Tomb Raider Underworld Nintendo Wii Walkthrough and Game Guide
Featuring All Secrets and Hidden Rewards

General Information

Tomb Raider Underworld Nintendo Wii Walkthrough and Game Guide written by Ward Dragon and published by

The Wii version has the same general levels as the 360/PC/PS3 version, but some areas are condensed and others are expanded upon.

At any point in the game you may press the 2 button on the Wiimote to bring up the menu, go to game options, and select "Controller" to review the Wii controls.

Unfortunately you are limited to four save slots, so use them wisely. I suggest making a save at the beginning of each level and not saving over it until you are a level or two ahead.

When you choose to save or load a game, the Wii will ask you if you are sure. The flashing blue option is the one you are selecting, not the white one. Be careful not to accidentally save over a save that you meant to keep.

When exiting the game, make sure you make a manual save. The game does not keep autosaves from one session to the next, so you will lose your progress even though you hit a checkpoint.

After you win the game, you will get the option to revisit every level and replay it as if it was your first time (unlike the 360/PC/PS3 version) except the secrets you already found are still collected.

You can go to the options menu to turn off combat reticules, hints, and training text. I will incorporate control information into the prologue section of the walkthrough in case you had the text turned off and missed something important.

You can adjust the camera either by pressing the directional pad on the Wiimote, or else by holding down the C button on the nunchuk and pointing the Wiimote around on the screen.

Make sure you are far enough away from the TV while trying to use the Wiimote, otherwise it will skip around on the screen.

Sometimes Lara refuses to interact with something that she should. If this happens, turn on the Helper Buttons (hint icons) in the options menu. Then move Lara around the object until you see the icon for the - button, which means she should now interact with it if you press the - button.

You can shimmy faster by rhythmically moving the nunchuk left and right while moving.

While hanging from a ledge, if you press a direction you want to jump in, Lara will usually lean towards it if she can make the jump. It's always best to lean first and then jump in order to avoid Lara going off in an unintended direction.

At any time during the game, you can press the 1 button on the Wiimote to bring up the PDA.

You can check how many treasures you found under "Area Info" or "Inventory" (the "Treasures" tab only appears in inventory once you have found a treasure).

You can get hints under "Sitcam" (which shows you photos of the level) or "Field Assistance" (in which Lara gives you a general statement about what you should be doing).

Lara automatically regenerates to full health, so there are no healing items in the game. The only pickups are puzzle items and gold bars, which are the secrets (some of the bars look green or silver to me, but I will call them all gold for consistency's sake).

In most of the levels you will have a choice of where to go first and which order to solve smaller parts of a bigger puzzle. I have outlined one possible route, what I believe to be the fastest way through the level with minimal backtracking, although you may choose a different route. In that case, if I say a puzzle has been solved but it appears only half-solved to you, check earlier in the walkthrough and see if you have done the first half.

You can skip cutscenes by pressing B and then A. I recommend watching them at least once for the story.

I will not include any story spoilers in this walkthrough.



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