Tomb Raider Underworld Nintendo Wii Walkthrough and Game Guide
Featuring All Secrets and Hidden Rewards

Level 3: Coastal Thailand

[Checkpoint] After the cutscene, Lara should be standing on the boat. If she is in the water, I think you should load your save from the end of the last level and go from there. There is a really nasty glitch which sometimes occurs in Thailand in which a pole is missing near the end of the level and it is impossible to progress. It seems to be missing from the start of the level but you can't tell until you get to the end (loading previous saves from within the level doesn't fix it, but loading a save from the end of the Mediterranean will work, which is why you need to keep that save I told you to make, just in case.) The one time I got the missing pole glitch, the level had started with Lara being misplaced into the water rather than on the boat, so I am suspicious even though it's not a guaranteed connection.

Swim over to the ledge that Lara was looking at through the camera. Climb up onto it.

[Checkpoint] There is a crack in the wall right in front of you, so grab it and begin climbing up the pillar. You may now make a small detour for the first secret in this level. After climbing up a few ledges, jump to the right and climb up the ledges there. At the top, shimmy to the right as far as you can and jump right to grab another ledge. Shimmy right and drop down behind the waterfall. Get the gold bar for Secret #8 (1/3). Now go back the way you came to return to the pillar. Jump left to get back on the main path. Now climb up the ledges to the left. At the top, shimmy left and then jump away from the wall to land on another ledge. At the end of this ledge, climb up and jump across to a platform.

[Checkpoint] Run up some stairs until you get to a slope which leads down to a horizontal pole. Slide down and jump to the pole. (If you miss, Lara might catch a ledge beneath the slope so shimmy to the right, jump backwards to catch another ledge, and shimmy around the corner. From here, you can jump straight up to grab the pole.) Now jump from the pole to the ledge across the way and climb up to the platform above. Follow the stairs up to the right. When you get to the landing in between sections of stairs, stop. To the right there is a lightly colored section of the platform edge. Drop down here and continue to drop down a series of ledges. At the bottom, shimmy to the left, jump away from the wall to catch another ledge, and pull up into the alcove. Pick up a gold bar for Secret #9 (2/3). Return the way you came. Climb up the last set of stairs into the sunlight and turn to your left. Jump to the ledge, jump up to the next ledge, and pull up. Perform a wall jump back and forth to get to the top. Run forward and follow the path to the right.

[Checkpoint] Follow the path until you see an open area up ahead.

[Checkpoint] As you go towards the open area, a tiger will attack you, so kill it.

[Checkpoint] Go forward into the open area. Keep going straight and you will come to another pathway which turns to the right. At the end of this pathway, you will come to a large open area with large pillars standing in between you and the temple.

[Checkpoint] Jump to the pillar on the left to catch a ledge. Jump up, shimmy around to the right side of the pillar, and jump backwards to grab the pillar on the right. Shimmy around the corner on the left and drop down onto the balance beam. Look behind you to see a horizontal pole. Jump to it and use it to jump to the ledge on the cliff. Shimmy to the right and when you get to the end, jump away from the wall to grab the pillar. Drop down, jump from this ledge to the left, and drop down again to land on a balance beam. Walk to the opposite end of the beam and drop down to the side. Lara should grab a crack in the pillar. Drop down again to grab another ledge, and drop from there onto a block in the water. Drop down into the water and look to the right where there is a steep drop overlooking a stream. Jump down into the stream and follow it along.

[Checkpoint] Climb up the block on the left and use it to reach a ledge on the left wall. From here, climb up onto the platform and get mauled by a tiger. Kill the tiger so you can explore in peace. There is a fallen pillar which forms a ramp up onto the raised platform. Go up and to the right there are some ledges on the cliff wall. Climb up to the second ledge and shimmy right, then jump right to catch another ledge. Jump up to a platform and follow the path forward. Enter the room and follow the hallway to the left to reach a new room where another tiger is waiting in ambush. Kill it and go out the doorway to the left to find another platform overlooking the open area. There is a grapple ring hanging from a tree, so use it to swing across and jump to a ledge on the opposite wall. Shimmy to the right and pull up on the platform. Climb up onto the block and turn right to face the tree branches. Walk along the stone path and carefully jump onto the tree branch which acts like a balance beam. Go across and jump to the platform in front of you. This time two tigers attack, so finish them off. Reorient yourself as if you had just climbed onto this platform after jumping from the balance beam. Go forward to the right and climb up on a block here. Use it to reach a ledge above you. Jump up the ledges until you reach a platform, then drop down the ledges on the other side. Run down the hallway.

[Checkpoint] Run forward and follow the hallway to the right. You will reach a pit which has pillars with small beams for you to land on. Jump to the first beam and from there go to the second and then the third. Jump to the left to reach the rest of the hallway. Run forward and follow the hallway as it turns. When you reach the open area, a cutscene will play.

[Checkpoint] The main objective is to lower this platform you are on, but the switch does not work. The mechanism is jammed by pins, one on each side, so you will have to pull the pins out in order to make the switch work. You can go to either side first. Let's go left. Run down the left hallway until you reach the end. Drop down the ledges until you land on the floor. There is a white ledge you can grab on the wall closest to the Shiva statue. Shimmy right and jump right to another ledge. Shimmy right as far as you can, all the way around the square platform, and pull up to stand on the ledge at the end. Jump to the opposite wall and perform a wall jump to get to the top. Look left, grapple the ring, and retract the grapple to remove the pin which is blocking the mechanism.

[Checkpoint] Turn around and look to the left. There is an opening through which you can see two pillars connected by a balance beam. Jump to the beam and walk to the other end. Drop down on the right side and shimmy around to the opposite side of the pillar. Climb up onto another balance beam, walk to the other side, and jump to reach a ledge. Jump up to another ledge, shimmy left and pull up to return to the main area. Turn left and run straight down the hallway and up the stairs. Follow the hall until you get to the end. There is an opening to the left, so drop down and keep dropping until you reach the floor. One of the pillars has a pole sticking out of it, so jump up to grab the pole. Jump again without swinging in order to climb up onto the pole. Then jump towards the other pillar to grab the ledge. Shimmy around the corner to the right and jump backwards to grab the ledge on the next pillar. Shimmy around the corner to the right and jump up to grab the higher ledge. Then move the control stick up to reach the balance beam. Walk to the opposite end and jump to the left onto another balance beam. Drop down the left side, shimmy around the pillar, and climb back up onto the balance beam. Then jump straight ahead onto the platform. Look left, grapple the ring, and retract the grapple to remove the pin from the mechanism.

[Checkpoint] Jump back onto the small balance beam, shimmy around to the other small balance beam, and jump over to the big balance beam. From here, jump to the ledges on the wall and climb up to the main area. Return down the hallway to the central elevator platform. Pull the switch and another Adrenaline Moment will trigger. Quickly press B to grapple the ring in the ceiling and prevent Lara from falling to her death. Descend down the grapple line until it is safe to drop down to the ground. Jump into the central courtyard.

[Checkpoint] There are two passageways here. You can go in either one, but things will be faster if we start with the left passageway. Facing the Shiva and Kali statues, go into the doorway on the left. Run up the stairs and around until you get to the large room. Two red nagas (giant lizards) will attack you, so kill them. Run to the left and jump onto the scales to lower Shiva's arm. Then jump off the scale and run to the opposite side of the area. Press the - button near the painting on the wall to begin another mini-puzzle. Use the air gun to blow off all the dirt on the painting.

[Checkpoint] Now you have to align the crystals so that the beam of light touches all of them. Press A on the bottom crystal and hold it until the beam of light hits the left crystal. Turn the left crystal, the top crystal, and then the right crystal. Now the view will go back to normal, so you have to hit - to pick up the gem.

[Checkpoint] Press - again to finish the puzzle. Hold A over the middle crystal and shake the Wiimote to dislodge it and collect it for later. Turn around and run forward until you reach the short wall. Climb up on top of it and run to the right up some stairs. Follow this walkway up more stairs until you reach Shiva's arm. Climb onto Shiva's hand and press - to place the red gem into the receptacle.

[Checkpoint] Behind Shiva there is a ledge and in the center of the ledge is the final gold bar in this level. Walk behind Shiva's hand and jump to the ledge. Walk along the ledge and pick up the gold bar to get Secret #10 (3/3). Return to the platform with Shiva's hand. Run back down to the scales and jump on the higher one in order to raise Shiva's arm to its original position. Climb back up the small wall and run down the stairs back to the central courtyard with the Kali statue. Run straight across into the opposite passageway and go up the stairs. Here there are two more red nagas, so kill them. Go to the right and run down to the painting on the opposite wall. Press the - button to initiate another mini-puzzle. A crystal was missing from this one, so Lara automatically places the crystal we ripped out of the other puzzle. This puzzle has the same idea. Turn the top right crystal, the top left crystal, and the bottom left crystal to make the beam of light hit all four crystals.

[Checkpoint] Pick up the red gem.

[Checkpoint] Turn around and climb up the small wall, then run up the stairs to the left. Make a left turn and stop halfway down the hall. The pillar has a light ledge on the right side which you can grab onto. Jump up to the pole. Swing and jump to the right to reach another pole. Jump again to reach a third pole which drops down under Lara's weight and lower's Shiva's arm. Drop down and run back up the stairs all the way to Shiva's arm. Climb onto the hand and place the red gem into the receptacle.

[Checkpoint] Run back down the stairs and jump on the scale to raise Shiva's arm back to its original position. Run back to the stairs which lead down to the main courtyard with the Kali statue. The two small statues here have fans which are mirrors. We need to line them up so that their fans reflect the light from Shiva's hands onto Kali's eyes. The easiest way to do this is to move the two statues counterclockwise around the lower half of the circular track. First grab the one that is in the straight pathway and move it left, then pull it down next to the other statue. Let go and grab the other statue, then move it right until you reach the straight pathway, then move it left across the circle's diameter. Move it forward a bit until it reflects the light, then let go and grab the other statue. Move this one to the right around the circle's edge until it also reflects the light. At this point, Kali will extend her arms and open up a pathway into a new area.

[Checkpoint] Run towards the Kali statue and go through the doorway below her head. Follow the pathway until you reach a round room with a pressure plate in the center. Step onto the pressure plate to close the door behind you and open the door in front of you. Five green nagas will appear and attack you, so finish them off. Then run through the open door and follow the passageway until you get a cutscene.

[Checkpoint] Run left and follow the passageway until you get to a room with a very large closed door. A cutscene will play in which Lara realizes that Thor's gauntlet allows her to move certain heavy objects. Use the grapple ring in the ceiling to jump across the gap.

[Checkpoint] Grab the right side of the door and walk to the right to open it. Go through to reach a new area. Anything with bright blue designs on it can be moved using the gauntlet, assuming you are in a position where you can grab the side of the object. Run across the blue bridge to get another cutscene.

[Checkpoint] Drop down the opposite side of the pillar and at the bottom, grab the blue design and walk to the right to twist the pillar and move the bridge. Jump across the gap to the left and run around until the bridge is in your way. Jump across the swing poles to reach the other side of the gap. Grab the bridge and walk backwards until there is enough room to squeeze around behind the bridge and reach the other side. Grab the bridge and walk forwards as far as you can. Then jump across the poles to the central pillar area and run around to the left, jumping over the gap. When you get to the blue design, grab it and walk right as far as you can.

[Checkpoint] Climb back up and run across the bridge to the large door. Grab the right side and walk right to open the door. As soon as you go through the doorway, you get a cutscene showing that the gauntlet no longer works.

[Checkpoint] Ahead you will see a platform across a small pool of water. There is a grapple ring in the ceiling, so use it to swing across to the opposite side. Run forward and to the left. On the left wall there is a crack you can grab. Jump up to a ledge above you, then jump left onto a pole. The pole will sink under Lara's weight and this will open a door in the water below. There is a glitch in which this pole is sometimes missing, making it impossible to win the level. If this happens, then load your save from the end of the Mediterranean and replay Thailand. This is really aggravating, but you should be able to get through Thailand in about half an hour now that you know how to do it. You can skip cutscenes by pressing B and then A. Alternatively you can download a save game to get around the glitch without having to replay Thailand, but your secrets will be missing (you can get them again by replaying the individual levels after you win the game). Swim out through the open doorway and follow the passageway. Eventually you will get to a dead end with an axel in the wall. Pull the axel to open the door and swim through. You are now in a tunnel which leads back to the open water where the boat is. A cutscene will trigger, signaling the end of the level.



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