Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough and Game Guide
Level 07 - Flooded Passage

Flooded Passage

Flooded Passage - Single Player (Level 7)

The Challenges:

Score Challenges

Score 120,000 points

Score 160,000 points

Score 180,000 points

Reward Challenges: Reward

Collect all 10 Red Skulls: War Drum artifact

Break down the wall with giant ball in 8.00 mins or less: Golden Eye of Cipactli relic

Destroy all arrow traps: Health Power-up

Find and destroy the three hidden urns: Ammo Power-up


Jump over the gap and up the stairs. Grab ball and pull out. Collect Red Skull (1/10) from alcove under ball. Roll ball up the path using it to protect you from the arrows. The Reward Challenge: Find and destroy all arrow traps will pop up here. You can use the ball to smash them or bomb them (5/37). A skeleton pops up here shoot it and bomb its prone crumpled body to destroy it.

Pull the handle which releases the spiked wall, grapple across and wait for the first gate to retract so you can swing across. Carry on down path and grab the ball using it as a shield to reach the arrow traps and destroy them (13/37). Kill the skeletons and back track to grab the gems and the health upgrade floating over the poison pods.

Before going up the stairs go to the left and jump over the poison pods towards the Challenge Tomb, this triggers one of the exploding bad guys. Once dead enter the Challenge Tomb if you choose. Roll the ball up to the slamming doors. Place a bomb behind it. Step on pressure pad and then trigger the bomb when the doors are open. Jump off the pressure pad trapping ball between the doors. Stand on the ball and use your spears to help you climb the wall. Take the relic Eye of Cipactli. DO NOT smash urn. Climb on it and use a spear to grab Red Skull (2/10). Return back and up the steps. Jump or use spears to get Red Skull (3/10) above the poison pod.

Use the grapple to dangle down and get Red Skull (4/10), the swing back and forth grabbing gems and when Lara is directly over the target drop a bomb so it lands on it. Grapple back up and trigger bomb to open the gate.

Move forward, before using your spears to traverse the gap (and grab Red Skull (5/10) on the way!) turn around and blast the urn behind you to get 1/3 of the hidden urns for the Reward Challenge. Once you have crossed over you will get blasted by a baddie. Kill him and then grapple down to claim Red Skull (6/10) climbing back up quickly to avoid getting a whiff of poison! Keep moving down the path and collect the High Power Assault Rifle (my favourite weapon!) by the ammo cache. Equip and move through the door.

You are trapped in the next area. A whole selection of enemies will attack. Stay away from the poison pods and the arrows at the end of the room. Keep blasting and moving. Don't forget to bomb the skeletons. Once you have cleaned up the area make sure that the ball is placed by the spikes. Stand on the ball and jump over. Destroy the arrow traps here (17/37) and shoot the hidden urn behind the arrow trap in the corner alcove (2/3). Stand on the pressure pad to retract spikes and get Red Skull (7/10). Pull gold lever and go through the door.

Shoot the target and place a bomb by it. Go through the first open gate and shoot the target again. This shuts the first gate, move forward and trigger bomb. This opens the final gate, move forward and kill some greenies. Use the spear to climb up and get Red Skull (8/10).

Enter Challenge Tomb, use the Grenade Launcher and aim at the side of the pit so that the grenade ricochets towards the target. Once it hits it will open gate so that you can collect the Gold Feather artifact. Before leaving the tomb use your spears to climb up and get Red Skull (9/10).

Them move forward across the gap and go up the stairs. Kill the lizards and keep moving upwards to kill the greenie and his exploding friend.

You now have a succession of traps/gates to open. Move forward and step on the small pressure pad. Go past where the spikes retracted. Turn around and blast the grumpy baddie. A selection of greenies and skeletons attack you, kill them. There is a spike trap you can trigger by going right and stepping on the pressure pad but I never use it myself. Get any goodies from the urns and gems that you might need and go right over the spike trap. Here you will see some arrows stopping you from pulling a lever. Shoot across the gap to blow up tnt and destroy the traps (20/37). Pull the lever and go back to the now open gate by the traps. Stand on pressure pad. (I got glitched here once and had to reload as the pressure pad wouldn't open the gate) when you move through the opened gate two monsters appear, if you stand directly between them and shot the right one first and then as soon as it goes into it's death throes turn and kill the other one their exploding bodies shouldn't touch you. Now move across left and destroy all the traps (37/37). If you stand on the pressure pad it triggers two skeletons. Shoot the target on opposite side of the room and backtrack through now open gate and kill the enemies that attack. Stand on the pressure pad to retract spikes on other side of room and move across. Once past the spikes a cut scene triggers. Go down the steps and jump across the gap. Go up the stairs keeping one eye out for the rolling balls (that often helpfully kill things for you!) and make your way to the top of the stairs. Stand on the pressure pad and as Lara would say now run!!!!! Run/jump your way down the stairs and turn onto the safety of the little bit of bridge. A massive spiked ball crashes through the wall. Go back up the stairs cleaning up and skeletons and climb up onto the hand to get an Ammo upgrade. Go back down through the path cleared by the ball and before going through the door shoot in opposite direction facing towards the closed gate to find the final hidden urn (3/3), snatch Red Skull (10/10) and go through door to complete the level.



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