Tomb Raider Underworld Playstation 2 Walkthrough and Game Guide
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Level 6: Jan Mayen Island | Part 1: Gate Of The Dead

Treasures: 0/3
Secondary weapon: Submachine Guns plus Sticky Grenades

In the cut scene, Lara reaches Jan Mayen Island. She talks to Zip through her headset who tells her that Amanda owns another ship, Tisiphone, anchored off the coast of Thailand. It looks like Amanda and her crew are after Lara. She thanks Zip and tells him to take some rest. Lara takes it from here and using the bike, she jumps over a deep chasm. She then drives into a cave.

[Checkpoint] Get the bike and drive forward, being careful not to fall into the chasm as you cross the icy bridge. Follow the road as it goes. It makes two slight turns at the beginning; first right, then left. The next turns are quite sharp. The road goes right, then left, and again right, then left. As soon as you turn around the next corner to the right, where the road heads downwards, accelerate to jump over the gap.

When you land on the other side, slow down a bit so you can turn around the slight corner. Then, accelerate and jump over the gap to land into the arched small tunnel. Do not stop at all and keep driving forward to jump over the next gap.

Follow the road as it goes around to the right. Jump over the gap and drive forward. If you do not stop at all, you will not have problems jumping over the chasm beyond. Then turn slightly to the right and jump over the next gap. [Checkpoint]

Drive forward and then turn slightly to the right, then left. Stick to the right hand wall to avoid falling into the chasm on the left, then stick to the left to avoid falling into the chasm on the right. Follow the narrow passage, sticking again to the right to avoid the chasm on the left. Drive along the right hand wall and jump over the narrow gap.

Follow the road to the next area. The right hand way close to the chasm does not lead anywhere, so make a U turn to the left and follow the road. Jump over the gap to land into the tunnel beyond that goes downhill. When you exit the tunnel, jump over the next gap to land inside a second tunnel. [Checkpoint]

Drive through the tunnel. It makes some turns, but there are no junctions. Soon enough, you will see a Viking thrall coming from the other side. Run over it or totally ignore it. Continue through the tunnel and run over the next Viking thrall. When you exit the tunnel, jump over the gap and keep driving forward to clear the next gap.

Enter the next tunnel and follow it as it goes. Run over the Viking thrall coming from the other side or ignore it. Keep driving and pass between the two boulders. The exit of the tunnel is just beyond.

In the brief cut scene, Lara watches the high pit and the ramp going all the way to the bottom.


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