Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough and Game Guide
Level 02 - Temple Grounds

Temple Grounds

Temple Grounds - Single Player (Level 2)

Score Challenges

Score 100,000 points

Score 200,000 points

Score 300,000 points

Reward Challenges: Reward

Collect 10 Red Skulls: Golden Sceptre of Huitzilopochtli
Find and defeat the Giant Demon Lizard: Ammo power-up

Cross the river without touching water: Health power-up
Destroy all the trucks: Clay Lizard

Open the spider tomb in five minutes or less: Gold Owl


You start the level with dead bodies on the floor, go down the stairs and head to Lara's right ( as she comes down) to find a Red Skull (1/10) kill the lizards that spawn from red pits. Explore the other side making sure that you keep close to the wall to find Red Skull (2/10) which is on a small raised platform with some gems. As you move around the area you will get constantly attacked by lizards. A cut scene will kick in eventually and show you some more of Xolotl's rather nasty minions running rampage. This is your cue to kill them in your chosen method. After cleaning up the area make sure that you have collected all the gems and blown up the two trucks (2/10) for Reward Challenge: Destroy all the trucks.

Head along the bridge and jump across the gap. Use your spear to get up. You will see a statue with a Red Skull (3/10) on top. Use the spears to get up and grab it. Keep on moving and a cut scene will give you an over view of the area.

Your first task is to locate the first sun dial. To follow this walkthrough we are going to move through the area clockwise. The first area has a Power Upgrade, Health Shrine and lots of enemies! Jump up the pillars in ascending heights to get the upgrade.

Once the area is clean, then keep moving clockwise, fighting off lizards etc and go through the archway and down the stairs. Blow up the truck (3/10)(preferably taking out some of the nasties at the same time) and kill all the enemies. Note that health packs and ammo are dotted around the level or left by dead enemies.

Keep moving down the path and jump over gap. Kill the enemies here and an easy Reward Challenge pops up, find and defeat the Giant Demon Lizard for an Ammo Upgrade. Kill the lizard and then climb up the pillar for Health Upgrade. (I used the stone ball to climb on and throw my spear at the correct height.)

Move over to the side of the pit and grapple across to get to the ledge above the sun disc, climb up using your spear. Grab disc and drop down on the left of the pillar. Go under the bridge to get gems and then face a stream of feisty enemies. Once they have been beaten climb up the sloping pillar next to the Challenge Tomb and jump on top of the upright pillar. Jump onto roof of the tomb and pick up Red Skull (4/10) then if you choose you can enter the Challenge Tomb. Standing on the stairs shoot your spears into pillar, climb up and get artifact: Clay Owl. Once out from the Challenge Tomb return to the bridge and climb up the step back onto the bridge. Go back up and retrace your steps to the circular path around the temple fighting off enemies as you go. Still keeping clockwise follow the path around the wall and the along the waters edge. A Red Skull (5/10) is hidden amongst the rocks. A host of enemies will attack you by the broken bridge so kill them off. Keep moving around and don't cross the river yet but you can pick up the gems in the water. As you move around you will find another set of pillars with gems and a Power Upgrade. Climb pillars and shoot the enemies that are triggered. Head through the gap in the wall towards the river and under the waterfall you will find Red Skull (6/10) and some gems. Go back and cross the river using the square stepping stones to get a Reward Challenge, Cross the river without touching water for a Health power-up.

When you reach the other side pick up gems and travel right down past the stairs until you reach a Health Shrine and a Red Skull (7/10) on a pillar. Use your spears to climb and get the skull.

Now go up the stairs, the bridge will begin to collapse so you have to jump over the gaps and across it the other side. Once over the bridge you will find some more trucks ( 4 here to give you 7/10) to blow up and more enemies to fight. There is a Red Skull (8/10) here hidden in the bushes by the side of the truck opposite the Challenge Tomb. Make sure that you blow up the all the trucks.

If you choose to do the Challenge Tomb you have to place two balls on various pressure pads. If you keep ball 1 on the left and ball 2 on the right it will keep things simple. Put ball 1 on the nearest plate and then push ball 2 on the nearest right hand plate through the path that has been made for you. This opens another path on the left so push ball 1 straight ahead to the next plate. Then push ball 2 to the next plate on the opened path. This should be enough for you to pick up the artifact : the Arrow of Tezacatlipoca .

When you have finished, carry on up the stairs where you will see the sun disc behind a gate. But first get the shotgun. The right hand is keeping the door shut so place a bomb by the hand, stand on the plate, set off the bomb and roll into the opened door to seize the disc.

A side gate has now opened so follow the path down, you will get attacked so you can backtrack and use the tnt to help blow them up as they come through the gate. Blow up the truck (8/10)and keep moving forward. Drop down onto the wooden path. You will see a stone ledge to Lara's right (as she comes down the path) use your spears to climb up and get a Power Upgrade.

Keep on the path until you get to a pit, use your spears in wall to get across and then climb up onto the ledge above to pick up an artifact: stone feather. Once you have got it drop back down and continue on the path down the stairs. Blow up the truck (9/10) and kill enemies as you proceed. At the Health Shrine you will be attacked by a lot of red lizards. Move over the broken bridge down to a small raised platform with Red Skull (9/10) on.

Before going through the building under the waterfall go back up the broken bridge and throw your spears along the building so that Lara can reach the roof where Red Skull (10/10) is lurking.

Go through the door and place a bomb by the target and then shoot it to get through the wooden spikes, once safely through set off the bomb to let you through the second set of spikes. Follow the path and go through the door. Climb up on the pillar and jump across to push the ball off. Move the ball in front of the path of the darts (keeping it between the pillars will stop the force of the darts knocking it away) and then pull the lever to raise the cage and get the last sun disc. Go through the open gate and up the stairs. Fight off some tough enemies and blow up the truck (10/10) there. Before going down the stairs turn and drop down the ledge to get a Health Upgrade. Pop back up and carry on down the path. Make sure you have checked all around for any gems that are around. When you reach the front of the stairs a cut scene will trigger and spiders will come down the stairs and other enemies will start fighting you. Kill them and sweep around again if you want as going back up the stairs where the third sun disc was can trigger some more enemies (handy for points collecting!). When the area is totally clear go up the steps in the temple to end the level.



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