Tomb Raider Underworld Nintendo Wii Walkthrough and Game Guide
Featuring All Secrets and Hidden Rewards

Level 1: Prologue

Watch the recap "Previously on Tomb Raider" video and the intro cutscene in which an explosion sets the manor on fire and you have to escape.

Run forward (using the analogue stick on the nunchuk) and follow the hall as it turns, taking care to avoid the fire. When you get to a short wall blocking your path, jump up onto it (press A and then press it again to climb up) and continue running forward. You will get to a switch on the left wall near a door. Press the - key to grab it, then hold the nunchuk and Wiimote next to each other as if you were grabbing the switch and bring your hands down. The door will open, so go through it.

[Checkpoint] Run forward and roll through the hole in the debris (press the - key while running). Run forward and to the left around the debris until you see a flat ledge that Lara can climb up onto (it is brighter than the surrounding rubble). Jump up onto it, run across, and fall over the other side. You will see a door here which can be broken with Lara's pistols (hold Z on the nunchuk to enter combat mode, then aim with the Wiimote and press B to fire). Run through the doorway.

[Checkpoint] Straight ahead there is a light ledge on the wall that you can jump onto and grab. Shimmy left (move faster by rhythmically moving the nunchuk left and right if you desire). Jump straight up to the ledge above and move left along it. Drop down onto the ledge below (using the - button). When you get to the end, lean backwards (down on the analogue stick) and jump to safely land on the ground. Run to the right and grab the box (with the - button). Push the box straight forward so that you can climb on top of it and reach the ledge on the far wall. Let go of the box (using the - button) and jump forward and slightly to the right to grab the bright ledge over the fire. Shimmy right and when you get to the end, keep moving to the right and jump to safely land in the hallway. There is a pit with a door on the other side, and the door has a grapple ring on it. Attach the grapple to the door (using the B button) and retract the grapple (using the Z button). Lara pulls the door down across the pit, so you can run across it and through the doorway.

[Checkpoint] You are now up on the second floor balcony overlooking the main room of the manor. Run all the way to the left until you get to the wall. To your right are the stairs, but they are broken and on fire, which prevents you from walking down them. Instead, you must grapple across to the other side. You can do this one of two ways. You can jump first and then quickly press the grapple button to attach it in mid air. Alternatively, you can press the grapple button first and then jump after Lara has attached it. Either way, swing across to the opposite balcony and jump when Lara is close enough to make it. Run to the right until you reach a pile of burning wood. Turn to the right and see that the banister has broken, allowing you to drop down to the first floor. Walk over the ledge and Lara will automatically fall down and grab it so that she is hanging from it. Drop down onto the first floor and a cutscene will play, ending the level.



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