Tomb Raider Underworld Nintendo Wii Walkthrough and Game Guide
Featuring All Secrets and Hidden Rewards

Level 2: Mediterranean Sea

Watch the cutscene, which sets this level one week prior to the prologue. After it finishes, you will find yourself on Lara's yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

[Checkpoint] Jump into the water. The swimming controls are rather clumsy, so you may want to practice swimming around to get used to them. The analogue stick moves Lara forward, left and right. To surface, you need to press "Up" on the directional pad while moving forward. To dive, you need to press "Down" on the directional pad while moving forward. This can be difficult in closed spaces, but it's doable. Dive straight down (as straight as you can, at least) and you should see a stone road in the sea floor, so swim towards it.

[Checkpoint] There are three tunnels you can go into from this point. Orient yourself so that you are facing the tunnel at the end of the stone road. The left and right tunnels contain axels which you need to complete a puzzle in this center tunnel. You can get the axels in either order.

At this point, you may make a detour for two secrets. Orient yourself so that you are facing the central tunnel at the end of the road. Turn to the right and swim towards a stone formation. On the far side, there will be a pink plant with a gold bar sitting on top of it. Grab the gold bar for Secret #1 (1/7). Return to the central area and reorient yourself facing the central tunnel at the end of the road. Turn to the left. You will see a tunnel there which is set into a stone hill. Swim around the hill to the opposite side and discover a hidden tunnel where the jellyfish is. Swim down into the tunnel and follow it as it turns. At the end you find an open room with rubble on the floor. Behind the debris is another gold bar. Pick up Secret #2 (2/7), then swim back out the tunnel, around the hill, and return to the central area on the sea floor.

Let's go get the left axel first. Swim into the tunnel to the left, taking care to avoid hitting the jellyfish which mark the tunnel entrance. Follow the tunnel down and to the right until you come to an open area. Swim forward, and then continue to go down and to the right. You will get to a small cave which has a jellyfish marking an opening in the far wall. Go through this doorway to find an open area with several jellyfish providing you with light.

[Checkpoint] On the far wall you should see a square which is lighter than the surrounding wall. Swim over to it and press the interact button (-) to initiate one of the mini-puzzles with the archaeologist's toolkit. On-screen directions will appear telling you what to do, whether or not you have turned off the hints and training text.

Clear off the dirt by holding A and moving the air gun over the space. You will then have a cryptex puzzle to solve. The idea is to turn the three tumblers so that you have an image of an octopus. When a tumbler is in the correct position, little bars will come out of the sides next to it to let you know. This puzzle isn't timed or limited in any way (unlike the ones in Anniversary) so if you make a mistake, you can keep playing with it anyway. The top tumbler can be turned independently of the other two. So can the middle one. The bottom tumbler, however, automatically turns the top tumbler in the opposite direction. In that case, we'll have to correctly position the bottom tumbler first. Turn it once to the right and the little bars should come out to indicate it is correct. Turn the middle tumbler once to the left. Turn the top tumbler once to the left and the puzzle should be solved.

[Checkpoint] An axel will fall into a receptacle to the left of the cryptex puzzle. Swim over and retrieve it. Lara will carry it with her until it is used, so now we need to go to the puzzle and use it before getting the other one. Swim back out the tunnel that you came in from (it should be directly behind you if you are facing the cryptex). Follow the tunnel up and to the left until you get to the entrance on your left. Swim back out into the open sea. Swim left to the center tunnel which is at the end of the stone road. You will enter an area which has two pathways leading down. Take either one. They both lead to another doorway which is surrounded by jellyfish. Swim through that doorway and you should see the puzzle on the opposite wall. It consists of three large overlapping circles. The left and right circles are missing axels, so place your axel in either one.

[Checkpoint] Turn around and swim back out the tunnel to the open sea floor. There is a tunnel ahead and to the left which is surrounded by jellyfish. The other axel is in there, so swim into it. Follow the tunnel down and to the left. You'll get to a room which has some rubble on the far side, you can swim around it to get to a more open room. To the right you will see a few jellyfish next to a doorway, so go through the doorway. Swim to the right and the axel will be lying in the center of the ground. Pick it up. Turn around and swim back through the doorway. Follow the tunnel back out onto the sea floor. Swim straight across to the central tunnel with the puzzle. Go back down the curving passageway into the central puzzle room and place the final axel into the puzzle.

[Checkpoint] Notice that three of the circle segments are brighter than the others and have open eyes. The objective is to get all three of those pieces into the central circle. Turn the middle axel so that the bright piece goes to the top. Spin the left axel so that the bright piece goes into the center circle. Spin the right axel twice to complete the puzzle. The central circle will open and reveal a new passageway.

[Checkpoint] Swim through the circular doorway into the new tunnel. Follow it as it makes several turns. You will come to a dead end with a tentacle poking through the wall. The tentacle will retract, leaving a hole for you to swim through. Continue to swim forward and you will get to a much more open area where you can surface. Swim over to the square pillar in the center of the pool and climb up onto it.

[Checkpoint] You should be standing on a pillar which is connected to a walkway. Run across to get to the side of the room. You want to get onto that white ledge on the wall, but Lara cannot jump high enough. You will have to climb up onto the stone cube to the right and jump onto the ledge from there. Pull up onto the ledge, walk up against the wall, and jump straight up. Lara will grab onto the climbable wall. You can only move where there are ledge marks on the wall, though. Follow the climbable area up and to the right. At the top, you will be able to follow the ledge around a pillar. From here, you can jump to the right to land on a platform. Turn right and see a horizontal pole sticking out of the wall. Jump to grab it, swing around it, and then jump again to land on another platform. If Lara flails like she will fall, you can shake the nunchuk to make her catch herself. Once on top of the ledge, turn to the left to see a hallway. Jump over a hole the floor, and then jump forward once more to grab onto a ledge where the floor has broken. Drop down and slide to safely make it to the level below. Tap C to recenter the camera behind Lara so you can see the hole in the floor. Jump across the gap to grab the opposite ledge and climb up. You will come out in the room where you first got out of the water, only this time you are on the opposite side. Run forward and to the left where there is a rock with a balance beam going across a gap in the walkway. Climb up onto the rock and walk towards the balance beam. Lara will automatically assume a balancing position and you can walk across. Be careful if she starts to wobble. If you stop moving completely, she will automatically regain her balance. If you press the - button while moving forward, she will cartwheel. Otherwise she will drop down and hang from the beam. On the other side of the balance beam there is a switch. Walk towards it to trigger a cutscene where Lara examines her surroundings.

[Checkpoint] If you try to pull the switch right now, nothing will happen. There are two gray pressure plates which need to be weighted down first. There is a convenient stone statue with a grapple ring right near the left pressure plate, so grapple it and drag it onto the pad. For the right one, you will need to look up and grapple the ring that is attached to the statue, which causes the top to break off and land on the pad. Wait for the mechanisms to stop moving, then go over and pull the switch. The stone door directly ahead of you will open.

[Checkpoint] Run through the doorway and up the stairs to the right. You will come to a pit which has a slope on this side. Slide down the slope and go to the opposite wall where there are ledges. Jump onto the lowest ledge, up to the next, and left to another. Now you will be hanging from a ledge with a wall directly behind you. Tilt the movement stick until Lara is leaning away from the ledge toward the wall, then jump. She will catch onto another ledge, and from here you can jump straight up to catch the edge of the platform. Lean away from this ledge and jump to catch the ledge on the opposite side. Pull up and run up the stairs as they curve to the right. You will come to a doorway. Walk through to trigger another cutscene.

[Checkpoint] When the cutscene ends, you will be facing the large open area with the kraken. Above the kraken is a sun disk which we want to drop on the kraken's head. Two bridges hold the sun disk in place and prevent that from happening, so the next objective is to retract those bridges.

You may not see it due to the camera, but there are two passageways behind you, one going left and the other going right. You can go to either side. The left way leads to a platform where you can jump down into the water. Let's go the right side first. Come back towards the doorway a little bit and then run to the right passageway. There is a hole in the floor, and on the right side there is a pillar with ledges on it. Jump to the topmost ledge and then drop down all the way to the ground. Run down the hallway to the right, ignoring the side paths which lead to the kraken area. The hallway will turn a few times, so follow it. At the end, you will have two pathways to the right. The closer one leads to a pit and the further one leads to a doorway. Go through the further one and enter the doorway, run through the small room, and enter the next doorway.

[Checkpoint] You will now be in a relatively open room. To the right you will see gears with a tentacle wrapped around them. To the left there is a block you can climb up on. From the block, climb up onto the taller one next to it. Behind Lara is a horizontal swing pole, so jump to it and use it to jump to the ledge on the other side. Turn right on this platform to see another horizontal pole. Use it to get to the opposite platform where the tentacle is. Grapple the large gear to the right and retract the grapple to pull the gear into place. Then turn left and notice the box on the wall with the little gears in it. Press the - button near that mechanism to trigger another mini-puzzle. You need to place the small gears in between the big gears to connect them. Place the two smallest gears onto the top two pegs, and place the medium gear onto the next peg to complete the puzzle.

[Checkpoint] Behind you there is a lever in the floor. Go over and pull it. The gears will start turning and the tentacle will pull back. Outside in the kraken room, one of the bridges has retracted from the sun disk.

[Checkpoint] Make your way back down to the floor. Leave through both doorways and follow the hallway, skipping the first passage to the left. You will then come to a hallway with three passages on the left side, all of which lead out into the kraken room. Take the third doorway and go around the pillar here to reach a flat open area. Ahead of you there is another pillar with a tentacle wrapped around it. To the right, there is a wall with ledges on it. Climb up the ledges and make your way to the top of the wall. If you are stuck, try moving the analogue stick diagonally so that Lara will reach over and grab another ledge that couldn't be jumped to. Once you make it to the top, lean backwards and jump to the balance beam. Go right, towards the side of the room with the kraken and the sun disk. Drop down to hang from the left side of the beam and shimmy around the pillar. When you can shimmy no further, jump to the platform which is ahead of you. The kraken will retract its tentacle from the pillar you just left. Jump over the small gap onto the bridge which leads to the sun disk. Go right and follow the bridge into another room with large gears.

[Checkpoint] There is a lever to the left, but it doesn't work yet. Run forward and fall off the platform to grab the edge. Drop down and turn around to see a tentacle wrapped around the gears. Grapple the ring and retract the grapple to pull the pillar down on the tentacle. The tentacle retracts, freeing up the gears. Turn around and climb up onto the block against the wall, and from there climb up onto another one which leads to yet another higher platform. Slide down the slope, jump to grab the pole, and then swing and jump to grab the ledge. Shimmy left to get back up to where the lever is. Pull the lever and the gears start turning, retracting the second bridge from the sun disk.

[Checkpoint] Run back out to the kraken room. The bridge has gone, so you will need to carefully jump onto the helmet of the statue that used to be holding the bridge. The ridge in the helmet will act as a balance beam. Walk to the end and then jump across to the sun disk.

[Checkpoint] Pull the left on the side of the disk to raise the entire disk. The kraken breaks a pillar down below. The disk will drop down again to its original position after a brief time, so quickly turn around and grapple the ring in the ceiling. Swing across to the area with the lever. Pull the lever to raise the disk again if it has already lowered. You will see a massive chain which supports the disk. In the raised position, you can see a weak link towards the top of the chain, so enter combat mode and shoot it. The disk will fall on the kraken's head, killing the kraken and forcing all of the tentacles to retract. This allows you to open the doorway into the next area.

[Checkpoint] Walk back towards the open kraken area. The edge of the platform you are on has two parts sticking out, one to the left and one to the right. Drop down either side, drop down to another ledge, and finally drop down to a flat platform. On either end of the platform you will see a grapple ring attached to a pillar. Grapple the ring and run off the platform so you are suspended from the ring. Descend down as far as you can (hold Z while moving down). You will land on the platform below. In the center of the platform there are stairs leading towards the doorway which is now open. Go through the short hall to reach steps which lead down into a pool of water. Swim through the opening at the far end and climb up the stairs to enter a new area. Ahead you can see a golden gate through a doorway, so run towards it and watch the cutscene.

[Checkpoint] We want to open that golden gate, but there are locks keeping it shut. Stepping on a pressure plate undoes the lock on that side, so we need to find a way to hold down both pressure plates at once. Run to the right and a camera cue will show you that there is an opening in the wall next to the pillar. To get up there, you will need to do a wall jump. Jump towards the wall and press jump again once Lara touches the wall. Jump back and forth between the wall and the pillar until Lara is standing in the opening looking into the new room. Hop down and take the gold bar on the far side of the room to get Secret #3 (3/7). Turn around and you should see two small boxes and a pressure plate. Pick up a box and walk over to the pressure plate so that the door will open. Throw the box through the open door using B. Get the other box through the door in the same way, then quickly run through the doorway before the door closes again. Pick up a box and drop it on the nearest pressure plate. Notice that the gate locks again when you step off the pressure plate, so you will have to put the second box on the same pressure plate. Run to the center of the room and grapple the ring on the gate. Now, with the grapple still attached, walk onto the empty pressure plate. Wait for the second lock to go down, then retract the grapple to pull down the gate. Run through the open gateway and ignore the gauntlet for a second. Run to the opposite end of the room and pick up the gold bar for Secret #4 (4/7). Now run back and grab the gauntlet to trigger a cutscene (you may need to go on the side near the gate before Lara will pick it up).

[Checkpoint] After the cutscene ends, run through the gateway and go to the right side of the room. A previously closed door is now blown open, so climb over the rubble and continue into the new room. You will see a white block to the left so climb up onto it and from there you can climb up to a passageway in the wall. Follow the hallway around until you get to some rocks blocking the path. Do a diving roll through the opening, then continue down the hallway to get to a room with thin pillars in it. The door on the opposite side is caved in, so you'll have to climb one of the pillars. From the doorway you came in, turn to the right and climb up that pillar as far as you can. When you reach the ceiling, turn Lara so her back is to the small pillar that is hanging from the ceiling above you and jump to it. From here, climb up and jump onto the floor which is over the doorway. Pick up the gold bar to get Secret #5 (5/7). Now, facing back out into the room, you should see a pillar to the left which has nothing on top of it. Jump over to perch on top of that pillar. Jump forward to the pillar hanging from the ceiling, turn around 180 degrees, and jump onto the platform.

[Checkpoint] Now to your right you should see a large pillar hanging from the ceiling which you can use to jump from and perch on another pillar. You will have to jump at the very end of the platform and hold down the jump button, otherwise Lara will miss. When you jump to the next pillar to perch on it, Lara may land on the ring around it. If this happens, jump straight up so she will perch. Next, jump to perch on a second perching pillar and then jump forward onto the platform leading into a new hallway. At the end of the hallway there is some rubble to the left. Duck under it and pick up the gold bar for Secret #6 (6/7). Duck under some more rubble in front of you to get to a new hallway. Follow this hallway until you get to a platform overlooking the kraken room.

[Checkpoint] Walk out onto the platform and look directly across to the platform on the opposite side of the room. That is where you want to go. There is a grapple ring in the ceiling, so use it to swing across the room to the opposite platform. Now turn to the right and jump to a swing pole sticking out of the wall. Swing and jump to the platform in front of you and pick up the gold bar for Secret #7 (7/7). There is a slope to the right side, so slide down it and run to the opposite end. Hang down from the edge of the platform and drop down to land on a slope. You will slide to the entrance of the kraken room where we first came in. Turn right and go down the hallway, turning left when you get to the end. Now make the first right and run into the small room.

[Checkpoint] Continue through the doorway on the opposite side of the room and follow the stairs down and to the left. When you get to the pit, jump across to the platform on the right. From here, hop up to grab the crack in the wall (Lara may automatically skip the platform and grab the crack, depending how you jumped). Jump up to the crack above you, and then move Lara to the left until she leans out signaling you to jump. Lara will grab a crack on the next pillar, so shimmy left and jump to land on the next platform. Continue down the stairs. You will reach the room where we had to use the statues to weight down the pressure plates.

[Checkpoint] Jump into the water and swim forward through a hole in the rubble near the floor. Swim down and follow the tunnel. You will pass through a hole in the wall and see jellyfish marking the path, although it is linear anyway. Follow the path out until you pass through the puzzle door that we opened earlier. Continue forward through the exit which is directly ahead. Swim up and around to reach the open sea floor.

[Checkpoint] (You can get the first two secrets now if you missed them earlier). From here, swim straight up to return to the boat. When you get to the surface, swim over to the back of the boat and climb up onto the deck to trigger a cutscene.

[Checkpoint] Jump from the boat over to the anchor. Lara will just make it and grab onto the chain. Climb up to the top and then pull up onto the ledge. Jump straight up to grab the side of the boat and pull up.

[Checkpoint] Run forward down the stairs. There are about five mercenaries in this area, so kill them if you like. Run around the crates to the right and go up the stairs to a closed door. Press the - button to initiate another mini-puzzle. Use the torch to cut through the seam in the hinge and the door will open.

[Checkpoint] Run down through the doorway and follow the hall as it turns. At the end, you will get another cutscene. Face the debris that just fell down and turn right. Run down the hall and make a left up some stairs. Another cutscene will play. When it finishes, run forward and to the right to a new hallway.

[Checkpoint] Follow the hallway as the ship starts to tilt. When the Adrenaline Moment triggers, the screen will get blurry, things will slow down, and you will hear a heartbeat. Quickly run forward and to the right, jumping if necessary to enter the hallway without getting hit by falling barrels. Run to the end of this hallway and jump onto the ledge to the left. Jump straight up the ledges until you get to the top. Now jump to the right and climb up those ledges. Shimmy to the right as far as you can, then jump straight up to grab a new ledge. Continue jumping up until you pull up onto a platform.

[Checkpoint] (I suggest you make a save here and keep it at least until you reach level three.) Run down the hall, climb up the ledges, and shimmy right along the white ledge. Jump up to grab the next ledge, shimmy right as far as you can, and jump up to grab another ledge. Jump up again and once again shimmy to the right until you can pull up on a platform. Climb up the ledges, shimmy right, and jump up to the next ledge and the next ledge. Shimmy right, pull up onto the thick ledge, jump straight up and continue going up ledges. At the top, shimmy right and go through the hole in the wall. A cutscene will play, ending the level.



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