Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough and Game Guide
Level 09 - Twisting Bridge

Twisting Bridge

Twisting Bridge - Single Player (Level 9)

The Challenges:

Score Challenges

Score 190,000 points

Score 210,000 points

Score 250,000 points

Reward Challenges: Reward

Collect 10 Red Skulls: Serpent Drum

Navigate the Twisting Bridge in 6.00 or less: Mask of Itzli (relic)

Bomb the rolling fire: Health Powerup

Knock the shield off a Shield Demon: Ammo Powerup


First go to the right and down the steps to grab Red Skull (1/10) retreat as some enemies jump over at you. Blast and then go and back the way you came. If you wish you can go to the left to collect some gems and kill the enemies who seem upset at the fact you are there. Other enemies keep popping up wanting to beat you up so clean up the area, grabbing the gems hidden in the bushes.

Go down the stairs where you will be attacked from all sides. Kill them then go to the right and dangle Lara off the grapple ring so that she can get Red Skull (2/10) beneath the ledge. There are some more gems and some tnt on the left side.

Jump across to the l shaped platform with a target on. You cannot go up the middle yet so ignore it and hit the target so the platform moves enabling you to cross to the left where there is a Challenge Tomb, enter and you will be faced with a pit and pressure pads on either side and one ball in a passage with the gate closed on the side nearest to you. Go to the right and grapple across (snatching Red Skull (3/10) on the way) then move to the left past the pressure pad to grab the ball, place it on the pad. This triggers a platform across the pit. Jump over to the target and place a bomb next to it but don't trigger it yet. Jump back to the ball and roll it back to where you found it. Roll it up to the closed door and then trigger the bomb. Roll through the now opened door and place on the pressure pad. This opens the gate to the relic. Grapple back across and get the Golden Knife of Itzli. This opens both gates so you can stroll back.

Leave the Challenge Tomb and jump back to the platform. Hit target so that you can reach the right side. Go down the path to the Health Shrine. A host of enemies attack. Gleefully grab the High Power Single Shot Rifle and look out for Red Skull (4/10) hidden in the column on the left side. Clean up the place and move on up the stairs and stand on pressure pad to open the door. Go through it to next area.

A Reward Challenge pops up here. You have to knock the shield of a shield demon. (Presumably known just as 'demon' once you knock his shield off!) You get a choice of two so get that grenade launcher ready and blast away. This gives you a nice ammo upgrade. This area has a nice collection of foes but there is plenty of ammo and health around the area.

When the coast is clear you have to pull a golden handle which triggers some timed ledges for you to climb. Before shooting the target go left from the closed gate along the wall above the room below to collect some gems and an ammo upgrade.

Trigger the target and jump on to the opened platforms pull the lever and quickly backtrack and through the now opened gate.

Battle your way along the bridges, jump the gap onto the wooden bridge then jump across to stand on a pressure pad. Once you hit the grassy area, surprise, a host of enemies attack including an aptly named shield demon behind you.

When ready go up the steps and pull the handle to open the door. This takes you to an area full of wooden platforms and targets to open or close them. Run down the stairs to get to a larger wooden platform where you will be promptly attacked. Kill then turn to face away from the obvious path and shot the target. Jump towards the target and nab Red Skull (5/10) and some gems around the target. Go back to the large platform. Move forward to the next platform and shoot the target on Lara's right. Jump across and forward to the next platform. Kill the enemies and get ready to move on. Jump to the next platform and shot the target again. Be ready to jump quickly as the next platform opens...yours closes! Keep moving forward to the next stable platform and kill the baddies. Climb up to the little platform above to get Red Skull (6/10). Keep moving forward, jump to the next platform and once again shoot the target to Lara's right. Jump quickly to the next platform, shoot baddies and keep moving onwards and upwards.

Finally outside again Lara gets attacked once again. Stop by the gap in the walkway where you have been blasted by the blue-fire blasting baddy and jump across to the platform, jump again to the Challenge Tomb and use a spear to climb on top and get Red Skull (7/10) if you decide to enter the tomb you will find yourself faced with a set of nasty crushing doors. The trick is to go slowly and keep your eyes on the doors (who helpfully judder before squishing Lara) so pick your path carefully. Your reward is the Gold Lizard artifact. Thankfully collecting it means the doors stop and you can backtrack in safety. Go back to the walkway and keep following it around. Jump the gap to the wooden bridge then jump again to activate another pressure pad. Move forward and go through the door.

You are now in another area with platforms and targets. Keep on going forward until you can jump across to a platform with a target on. Trigger it and jump across to the platform with Red Skull (8/10). Go back to the target platform again, trigger and go back to the previous platform, carry on forward to see Red Skull (9/10) on a collapsed platform. Shoot at the target and jump quickly across. Shoot target again and jump to next platform. Make your way to the large platform but don't jump down yet. Aim back at where the target is, (you can't see it from here) and trigger some platforms to the right of the screen. Go right and get a handy Health Upgrade. Track back to the large platform, jump down and beat up the inevitable enemies who appear. Go back out through the door to the health shrine again. Some skeletons attack you so bomb their bony remains.

Jump back across to the L platform and trigger the target so that you can reach the middle walkway with the steps. A cut scene pops up and then you can move on. Jump across the gap. Fight of the enemies and move to the next section of bridge. Enemies jump down at you from a higher ledge. Kill them and then use the spear to jump up on the higher ledge. At the end of it is Red Skull (10/10) get it and drop back down. Carry on forward to reach the massive set of stairs ominously flanked by tnt.

Start up the stairs and a cut scene shows you the bridge blowing up behind you and fiery balls rolling towards you. A Reward Challenge is attainable here: Bomb the rolling fire. Basically all you have to do is set bomb in the path of the fire balls and set them off as they approach sending them in the air. Do it three times to get a Health Upgrade. Run Lara up the bridge dodging the balls as best you can. The level ends when Lara goes through the door.



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