Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough and Game Guide
Level 01 - Temple of Light

Temple of Light

Temple of Light - Single Player (Level 1)

Score Challenges:

Score 100,000 points

Score 130,000 points

Score 160,000 points

Reward Challenges: Reward

Collect 10 Red Skulls: Stone Arrow

Destroy all the urns: Ammo Power-up
Jump between 7 spider pots without touching the ground: Health power-up
Disable Xototl's fire trap in under 30 seconds: Clay Owl

Reach the exit in 6 minutes or less: Headdress of Ehecatl


After the cut scene go back up the steps and drop down to collect the gems. When you have got them return to the juddering wheels that are holding the door locked. Blow them up with your bombs and the door will be opened.

Go through the door up to the next area. Here you receive your first Reward Challenge; Destroy all the urns. This means all the urns in the level. Get destroying! Pick up Red Skull (1/10) here. When you have cleaned up here go up the stairs to some darts for you to bomb. Keep moving forward.

When you meet up with Totec there is a brief exchange before you get to fight some of Xolotl's minions. Once you have thrashed them then it is up the stairs to the next area.

Bomb the darts and pick up Red Skull (2/10) and gems. Then step on the pressure pad to open the door to the next area.

Use your spear to help you climb to the next area which has a health shrine to replenish any health you may have lost.

As you move forward kill any enemies that attack you and once you have beaten them climb the stairs and bomb the darts. Pick up gems and then grapple across to the pressure plate (making sure to pick up Red Skull (3/10) once the plate has opened the door drop down and go through.

Kill the inevitable enemies and enter a room where you need to pull a switch to open the door. Once through bomb the darts and use the stairs and upper level to help you position your spears so that you can climb up the wall while getting the Red Skull (4/10) as you go by. There is also a health pack here if you need it.

Once on the next level bomb the darts and pick up the gems and artefact; Clay Arrow. Pull lever and roll through the door to the health shrine. Pick up gems and climb the ladder. Bomb darts and kill the enemies who come out when you are up here. Pick up Red Skull (5/10) and gems. Grab the stone balls and push them over the edge down to the lower area. Place each one on a pressure pad and move through the open door.

This area has a Reward Challenge: Jump between 7 spider pots without touching the ground. A nice simple one, jump between them and don't fall off and you get Red Skull (6/10) and some gems at the same time.

Grapple across the pit for a cut scene and another Reward Challenge: Disable Xolotl's fire trap in under 30 seconds. To start you need to roll (which is quicker) or run around clockwise avoiding the flames and push the ball onto the pressure plate. This turns the flames off under the switch on the opposite side. Roll quickly round and pull the switch. This makes the flames reverse so double back to the ball and push it toward the next pressure pad. Turn and roll around and pull the ball onto the pad if need be. Roll to switch opposite and pull it, this blows the trap up and you can go through the door.

Pick up Red Skull (7/10) to Lara's right then stand on pressure plate, quickly jumping across the timed walkway that it triggers. Before you go to the next area stand on the pots to help you place your spears at the correct level so you can climb up and get Red Skull (8/10) that is floating in mid air.

In the next area bomb the darts and pick up the health pack if you need some health, then drop down and bomb the darts in the lower level. Use the grapple to climb the wall picking up Red Skull (9/10) as you go. Then turn back to the wall with the health upgrade on and grapple the ring. Swing, pick it up and come back.

Hit the target and go through the door. You can either stand so that you can aim back at the target through the door and shoot at it or even easier place a bomb by the target and set it off once you are in the next room. This closes one door and opens the next one for you to go through.

Another cut scene comes and goes leaving you with more baddies to fight. Pick up gems and health packs and you now have the choice to enter a Challenge Tomb. These are not compulsory but give you useful goodies if you solve the challenge. You can solve this tombs challenge by shooting the target to open the gates and climb up the ledges to gain a Health Upgrade and reshooting the target to get an Ammo Upgrade. However I found it much quicker and easier just to shoot some spears into the right hand wall of the pit where the wall is slightly raised and jump across and get the Ammo Upgrade first and then move past the open gate and bomb the target to open the closed gates and allow me to get the Health Upgrade.

Move back up the stairs to fight two big enemies (there is a health pack if you need one) and once that is done then you reach another Challenge Tomb. If you choose to enter you will find two stone balls, one of them behind a locked gate system and two pressure plates. There is also a pit stopping us from getting the Ammo Upgrade, and a target. Shoot the target and roll the ball onto the furthest pressure plate which is through the gate which has now opened on one side. This triggers a walkway. Use the walkway to get across to the other side. Once over shoot the target again to open the gate from the other side. Push the first ball off the pressure plate and replace it with the second ball. Shoot/bomb target to open gate 1 again and push the ball back out and place on the other pressure plate. This brings a second ledge up on the area with the ammo upgrade. Jump across, bomb the darts if you want and get your prize.

Keep on moving up the stairs and pick up the relic: The Knife of Itzli that is conveniently sat there for you. Enter the next area which has a spike pit. Pull the gold handle and quickly jump across the ledges, immediately roll to get Red Skull (10/10) and gems. Begin climbing the moving wall as fast as you can. You need to use your spear to help you up the third and fourth ledges and then grapple up the fifth and move quickly forward as that area is destroyed when you reach it. Keep running forward through the door and the level finishes.




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