Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough and Game Guide
Level 08 - Jaws Of Death

Jaws Of Death

The Jaws of Death - Single Player (Level 8)

The Challenges:

Score Challenges

Score 60,000 points

Score 80,000 points

Score 110,000 points

Reward Challenges: Reward

Collect 10 Red Skulls: White Drum

Escape in 2.00 or less: Wind Drum

Destroy all of the enemies on columns: Gold Arrow

To get all the Reward Challenges you may need to play through several times. (Once you have the hang of it then getting the time down below 2 minutes is pretty straightforward, just a case of running and rolling!) The Red Skulls can be picked up on your first play through.

The Level Walkthrough

First pick up Red Skull (1/10) that is to the right of Lara with some gems then move forward killing the enemies. Red Skull (2/10) is hidden behind the second pillar on the left of Lara as she moves forward. Keep moving forward killing the enemies as you go and if you are trying to kill all the enemies on the columns make sure you get the two here.

A cut scene will reveal Chompy coming after you!! Oh no! Not Chompy...runnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

Jump the gap and roll over the spikes. Get Red Skull (3/10) on the left side of the bridge. Jump the gap and veer to the right to get Red Skull (4/10) then towards the left to get Red Skull (5/10), once again jump the gap.

Kill enemies as you go. You need a strong fast weapon and to move quickly to avoid being chomped.

Jump another gap and move towards the left to get Red Skull (6/10) then go through the doorway. Shoot the target and move quickly to jump to the platform. Keep moving! Jump the gap and kill the next group of column balancing baddies! Grab Red Skull (7/10) which is perched on a little pedestal on the left.

Kill another set of balancing baddies then grab Red Skull (8/10) near the arrow traps. Roll Lara through the doorway. Grapple ring and pull yourself up from the pit. You will see Red Skull (9/10) to the left of the hole. Don't forget to kill more balancing baddies!

Jump the gap and snag Red Skull (10/10)....only one more gap to go. Run down the bridge and stand on the pressure pad as Chompy helpfully pauses to have a little roar! This extends a ledge which allows you to reach a switch, pull it to watch poor Chompy being squished painfully between some rotating spikes. When the exit opens, scamper through to end the level. The 'instant sushi' achievement will pop up!



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