Tomb Raider Underworld Beneath The Ashes Relics and Treasures
Location for Relics and Treasures in Tomb Raider Underworld Beneath The Ashes

Treasures: 28/28

Opening of Level:
-Behind and to the right as you start, in a vase.
-After the adrenaline scene, swing to the landing ahead, kill the spider, and look right. There's another treasure in a vase.
-From above, go to the left side of the landing and jump to the supports above. Balance to the small platform for another treasure, but be careful of the bats.

Sewer Gates:
-On ground ahead as you enter-impossible to miss
-Pull the switches at the far end of the room in the right order for this one, so, facing out at the room again, this is left switch, then right. Follow the climbing path until you are at the highest point of the right gate. Wait for the left gate to fall and jump back, the treasure is right ahead. You can then jump to the other side and out of this area.

-Dive into the water, this treasure is inbetween the two support columns closest to where you entered the room.
-Partway up climbing the wheel, you'll jump to a broken wooden platform by a closed gate (gate later opens and leads to grinding room). The treasure is here, in a vase.
-From the entrance to this area you may have noticed a grapple ring to the right. If you can't jump straight to it from there, good job, but otherwise, you'll need to climb at least halfway up the waterwheel. I jumped from the very middle of the waterwheel from a balance beam, this might work for you, otherwise, climb a bit higher. Face out from the waterwheel, jump to grapple, and then lower yourself appropriately so you can swing into the large broken sewer grate and snatch up this treasure.
-After opening the exit from the waterwheel room, swim partway up the tunnel. Before the current becomes too strong, swim up and to the right to find a treasure near a broken sewer pipe.
-After surfacing from this area, dive back down and look in one of the corners to find another treasure.

-After (or slightly before) first knight thrall encounter, there is a room with a small climable pole. Climb to the top and jump back to a small landing with a vase. The treasure is inside.
-After grappling down into the main dungeon and killing the two knight thralls, take the only passage out to the next area. You'll fight another thrall and a giant spider here. Then climb the pole, jump to the beam, and through the doorway. Follow the path a bit and kill the little spiders, then the giant spider. The treasure is in a vase in the same room as this spider.
-From above, go back to the wooden beam. Walljump to swinging pole, then grapple the ring. Adjust the grapple so you are further up, and swing to the upper ledge, where you'll see a vase with a treasure.
-From above, enter the broken room ahead. Kill the giant spider and head to the opposite end of the room, where you'll find another treasure
-Back on the proper path, you'll come to a broken corridor.Turn around and to the right, there's a trasure in a vase.
-From above, navigate to the end of this room, then use the wooden pole in the middle to get to the floor. There's a vase containing a treasure near a broken pole at the beginning of the room.
-From above, go to the other end of the room to find a treasure in plain sight. A giant spider appears after you pick this up.

Grinder Room:
-On bottom floor in small alcove, it's the closest alcove to the right of where you entered the room.
-Also on bottom floor, at the base of the grinder machine in a vase.
-At the grapple puzzle, in a vase.
-Top floor of the room after powering up the machine, after jumping off pole to the top floor, in plain sight.
-This is visible from entrance of next corridor. Simply grapple swing to it.
-As with earlier, use the wooden pole to reach the floor of this broken corridor. There's a treasure in a vase underneath where you first entered the room, opposite a medipack. A spider attacks you after picking it up.
-From above, go to the other side of the room, also in a vase. Another spider attacks you afterwards.

Dungeon Revisited:
-From re-entrance to this room, examine the wall to your right, if you climb up and follow the path you will find a treasure in a small alcove. To get down safely, simply go back the way you came.
-After solving dragon puzzle and climbing the top of the first rotating pole with blades, jump to the opposite wall and grapple the ring quickly. Adjust your rope and wall run, then jump to your left, navigate a few ledges, and climb up for another treasure.
-After reaching the top of the second rotating pole with blades, look for a treasure on the opposite side of the gate that once housed the big dragon statue. Then jump back and climb up to the top of the pole again.
-Jump from the second pole and grapple. Turn to your right, you'll see a broken sewer gate high up. Adjust the grapple and swing into it for a treasure. Then simply jump out and grapple again, and onto the final part of the level.

Dungeon Revisited:
-Dive in the water and go through the flooded corridor under the area where the dragon statues are, swim over to the entrance to the room, get out of the water, jump back onto the beam sticking out just above the water. Then wall jump up to the swing pole, stand on it and jump and grapple the ring above and in the middle of the wall. You will need the higher platform on the right so will have to climb up the grapple a bit, then swing over and land on it, jump on the pole and slide down. Then go to the right near the end on the far side where the grating was missing from the sewer, go along it and this time the room will be flooded, dive in and get up on the right hand side. Look to the other side and you will see the elusive Relic, jump across to collect the prize. (courtesy of aussie500)



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