Tomb Raider Underworld Lara's Shadow Relics and Treasures
Location for Relics and Treasures in Tomb Raider Underworld Beneath The Ashes

Treasures: 20/20

Level Introduction
#1-After climbing out of the eitr pit, look behind the farthest column on the left for a treasure.
#2-After the first secret, go down the slope and before turning the corner (before facing the thralls), look to the right, there's a secret there next to some rocks. (credit to Dingaling)
#3-In the now ruined 'Out of Time' level from the main game, at the spot right after Natla hurled a fireball at Lara, look inbetween the two columns on your right.
#4-After reaching the other side and sliding down the broken platform, before jumping through the eitr rain to the dais, turn around for another treasure.

Natla's Hideout
#5-After the cutscene, turn around and head to the farthest colum on the right, then look behind it.
#6-Heading up the first cracked wall for this area, instead of jumping to the right, jump to the left for a treasure on a platform.
#7-After crossing the eitr pit with the small waterfall, it is ahead before turning left down the corridor.
#8-At the end of this corridor, turn left into a small alcove for a treasure out in the open.

#9-Entering the main refinery room, head to the right from the entrance for another treasure in the open.
#10-At the top of the middle column in the refinery room, in plain sight.

After #10, jump to the path ahead. Before following the corridor, turn right and jump onto the rim of the eitr bowl. Follow it around and jump back onto the wall. Jump up, climb around and jump right. Jump down using the Shadow Climb twice, then jump right using Shadow Climb twice. Jump up, use Shadow Climb to the top, then jump left, jump left again, and drop onto the small platform for the level's relic.

#11-Following the hallway, after dropping down and just before climbing back up again, on the right in plain sight.
#12-After crossing the eitr pit with the eitr spraying up in the middle, this treasure is behind the rubble before turning right.

Transformer Room
#13-After raising the transformer one step up, and getting back on top of it, walk into the column with the extended bridge, there is a treasure on the right in this alcove.
#14-With one more switch to go, from the central colum follow the short bridge and climb aorund the side to the outer edge, The treasure is on the far left of this ledge.
#15-In the hallway out of the transformer room, dead ahead after encountering two thralls.
#16-In the hallway after the shaft climb full of traps, past three more thralls.

Refinery Room (2nd Visit)
#17-At the back platform of the refinery room, defeating all waves of thralls will lower the eitr level and reveal some lower platforms. Hop onto these platforms, on the far left there is a treasure in the open. (credit to lilpippi)

Transformer Room (2nd Visit)
#18-After destroying the button in the second chamber, don't leave. Instead, walk around to the other side of the button to find a waiting treasure.
#19-With the Transformer destroyed, follow the path to the exit. After you have climbed onto the shaft above the two timed snake head levers, observe the two platforms ahead which are constantly raising and lowering, and the third which isn't moving. The treasure is on this third platform. To get there, jump to the ridge between the two moving platforms. When the middle platform is raising, you'll see a cracked wall and a ledge to climb. Climb it, then jump back onto the other platform. As soon as this platform is higher than the other, jump across to the second platform, then again to the third for the treasure.

Ceremony Hall
#20-Back in this room, this treasure is directly opposite the way you've entered, in a small dark alcove by the rubble.


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