Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough and Game Guide
Level 04 - The Summoning

The Summoning

The Summoning - Single Player (Level 4)

Score Challenges

Score 30,000 points

Score 45,000 points

Score 60,000 points 

Reward Challenges: Reward

Collect all 10 skulls: Stone Owl artifact

Defeat the T.Rex in under 2.00 mins: Gold Feather artifact

Destroy all 22 columns: Clay Lizard artefact 


This level is based upon triggering three spike traps to kill the fire spouting T.Rex, they can be done in any order that you want. Once each trap is triggered a host of enemies will pop up so be ready to kill them! There are two ammo caches either side of the area and health packs are dotted around or dropped by dead enemies. 

Once you cross the river a cut scene is triggered and you will see the raising of the T.Rex.

Trap 1 is the one just over the river on the near to the bridge. This one is quite simple, stand near a pressure pad and when Mr Rex steps onto the spike area run onto the pressure pad.  

Trap 2 is to the left of trap 1, hit the target and leave a bomb next to it. Run to the opposite side luring Mr Rex towards you. When he steps on the spike pit trigger the bomb. 

Trap 3 is over to the right and behind trap 1; here you have to get the T.Rex to get rid the stones that block the target for you. Pop up the stairs behind it and kill the horde of spiders that scamper towards you. The feisty Mr Rex will dash the stones aside for you. Hit the target and then place a bomb at it, run to the opposite side of the spike trap and wait for him to follow. Set off the bomb and watch Mr Rex crumple! 

Whichever way you do it the level ends with the third and final spike pit so you need to tempt the T.Rex around the area to make sure that you get two of the Reward Challenges. The T.Rex will destroy all 22 columns for you if you are patient; just make sure that you lead him all over the area. When he breaks the columns you will find 2 of the Red Skulls hidden in them.

The Red Skull locations are as follows:

  1. Skull in spike pit at trap 2.
  2. Blow up the trucks at the back by the ammo cache to get this red skull.
  3. Blow up another truck to get this one.
  4. Guess what...blow up the other truck by the other ammo cache to get another!
  5. Follow the river to the right to find one hidden behind a tree.
  6. Follow back along the river to the left to find one on a rock.
  7. Go into the tomb to the left, kill the spider hordes and get the red skull.
  8. One is hidden in a column by trap 3.
  9. Another is hidden in the stonework by the spider tomb to the left.
  10. Another is hidden in column near spike trap

The Reward Challenge to defeat the T.Rex in 2.00 mins or less is easy to achieve, just run and don't hang around to kill anything you don't have to!



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