Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough and Game Guide
Level 06 - Toxic Swamp

Toxic Swamp

Toxic Swamp - Single Player (Level 6)

Score Challenges

Score 220,000 points

Score 320,000 points

Score 360,000 points

Reward Challenges: Reward

Collect 10 Red Skulls : Golden Arrow of Tezcatlipoca Relic
Reach the exit in 9 mins or less: Gold Arrow artifact
Clear the maze without taking any poison damage: Stone Lizard artifact
Get the spinning ball into the fire pit in 30 seconds or less : Ammo power-up
Heal the rolling ball: Health Power-up


Before going forward turn and grapple up to the Ammo Power up above the gate. Go down the steps and to the right of the poison plants blocking the path. Use a spear to climb up the rocks by leafy plant to collect several gems. Jump back down onto the path for a cut scene showing you what the poison plants can do! Kill the lizards that appear and before going up the stairs collect the gems to the right of them. At the top of the stairs turn right, you will see a Red Skull (1/10) floating over some Poison plants, jump over them and get it!

Follow the path up the stairs to a host of lizards and a Challenge Tomb. Go to the left of the tomb to a tower with stairs blocked by plants. Either spear or jump up and climb to the top. Jump onto the roof of the tomb to get Red Skull (2/10).

Enter the Challenge Tomb if you choose. There is a ball spinning in a pit. Bomb the ball free whilst keeping out of range of the Poison plants. Carefully place the ball by the set of three plants together. Set them off and retreat. They should blow the ball out of the pit. If not rinse and repeat until it does. Once it is out push the ball onto the fire and go into the other room to collect the Stone Feather artifact.

Kill the lizards that attack when you go out of the tomb and continue down the path. As you cross over the bridge another cut scene will trigger showing the gate shutting. A selection of baddies will attack including some greenies that pop out of the poison plants. Avoid them. Once you have killed the lot follow the path down. Stay on the path when attacked and blast everything around you including the truck to gain a swift victory. Enter the tomb, this one is not negotiable.

Pick up the Grenade Launcher and blast the two big cogs, use the Ammo cache to replenish your weapons. Leaving the tomb you will be attacked by another band of lizards and greenies. Cool their ardour with your weapons.

Go past the Health shrine and once on the path stand still between the poison plants. Some greenies will pop out to attack, you want to stay out of the poison clouds and kill them from a safe spot. Follow the path north to another Challenge Tomb. Climb on top using your spears to get Red Skull (3/10) then enter the Challenge Tomb where you will need to use your Grenade Launcher to blast the ball into the fire pit which will open a gate allowing you to claim the Three Arrows of Tezcatlipoca.

Follow the path back down southwards where a large snarly monster will attack you. Once he is dead the poison mists will clear (and any enemies who were fighting you will die as well) and then you can clean up the area and look for gems and skulls. If you walk along in the opposite direction to where the monster came at you and follow the short path to a pillar, you will find Red Skull (4/10) perched on it. North of this area is a tower with a ladder, climb it to get Red Skull (5/10).

When ready head down towards another Tomb. Before going in you can gain a Reward Challenge: Heal the rolling ball for a Health Power-up. The ball has to be rolled back to the Health shrine that you passed earlier. Carefully retrace your steps back to ‘heal the ball'. Once done, get back to the Tomb.

Another Reward Challenge is available here; clear the maze without taking any poison damage for the Stone Lizard artifact. Basically you have to play safe and keep retreating back out of reach while blasting the enemies. Work your way carefully around the maze using walls to hide behind and make sure that when you approach the pressure pad at the end you jump on it and then jump forward to avoid the poison plants almost inevitable explosion.

Once the Reward Challenge has been achieved move forward onto either one of the two pressure pads that have been revealed and use the grenade launcher to blast the cogs to open the gates. Replenish your ammo and get ready to fight the enemies who attack as you come out. Make your way up to the now open gate and go through following the path round.

Climb up and use your spear to jump across the gap. Kill the greenies that burst out. To the left of the area you will see Red Skull (6/10) on a small platform, when you approach so will one of the grumpy, big monsters! So approach then retreat to kill him or else he will jump all over you.

Once dead claim the skull and use a spear to climb up above the spot where the greenies burst out. You will see a grapple point and a Health upgrade. Use your grapple and grab the upgrade before swinging below the plants to get to the other side.

Pick your way along the path avoiding the plants. Once past the wooden path there will be a series of plant explosions. Keep to the left where there is a safe spot which the gas won't reach. Cautiously carry on up the path killing anything that attacks while keeping out of the path of the gas. Go to the far right past the second set of stairs to get Red Skull (7/10) then carry on up the stairs onto the bridge.

Don't panic on the bridge. Initially don't move and blast the baddies until a path is cleared for you to move to the right. Carry along the path until the next bit of wall by the left until you can get through that gap run forward through gap and run over to get Red Skull (8/10). Keep back as the bridge collapses and then go to the right of the bridge where a poison plant is. Trigger it and jump over broken wall to pick up a Health Upgrade and then fight off a multitude of lizards. Head down past the locked gate past the Health shrine. Step between two poison plants to pick up Red Skull (9/10) on top of the tower. You can either climb down here or risk carrying on down the path to kill a host of enemies (good for collecting points). Either way you have to make your way to another Tomb.

Once inside equip your grenade launcher and pull one of the switches. Wait for the cut scene to unfold and when the switch has retracted pull again. Roll quickly over spikes, jump over gap and place Lara facing the cog. Blast it quickly. If you don't destroy it immediately roll back or risk getting killed when the gate slams shut. Once the cog has been blasted repeat the procedure on the opposite side. The cut scene will roll to show you that the gate has opened. You can roll over the spikes travelling down one side, the looping to make your way down the other grabbing an Ammo Upgrade on the way. Then make your way back to the opened gate fighting off the inevitable enemies.

When you go through the gate you will see another spinning ball and the joys of another Reward Challenge. Get the spinning ball into the fire pit in 30 seconds or less for an Ammo power-up. Bomb the ball so it shoots down the path. Keep guiding/bombing it down to the fire pit. BUT you may want to go after the Golden Owl artifact instead. In this case bomb the ball and guide it down onto a pressure pad on the last spike pit. The pad is on the left of the pit. Then go back up to where the spinning ball was and fight off the baddies. Then get the Golden Owl from the now open gate.

Which ever choice you make place the ball in the fire pit and carry on up the stairs.

Outside again you will encounter a few more enemies, kill them and carry on up the stairs. More Greenies will pop up so sort them out and move across the area, down some small steps to the far right of the area. Climb the tower to get Red Skull (10/10). Clean up here and advance down the bridge.

A cut scene here will show Xoltol stomping off into the tomb and shutting the doors behind him. Wander down and climbing the stairs pull the switches either side of the door. When you drop down onto the pressure pad make sure you are facing the stairs. A shot of a about to pop poison plant tells you that a chain reaction is about to occur...get ready to roll! Roll as fast as you can back up the stairs and round to drop down the other side. Wait for the door to fall and roll in to end the level.



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