Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough and Game Guide
Level 03 - Spider Tomb

Spider Tomb

Spider Tomb - Single Player (Level 3)

Score Challenges

Score 200,000 points

Score 250,000 points

Score 290,000 points

Reward Challenges: Reward

Collect 10 Red Skulls: Stone Owl
Extend the bridge in 4 mins or less: Two Arrows of Tezactlipoca
Achieve a Hole in One: Health power-up
12 jumps over the triple trap: Ammo power-up
Defeat Leglion, Queen of all Spiders: Clay Feather


You begin the level next to a health pack and some ammo; keep them in mind for now. Walk down and a band of spiders attack you, keep moving back and blasting away. As soon as you approach the lever another wave of spiders attacks. Kill them and the final cheeky spider that pops up when you think it is all over!

Pull the lever and grapple across the pit. Go through the doorway and kill more spiders as you go. Keep going down the path until you get to a gap and a grapple point, grapple across. You will see a counter weight, jump onto it to lower the first stage of the bridge. Climb up and jump across to the path opposite. Carry on following the path round until you see a pressure plate. Stand on it and go through the door. A host of spiders will attack you. Once they are dead pick up Red Skull (1/10) from the corner. Push the stone ball forward to the flame pit and carefully push it in. This will turn the flames off and you can safely pass over.

Follow the path down to a Heath Shrine and a Challenge Tomb. Enter the Challenge tomb and pickup the Flamethrower from the pressure plate and kill the spiders that attack you. Get the health and ammo if you need them and return outside.

A Reward Challenge is coming up. You have to achieve a hole in one by blasting the spinning ball into the fire pit; this will get you a Health upgrade. If you think of the fire pit as south and the health shrine as north then you want to place a bomb at N at the base of the pole and then set it of when the Ball is roughly SW. When the bomb is detonated you will be attacked by a host of enemies. Fight them off and place the ball in the pit to trigger the next round of enemies. Before you leave this area climb up the gap in the wall, using your spear for an Ammo upgrade.

Carry on over the fire pit and keep moving down. There are more spiders to kill along the path. At the end jump up onto the counter weight for the next part of the bridge to be triggered. Jump across to the next weight and then across to the path. There are two little spiders here to kill and lurking around the corner a big spider.

Before taking the path where the big spider was turn and go up the stairs. Here is another Reward Challenge: 12 jumps over the triple trap. Also here are 3 Red Skulls (that will give you 4/10) to pick up. Basically keep jumping! Once you have done the challenge (if you want to of course) then drop a bomb and blow it up. More spiders will attack you; you can either kill them yourself or roll a ball down and squash them!

Now go down to where the big spider was and stand on the pressure plate to open the door. Run over all three spike pressure plates to open a gate to get Red Skull (5/10) pick up any health you need and go down the stairs.

Here you will find a series of spike traps and a pressure plate and a chance to get a Beat a Better Mousetrap achievement and open the Challenge Tomb door. You can just run across to the pressure plate and that will open the door out of the room for you but if you want to go for the achievement you have to set off all the spikes in one go (picking up 4 Red Skulls as you go, which then gives you 9/10)

The chart below shows you one of the ways to get through and gain the achievement.


Both sets of doors will open and you can enter the Challenge Tomb and you will see an artifact behind a locked gate and some spike traps. Throw a spear into the wooden planks on the wall opposite. Run along the spikes and jump off end onto the spear. This will open the gate. Jump back and run/roll quickly back and pick up the artifact: Stone Lizard.

Go through the open door and smash the urns if you need ammo or health. Jump over the gap and kill the spiders that come up the sides at you.

To Lara's left there is a grapple point. Attach the grapple and drop backwards down the bridge to get a Health Upgrade. Climb back up and continue killing the spiders that persist in wanting to hurt you.

Once you have finished with them then go and stand on the pressure plate. This will stop the spinning platform. Place a spear in it and jump onto the spear, then jump onto the platform on the other side. Go down and to the right and jump on the counterweight. This will extend the final part of the bridge. Return to the gap and stand on the pressure pad to lower the spinning platform. Jump on and then jump off at the other side.

A Reward Challenge pops up; you have to defeat the rather large Queen of all Spiders, Leglion. Keep blasting at her and pick off any little spiders that join in to get the reward of an artifact: Clay Feather.

Now you have the choice of returning back to get the Relic: Scepter of Cihuacoatl or to carry on to the end. If you want the relic you have to return back to the very first counter weight. Retrace your steps using the ledge where the three spinning balls were to jump back over to the other side. Carry on back to the first weight and jump on. This will plummet down until all three weights are aligned and the relic will appear on a tower. Jump across and get it and then back across the weights to find yourself at the pressure pad and the spinning platform again. Go back across and down the stairs. There are three columns here and Red Skull (10/10) is on top the middle one. Use the stairs to plant your spears in either the wall or the columns to the side, and then jump on top to claim the skull and get an artifact: Stone Owl.

Start running across the bridge but be ready to shoot the TNT above the doorway as fast as you can. Once the roller detaches drop off the side of the bridge ( Lara should hang automatically if you just run off without jumping) as soon as the roller passes over climb up and run through doorway to end level.




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