Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough and Game Guide
Level 05 - Forgotten Gate

Forgotten Gate

Forgotten Gate - Single player (Level 5)

Score Challenges

Score 140,000 points

Score 170,000 points

Score 230,000 points

Reward Challenges: Reward

Collect all 10 red skulls: Clay arrow artifact

Reach the exit in ten minutes or less: Golden sceptre of Cihuacoatl

Get all the balls to the main room: Ammo Power-up

Navigate the trap hall on the first attempt: Gold lizard artifact

Bomb a ball onto the skull pedestal: Health Power-up


Lara starts off the level in a room with eight pressure pads that needs her to place balls on them to open a door. (Note that you can open the door with just seven balls but for the Reward Challenge you will need to get all eight into the main room) Go up the stairs on the right. Enter the first door you come to and kill the lizards that begin attacking you. Jump onto the pillar and shoot the target (this will enable you to pick up the gems that are hidden through the pillar as you glide down) Drop a bomb onto the downed pillar and drag the ball on top. Make sure that the bomb is at the opposite side that you want the ball to go. Hit the target and when the pillar is raised trigger bomb. When ball is on the higher level go back up and kill the enemies who then attack.

Roll the ball out of the door and down off the stairs into the main hall, return back up the stairs.

Go past the first door and keep moving along the path. Jump across the gap. You can either go through the first door you come to or go past the ball pit to the door on the far left.

First door: Stand on the square and hit the target, when the tower rises grapple across the gap. Kill the enemies who attack you from behind. Drop down on the little platform to get Red Skull (1/10), use your spear to climb back up. Stand on pressure pad and when the tower with the ball on goes down roll across and jump up onto the rising tower. Push the ball off but before getting down jump across left to get Red Skull (2/10) from the little platform on the wall. Carefully get back down. Push ball off into the bit with the target. Jump down and shot target to get ball out. Roll ball out and drop it down the gap opposite the ball pit. You can either run around the edge of the pit and get the ball to drop down the hole now (your movement tips the pit so the ball rolls) or wait until you have collected a few more balls in your pit!

Door on far left: Stand on pressure pad and fight off a whole host of enemies. The cracked stones hide some health and ammo. You can see Red Skull (3/10) resting on a spike pad, jump across to the pad with the skull on and roll quickly back to safety. Jump up through the window and get the Health Upgrade.

There is also an optional Challenge Tomb here. Enter if you choose and you will see a spiked pillar, a grapple ring and a target. Place a bomb by the target. Stand on the same side as the target but opposite the grapple. Grapple the target and set off the bomb. The spiked pillar will rise and the spikes will retract leaving your grapple going directly over the top of the pillar. Run jump and grapple up to get the Stone Arrow artifact. Jump back onto the ground and leave the tomb.

Once outside go to the left of the area and climb down the ladder and on your way down you will pick up the lightweight machine pistols. When you reach the bottom you will be faced with a spike trap. Jump OVER the FIRST pressure pad and then follow the path around. This will defuse the trap and the spikes will retract. Carefully get the Ammo upgrade in the middle. A door has opened in the room and you can now pull this ball out and use it to open the gate. You will see a bridge extend above you. Push the ball forward and down into the main hall where an excitable horde of baddies will attack you. Kill them and retrace your steps back upstairs to just past the ball pit where you can now jump across the gap. Of course some enemies will attack you, deal with them and move on.

You will come to a path with arrows shooting at you, roll quickly past them, you can blow them up or leave them to hurt later enemies.

Stand at the gap and throw a spear into the wooden wall opposite, jump on and climb up. Keep climbing up until you reach another gate. Go into find a pressure pad that needs a ball. Ignore this for now and climb the ladder to the right.

At the top is a Challenge Tomb, if you enter you will find yourself on one side of a gap with blue flame blasting shamans attacking you across the void. Kill them and then jump across to claim a relic, the Scepter of Huitzilopochtli. Jump back and return to carry on along the path.

Here you will find a ball balancing daintily on some spikes with a Health Upgrade just above it. A selection of enemies will attack you here so just run around and kill them! Once you have eliminated them go and pull the gold switch. Jump on the ball to get the Health Upgrade and run to safety as the trap is timed. Repeat to get the gems and when ready place a bomb by the ball and trigger it before the spikes spring! There is a Reward Challenge here, bomb a ball onto the skull pedestal.

This is done by placing the ball at a small distance away from the pedestal and placing the bomb behind it. (I found that for me it was better to place the bomb further away than from the ball as opposed to nearer, it takes trial and error to work out the best distance) this will gain you a Health Upgrade

When you have succeeded the pedestal drops down so that you can push the ball over to the tube on the left and this sends the ball down to the lower level. Go back down past the Challenge Tomb and down the stairs. Go out of the gate and collect the ball, push it back in the room and place it on the pressure plate. Stand on the ball and jump across onto the tower, then jump again onto the tower with the ball. Push it off. A rather grumpy enemy will be triggered at the top of the stairs. Blast him as he jumps down. Take both balls and pop them into the tube that leads down. Jump across the path by the tube and keep moving along as far as you can go where you will see Red Skull (4/10) sat on a collapsing platform. Roll across and get it! Go back down the path where you will spot Red Skull (5/10) sat on a spike pad. Kill the enemies who appear. Roll back and across to get the skull. Throw a spear above the spikes and climb up.

Enter the room and climb up the boxes to the right and grapple across the spikes. Take the ball and place it on the pressure pad and roll back to grab the Ammo Upgrade from the door that opens behind you. Place ball amongst the spikes and drop a bomb behind it. Go and stand on the pressure pad and set off the bomb to blast the ball out of the spikes. Grapple back across the gap and roll the ball out. When you leave the room the spikes in the path retract and you can get that last gem if you feel so inclined. Place ball in the tube and make you way back down towards the ball pit. Make sure you jump down from the wall where the spike trap is at the bottom!

Enemies will naturally attack you on the way back so thrash them and make your way to the ball pit and walk carefully around the outside so your movement propels the balls through the hole in the middle.

Make you way down to the main room as you should have all eight balls by now. Place them on the pressure pad (or stand Lara on the eighth one if you haven't!) and open the door.

Sadly our adventure isn't quite over! Blow up the broken stones. The nearest left one contains Red Skull (6/10), gems can also be found. Now you have to get through a succession of traps.

You will see Red Skulls (7-10/10) sat in the open as you go through, so keep alert! As you start moving through the traps you find yourself stuck while a cut scene shows the blocks closing behind Lara. Roll Lara along quickly to get to the next stage of the trap which features fiendish collapsing tiles. Keep on the left initially to grab Red Skull (7/10) and then keep jumping and moving as required. You will find yourself entering another section of blocks which keep closing. Don't run! Walk along while watching the blocks carefully, they begin shaking before they slam shut so you will have to move forward or backward depending on what the blocks are doing. Once you get past these you will have to get across another collapsing floor. To get the last three Red Skulls you will need to watch the shadows from the falling balls when attempting to collect them. The shadows show you which tiles they will land on. All three are dotted openly along the path. Just when you think the end is in sight a massive shadow appears over the last few tiles. Run and jump across the gap. Phew! If you managed to achieve that all in one go then you will gain the Reward Challenge; Navigate the trap hall on the first attempt and get the Gold lizard artifact

Then Lara can scamper to the exit.




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