Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough and Game Guide
Level 10 - Fiery Depths

Fiery Depths

Fiery Depths - Single Player (Level 10)

The Challenges:

Score Challenges

Score 90,000 points

Score 110,000 points

Score 130,000 points

Reward Challenges: Reward

Collect 10 Red Skulls: Golden Shroud of Cihuacoatl (relic)

Reach the exit in 5.00 or less: Dark Drum

Heal the rolling ball: Wind Drum

Sacrifice 3 skeletons to the scorpion crest: Health upgrade

Jump to all six spider tile platforms: Ammo Upgrade


Start off down the passage and a cut scene points the way. Jump along the three ledges to a wall with fire traps. (There are other ways of doing this but this is the way I did it) Throw 3 spears into the wall, one just in front of the first flame, one in the middle and one just beyond the second flame. Jump on the first and wait for the flame to go then jump to the middle one. Jump up and Lara should grab the ledge above. Climb up and get Red Skull (1/10) then jump along the tops of the pillars to get the Ammo Upgrade. Drop down and then go back the way you came to the wall with the spears still in it. Time the jumps to avoid the flames and land on the other side.

Jump across pit to find a switch in the wall. This will open the door to the Challenge Tomb. Pull it and start running down, jump the gap and then roll down the stairs (if you want to get to the tomb ignore the skeletons) and roll left into the door.

In the Challenge Tomb you will see a path with two sets of flames moving around it. The task is to get the rolling balls into the pressure plates. As long as you time it properly it is quite simple. There are three balls and three pressure pads. You can wait safely at each pressure pad. The balls are on the right side of the path. Once the balls are all on the pads the tower in the middle will drop to allow you to collect the Mask of Ehecatl (if you go from the left side there is a little platform for you to jump from).

Then leave the tomb and follow down the path. A Reward Challenge is attainable here: Jump to all six spider tile platforms. On the right side of the platforms there is a Health Upgrade and on the left side Red Skull (2/10). You can hang from the ledges to allow the flames to go over your head here if need be. If you are not collecting anything it is relatively simple to cross. Just go forward until you can loop across then forward again. If you are collecting the skulls then instead of jumping forward keep following the path around to collect the skull and make your way back to the starting place. Then go forward again and loop to the right to collect gems and Health Upgrade. Then time your jumps back again to the other side. Once that is over, breathe a sigh of relief, pause and then carefully start down the stairs. A timed wall of flame travels down the stairs so make sure that you don't run into it. At the bottom of the stairs jump the gap, here there are a series of rotating platforms. Wait until they are flat side up and jump back and forth across to reach the other side.

Up ahead you will see a fiery circle with Red Skull (3/10) and Red Skull (4/10) nestling in its path. Excitingly on the platform in the middle is a Chain Gun. One little problem, as soon as you approach the circle two nasty baddies decide to stop you! Kill them and time your path around the circle and grab the gun. Clutching your new toy follow the path down to another set of revolving platforms. Wait until the safe side is up then jump back and forth across to the other side.

Once in the next area a selection of baddies attack including some fire throwing chaps who I shall call ‘hotties'! There are two waves of the enemies but keep moving around and there is plenty of health and ammo dotted around in jars. Once they are all dead the fire blocking your path goes and you can go down the steps.

Ready your spear as you need to climb up a fiery wall, as it is timed, wait until it has moved past Lara before climbing up. Another set of circular platforms, a target and two sets of flames greet you. Remember to make sure that you time the jumps carefully. Jump to the first platform, then the second, hit target so you can get on the third and then hit it again to get on the last one.

When safely across go down the stairs where a grapple point and a whole area of flames are waiting to toast Lara! Time your drop down to avoid getting fried and then drop a bomb down to trigger the target, this turns off the bottom set of flames. To get Red Skull (5/10) swing back and forth so that Lara grabs it. Drop down and stand on the target and use a spear to get an Ammo Upgrade. There is a Health shrine here if you need it.

As soon as you start to cross the path with the arrows coming over the top and the timed waves of flames a Shield demon appears, so turn quick and blast him with something heavy. You can pass this bit by either using your spears or just taking the hits from the arrows and moving slowly. Once over you can bomb the arrows. Now a Hottie will appear across a gap. Kill him and jump the gap to get Red Skull (6/10), you will also find a ball here to use in a Reward Challenge: Heal the rolling ball.

Bomb the ball across the gap. Push it to the section with the timed flames and blast it across. Go back across the gap. Take the ball to the health shrine to ‘heal' it.

Back track again and now follow the path down to an area with a whole load of platforms, flames and targets. Just keep in mind that Lara can dangle off the edge if need be and keep an eye on all the different sets of flames. The path can be done without having to trigger any targets at all but only with a great deal of luck! There is a Challenge Tomb to the top left of the area. The exit is at the bottom left and at the bottom towards the middle near the second target is Red Skull (7/10) and at the bottom far right is a Health Upgrade. If making your way to the Challenge Tomb first, then follow the platforms to the upper left. You will probably have to hit the target when you reach half way to change the direction of the flames.

Enter the Challenge Tomb where you will find an L shaped platform, a gold handle on the left, a target in the middle and the War Drum artifact behind a closed gate.

First move the platform so that you can reach both the left side and the middle. Jump to the middle and place a bomb by the target. Now jump back and over to the platform to the left. Pull the lever and run quickly back to the platform triggering the bomb as you go. Keep moving and jump across to the right side and roll into the opened gate to grab the artifact.

Go back out to face the perils of the platforms again. Now you are aiming to move down towards the bottom of the area. You can either pick your way across and escape to the next area or you can collect the Health Upgrade and the Red Skull. Once again if you are going for them remember you can dangle off the edges or shoot the targets to change the direction of the flames. Retrace steps and jump onto the exit ledge with a happy sigh of relief.

In the next area the first thing you see is an Ammo Cache, hmmm what would we need to make sure our ammo is full for? Go through the archway where you are instantly trapped by fire blocking both doorways. There is a Reward Challenge here so don't bomb the skeletons just yet and be careful not to blast them with your heavy weapons during the battle. Make sure you kill everything else while making your way up the little stairs to an area with a scorpion tile on the floor. The Reward Challenge is to sacrifice 3 skeletons to the scorpion crest; the tile is the scorpion crest. You have to bomb the skeletons on this spot so lure them on it and bomb away.

Once this is over the flames blocking the entrance vanish and you can carry on down the path, this leads to several more rotating platforms. Red Skull (8/10) is on the right hand side on a platform next to the flame. Red Skull (9/10) is towards the left in the middle. You may need to traverse the platforms twice to get both.

When you reach the other side the ground will begin shaking, there are gems here and the Red Skull (10/10) is in the corner of the ledges. Collect everything and jump over to the long staircase. Run up to end the level.



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