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Level 3: Coastal Thailand | Part 4: Puppet No Longer

Health Supplies: 0
Treasures: 2/30
Relics: 0/1

Room with pool and broken bridge - Enter the room with the pool and broken bridge and shoot the swarm of spiders on the wall and the opposite side. Jump into the water and swim to the far right corner (as shown in this screenshot) where you will find a Treasure (29/30). Then return back, climb on the low ledge, then on the one where you started.

You need to reach the opposite side using the metal ring mounted on the wall. Unfortunately, the destination ledge is not opposite the ring (in that case, a simple jump would make the job), so you have to make a tricky jump.

Jumping to the opposite side - (This page shows the following sequence.) If you throw the Grapple line to catch the ring and then jump towards the wall, Lara will most likely fall into the water. So, jump and whilst in midair, throw the Grapple line to catch the ring. Make Lara hang beneath the thick line on the wall. The longer the cable is, the higher momentum Lara will gain. Position the camera behind Lara, because it will be easier that way. Start swinging left and right. When Lara reaches the highest momentum to the left (she should be above the thick line), release the Left button and quickly press Down and Jump. If you do it correctly, Lara will grab the end of the ledge. Pull up and turn right.

Jump to grab the handhold on the left wall, then the next one above. Jump to grab the horizontal pole on the left, but do not release it yet. Lara's weight lowers the pole and operates a mechanism that opens the exit door. When this happens, drop into the water and swim through the exit.

Underwater tunnel - Swim through the tunnel and keep an eye above where you can find an air pocket. If you do not need it, just keep swimming. There is a second air pocket just ahead if you need it, but before reaching it, look for a depression on the floor where you can find a Treasure (30/30). Briefly, you can find the depression between the two air pockets.

Keep swimming to the other side of the tunnel until you reach the end. Pull the wheel to open the door and swim through it. When you exit the tunnel, surface to get some air. You are back close to the boat, so swim through it.

The last cut scene of the level shows Lara stepping back onto her boat. Contacting Zip and Alister, she tells them that she did not find the gauntlet, and that her father destroyed the map, which makes Alister smile. Lara explains to her friends that she knows where her father hid the gauntlet, and that it is right under their nose.


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