the tower and stand Lara on the pressure pad. When the tile extends into a tower, then trigger bomb to blow the ball off. Some baddies will also appear in the corner so finish them off before moving upstairs and don't forget to push the ball down the stairs.

On your way up the path you will see a grapple point, dangle Lara over the edge for a nice Health Upgrade. Jump the gap and carry on.

You will see a pit which you have to blow balls up into so that they can reach the floor below. Make sure that you don't place the bomb too close as it seems to work better with a bit of space behind. You can bomb the ball that is already there waiting for you or you can wait until later.

Go up the stairs and you will spot a lever and some narrow gates. Go through the gates. Here you can get the ball first or drop down to reach the Challenge Tomb. If you choose to drop down first then you will see on the right the tomb, but go left first. Red Skull (1/10) is on a pillar. Use your spear to get it. Then go past it to the far side to activate the Spider tile (1/3) in the corner. Then go to the Challenge Tomb. You will find a target activated spike trap. There are a few ways to do this

The easiest way is stand where X marks the spot! Start off on X1 and hit the target, then move to spot X2. Hit the target again and move to X3. Hit the target again and then you should be able to get to the Stone Serpent artifact and this will cause all the spikes to retract.

(See diagram for spots!)

Go out and back up ladder to get the next ball. First throw a spear in the wall closest to the lever. The lever opens two platforms to enable you to jump across the gap. Pull lever, jump on the spear, up onto the top of the pillar and as you jump to the other side drop a bomb. Once safely off the wooden ledge trigger the bomb to blow the ball off the fire pits. It also triggers some hottie baddies so kill them. Then place the ball by the door, drop a bomb behind it, climb over and pull the lever to open the door. Once the door is open bomb it through the door. Push it down the stairs so you can bomb it into the ball pit.

Then go through the archway to jump across the gap. Avoid the flame and jump across again. Be careful at the wall as it has spikes at its base. Use a spear to climb up. Two skeletons pop up from below you; they jump up after you so kill them. Climb up the ladder and the next section has fire balls bouncing around. There are Dual SMG's on the pedestal so grab them gratefully.

Go through the door and up into the next room. A ball rolls down the stairs. You need another 2 to complete this section. Go up the stairs; be careful not to get torched collecting gems from the circular grills. Cross over the pit to the other side. You need to bomb the ball over the other side and while it is in the air you have to trigger the tower by hitting the target to push it the final distance. So push the ball down to the edge of the pit on the cracked tile and place a bomb behind it. Go behind the target away from the blast circle to avoid getting caught in the explosion. Set off bomb and then shoot the target. The ball should be tipped over onto the other side. Before leaving the area make sure to step on the Spider tile (2/3) at the top left of the room. Also collect the Health Upgrade by standing on the tower and shooting the target if need be.

Once over the other side move the ball carefully over the fire grills and roll it down the stairs. Now go to the right of the area and up the stairs. You will see a grapple point and a Red Skull (2/10) below but you can't grapple down and get it. You have to jump off the edge and then press the grapple button. Lara should get the skull and grab the grapple ring so you can get back up safely.

Carry on along the path until you get to a target and a wall of flames. Set a bomb by the target and then shoot it. This turns of the bottom flames but leaves some at the top so you cannot go past. Jump on a spear and then trigger the bomb. Jump quickly up over the top before you get fried.

Keep moving along the steps and you will get to a room with an empty pedestal on. Go past and you will see another lava filled area with a section with timed waves of flames and some flaming platforms that you can switch off with the lever at the end of the area. You will spot Red Skull (3/10) sat on the furthest platform. Pull the lever and hop across making the little detour to get the red skull. Once over the other side some hotties appear so kill them. You have to blast the ball that is on this side across the larger platform. Position the ball and then bomb it onto the larger platform. Depending on how far the ball went you can either wait for the flames to move away and grab Ammo Upgrade and bomb the ball again or approach it from the other side using the lever to switch the flames off.

Once the ball is safely over, push it down towards the area with the pedestal where there is a Reward Challenge: rest a ball on top of the Skull Pedestal. Look carefully at the floor and place the ball on the patterned tiles. Place a bomb behind it and hope for the best! When you have succeeded roll the ball towards the tube at the side. Once the ball has gone down a Fire Baddy will appear, beat him and retrace your steps taking care to jump down the flaming wall.

Make your way back to the area with the fists and flames. Place a ball to the side of one of the fists and then drop a bomb on the other side. Go to the ball and be ready to move. Trigger the bomb and when the fist flies in the air roll the ball under the fist so it stops it from moving. Do the same on the other side. Now place the third ball on the pressure pad. The gate opens and you can now start moving the balls out down the slope to the next area and down the tube there. Sadly you won't be able to do this without being attacked by skeletons and hotties! Kill them and carry on.

Once all the balls have been put in the tube you can start backtracking. Once past the gap and the flame a couple of skeletons will jump across at you (from where Red skull (1/10) was) so kill them and jump the gap to where the big pit is. Bomb the balls into the pit and make your way back down the stairs.

When you reach the area where you found the first ball more skeletons will attack along with a Fire Baddy and lizards from both sets of stairs. Clean up the area and then move down to the area below.

Carefully place the balls in each of the fire pits.

Once done you can move through the opened door. Sadly that isn't the end of the level and you find yourself with a Challenge Tomb to the left and a series of traps in front of you. Enter the tomb and you will see a spiked pillar, a target and a relic behind a gate. Shot the target and then place a bomb next to the target and throw a spear into right side of the tower. Jump to the spear and then trigger the bomb. As you trigger it jump back into the area with the relic. Grab the Mask of Tezcatlipoca and shoot the target again so that it extends the ledge so you can escape.

Once outside you can blow up the rectangular stones on the floor for gems before tackling the traps. All the remaining Red Skulls are dotted throughout the next bit. They are out in the open so you should spot them easily enough. The trick is grabbing them without either burning or falling to your doom! Red Skulls (4/10) and (5/10) are in the flame burner traps. Don't move too fast and keep an eye on the grills below as you will see them change colour when they are about to flame. Then there is a section with flying balls and collapsing tiles. This is hotly followed by another set of burners. You will find Red Skull (6/10) here. The final 3 Red Skulls are to be found in the final section of flying balls and collapsing tiles. Then it is a big leap across the gap to safety. Blow up the rectangular stone here as underneath is the final Spider tile (3/3) stand on it for the reward and then go out the door for the level end.



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