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Level 2: PERU - Return to Paraiso

The cut scene shows Lara reaching Peru. The people run to hide and Lara says that they do not seem so keen on visitors these days. She asks Zip if he had news from Anaya and he tells her that Anaya will be waiting for her at the statue in the marketplace.

When Lara met Rutland in Bolivia, he implied a connection between the stone dais and the ruin near Paraiso (you will see later what happened there). Lara wants to go there with Anaya and check some things, even if they will not find anything. So, you need to meet Anaya in the Paraiso marketplace and then learn the significance of the second Tiwanaku ruin.

[Checkpoint] There is a dummy statue ahead that you can use and practice your target and shots. Just make sure you sure the Pistols with unlimited ammo. You can also see a ball on the right that you can kick. If you kick it behind the GOL! flags (as shown here), you will hear the homonymous cheering.

Once you are done, go behind the house on the right (from the starting position) and climb on the box, then on the roof of the building (as shown in this screenshot). Without turning at all, take a look above to spot the shimmery lamp. You will jump and press Jump again whilst in midair to use the Grapple and catch the lamp. Then swing and jump to land on the opposite roof. Drop to the small courtyard and pick up the Bronze Statue (1/8). Push the movable crate next to the lowest building and use it to climb on the roofs and return back to the road. Follow the road around to the left. [Checkpoint] Pass the doorway to reach the statue in the marketplace.

In the cut scene, Lara meets Anaya and they talk about the empty city and that something has frighten them. Anaya seems sad, because if she knew where this would lead, she would never have told Lara about Bolivia. She also tells her that La Paz is not far away. A truck full of mercenaries comes to the place. Lara tells Anaya to leave and that she will catch up (once she is done with them).

Marketplace with statue - The objective about meeting Anaya is completed, but one more has been added. You need to escape the ambush and get out of town. Draw weapons, because four guards exited the truck. From the starting postion, you can shoot the oil tank of the truck ahead and explode some of the guards. When you kill them all, four more guards will emerge from two doors. Once you are done with them, a guys with a Shotgun will appear on a balcony; kill him. Some of them leave Health Packs. Replain your health and take the Health Packs you need. They also leave their guns, which will count as ammo.

Go up the stairs of the church and use the part where there are no railings to jump on the stall. Or, climb on the stall from the ground (as shown in this screenshot). Jump to grab the ledge and go to the left. Jump to grab the horizontal pole, then the next one. Finally jump to the ledge and get the Bronze Statue (2/8). Drop to the ground.

Locate the tall pole with the flag. To the right is a road that leads to a Bronze Statue (3/8) (as shown here). Get it and go back to the pole with the flag. Grab it and climb up. Jump to the balcony at the back and open the door of the building. Pick up the Silver Statue (1/2), exit and go to the left of the balcony. You need to jump to the opposite balcony, using the Grapple. So jump, and press Jump again to use the Grapple and catch the shimmery lamp above. Swing and jump to the balcony. The guard here dropped a Grenade and his Shotgun. Go around to the right and draw weapons. Kill the guard inside the building and pick up the Health Pack if you need it. There are also four Grenades on the table (Lara can carry up to four Grenades).

(Note: When you kill the eight guards, the guy with the Shotgun appears on the balcony. If you do not shoot him from the ground and you go up and kill him face to face, the second guy in the room with the Grenades will not appear. This works for the PC version and, according to Ada the Mental, for PS2 too.)

Second area with guards - [Checkpoint] Be prepared for a tough battle as soon as you open the door. You exit on a roof and five mercenaries shoot from the balconies\ roofs around and the ground. Stay on the roof and do NOT jump down. A couple of them throw Grenades that can kill Lara. To use a Grenade, lock the Target and press the Throw Grenade\ Flare button. Once you are done, either drop down to replain your Health and ammo or use the Grapple to catch the shimmery lamp above and jump to the opposite roof and get the items later. If you drop down, you can use the nearby ladder and climb up. A guard will attack from the building on the roof, so kill him. He drops his gun, which will count as ammo.

There are more mercenaries around the corner, so it is better if you stay on the roofs and kill them from above, as you can back up. Soon, a jeep will arrive and stop close to a spot that you can explode. One of the mercenaries will use a big gun from the jeep, so take care of him first. Also, there are three more guards beyond the jeep (close to the motorbike), so kill them too. If you use the big gun, one more guard will appear from a passage opposite the stall. Take care of him and do not approach the motorbike, because you will trigger the next cut scene.

When the coast is clear, replain your health and ammo. If you used Grenades during the fight, you will find some on the streets. Go behind the building opposite the stall, where you will find a Bronze Statue (4/8). Then go around the streets and approach the bike.

Zip talks to Lara in the cut scene and tells her that Anaya left, but there are mercenaries after her. Lara asks Zip to tell Anaya that she is on her away.


[Checkpoint] You just escaped the ambush and you are ready to get out of town with the bike. You now need catch up with Anaya. You get the bike [DUCATI ;) ] and you need to go after the mercenaries and kill them before they reach Anaya. Zip talks to you during the process. He says that you need to be quick, because the mercenaries will reach Anaya. Do not panic, but do not break all the time and do not stop, because you will lose and start over. Avoid the rocks in the middle of the road and the various obstacles. You will also need to shoot some wooden bars to clear your way and you will also find some Health Packs that you need to run over in order to get them.

Soon, you will meet the mercenaries that are after Anaya. They are also on bikes, but Lara can shoot and kill them. They can also shoot you, so keep an eye on your health. The quicker you kill them, the sooner this part ends. Almost halfway, you will come across a bridge. [Checkpoint] Cross it, being careful of the gaps. Keep going, killing the mercenaries on your way. Soon, you will pass beneath a rock arch [Checkpoint] and meet three trucks. Stay on the left, because crates will start falling down from the right. There are two mercenaries on the front truck that will throw some crates. Shoot the crates and kill the threats. When the door of the truck fully opens, drive on it.

In the cut scene Lara gets off the bike and jumps on the top of the truck to spot Anaya. Anaya sees Lara from the mirror of her car and breaks a bit in order to approach the truck. Lara jumps with a Matrix way, kills the driver of the truck and lands on Anaya's jeep. The truck turns over and explodes and the two ladies leave.

Lara and Anaya reach the ruins. The place has not changed a lot. Lara confesses that there is something that did not tell Anaya before. She thinks that Amanda might not have died down there, showing the ruins at the same time. Lara flashes back. We see the same place, but some years ago. Young Lara and Amanda are together. Amanda slides down a rope and asks Lara to go down with her, because James (one of their friends) said that they are ready to break through (the young archaeologists probably found something). Lara follows her, but the rope breaks and Lara falls down.


You play as young Lara and, of course, you do not have guns in your possession. You do however hold three Flares that you can use by using the Throw Grenade\ Flare button.

[Checkpoint] Go down the stairs and crawl through the opening. Follow the tunnel and slide down the slope. Continue through the tunnel and jump to grab the horizontal pole to swing above the opening. If you accidentally fall down, you can climb back up and try again. Follow the tunnel. Eva (one of your friends) is thrown towards Amanda and some rocks fall down and block your way, leaving Amanda behind, who sounds really scared. Go back and enter the tunnel on the left (if you have the rocks to your back). At the end, crawl beneath the railings.

[Checkpoint] Lara finds Sarah (one of her friends) dead and wonders what happened. There is a pressure pad on the right. Step on it to activate some poles alongside (some of them are broken). Locate the movable block next to Sarah and push\ pull it beneath the horizontal pole. Jump on the crate then jump to grab the pole. Turn to face the ledge, swing and jump to grab it. Pull up and pick up the Bronze Statue (5/8) from the right.

Jump to grab the narrow ledge on the wall. Traverse to the left and jump into the alcove above the ascent. [Checkpoint] Head forwards and drop down. Lara finds another friend. Someone calls her, and she recognizes the voice. It is Kent. Go to the right, avoiding the poles that are harmful to find Kent behind a gate. Lara asks what happened and he says that it killed Oscar (the other man that Lara found on the ground). Lara asks "What did?". Kent does not know and he also says he cannot get out because the gates won't budge and he asks her to get him out. He also tells her that there is a hole above him and they should get out quickly.

Pull the ball away from the pressure pad to remove the poles. Climb on the ledge oposite the way you came from and jump to grab the rope. Turn left to face the ledge above Kent, swing and jump on it. Pass the gates [Checkpoint] and jump down.

In the cut scene Kent calls for Amanda. She replies back and Kent recognizes her voice. He runs towards the way the voice was heard. Lara shouts at Kent to wait, but he does not listen to her. A creature grabs Kent and Lara runs back. The creature starts chasing Lara.

When you regain control of Lara, run foward and jump above the rocks to escape from the creature. Once you fall down, the creature disappears through the opposite wall. [Checkpoint] The are some crates in this area. All of them but two break when Lara jumps on them. There is a pressure pad on the other side of the room. Either kick one the crates on the pad or climb on the ledge and push the ball that it will roll over it. This will make a pole appear. If the ball rolls beyond the pad, push\ pull it on it. Climb on the ledge where the ball was and jump to grab the upper ledge with the bars. Amanda, who is behind the gate, says Lara that Jason is dead and that she does not know what happened. The creature appears, and Amanda gets scared and leaves. A man runs behind Amanda and the creature behind them.

Jump to grab the pole and then the rope. Swing and jump to the opposite ledge. [Checkpoint] Go to the right and pick up the Bronze Statue (6/8). Go through the doorway and follow the tunnel. Be careful of the spiked pit in the floor. Grab the pole above and travesre across. Follow the tunnel to the end.

The cut scene shows Lara exiting the ruins, calling Amanda. Amanda shows Lara a stone and says she thinks that it unlocks the door. Lara says that she does not like the idea of using the stone and asks Amanda if she read it properly (meaning the inscription). Amanda reminds Lara that the creature is coming and asks Lara if she has a better idea. Lara says to Amanda that the door might be trapped, but Amanda says that they are trapped. The creature attacks and Ammnda pulls the stone out. On doing that, the creature disappears. The place starts shaking and rocks fall from above. They run to escape. Lara manages to exit, but Amanda's leg was trapped somewhere. The gate starts closing, but Lara tries to keep it open, by holding it with her hands. She is waiting for Amanda, who cannot escape. The place starts filling water, but Amanda still cannot escape. Lara cannot hold the gate and it closes. Rocks fall on Amanda and Lara leaves to get some air.

Back to present, Anaya says that this is a terrible idea and they should leave the past behind. Lara says she is trying, but from what Rutland said, there might be a clue down there about what killed her mother, so Lara decides to go back. Anaya tells her that she cannot enter from the same place, because it is caved in. Lara says that the water entered there somehow, so there must be a way. She says Anaya that if she has any problem, she can talk to Zip who can communicate with Lara.


[Checkpoint] Run behind the boxes on the left and pick up the Bronze Statue (7/8). Go to the other side of the area (where the pool is) and search for a Bronze Statue (8/8) between the wooden supports. Jump into the water and swim down and through the tunnel. Follow it as it goes and keep and eye above to spot the surface. Take some air and dive back down. Follow the tunnel to the other side and swim between the broken bars. Again, you can find a spot where you can surface above. Continue through the tunnel until you reach a circular big underwater room. Here you can surface. [Checkpoint]

The water puzzle - This is the area where Amanda was drown. Dive down and enter the passage, which is on the right as you entered this area. Get the Silver Statue (2/2) and return to get some air (or get it after solving the puzzle). You need to pull the four blue spheres, but they need be out together at the same time. Every time you pull one, it remains out for some seconds. You then need to swim around and pull the other three, so that all of them are out together. To avoid a possible drowning, try this: Surface above a sphere and dive down. Press the Interact button to pull it, then continue to the next sphere, pressing the Interact button whilst swimming to move faster. Keep pressing the Interact button to swim faster as you approach the sphere and Lara will grab it easier.

When you succeed, the cut scene shows Lara surfacing. A door opens and the room drains. Lara finds a shoe and assumes it belongs to Amanda. The shoe is unlaced, but she never imagined that Amanda could have survived.

There is an opening in one of the walls. Jump through it and approach the archaeological stone above. [Checkpoint]

In the cut scene Lara reads the inscription on the stone. She says that it tells about the last Queen on Tiwanaku. Her father was King, but she was lost and raised by a warrior. She became a Queen when a shaman (named Tunupa) discovered her loyalty heritage. Alister tells her that Tunupa is another name of Viracocha, their god of creation and according to myth, Virachoca lived in the lake Titicaca. She led her people in an era of peace. After many years of justice and just rule, there was some sort of power struggle and she died shortly thereafter. She was carried off in a boat to Paradise. This reminds Lara King Arthur's myth, because the similarities are striking. He was a youth, who was not aware of his royal blood and became a wise king with the help of a wizard and the magical staff of his sword. He died and was transported to Paradise.

Go behind the stone and through the doorway. Grab the ledge on the left, then jump to grab the next one above. Jump to grab the ledge behind you and pull up. Jump off the ledge and press Jump again whilst in midair to use the Grapple and catch the shimmering sign above. Swing and jump to the ground above the ascent. Grab the ledge above the shallow water, then jump to grab the edge of the alcove above. Pull up and turn to face the next ascent. You need to use the Grapple again and land above the ascent. So, jump off the ledge and press Jump again whilst in midair to use the Grapple and catch the shimmering sign above. Swing and drop to the ground above the ascent. Continue upwards and up the steps. [Checkpoint] The floor collapses beneath Lara in the next interactive movie. Press the appropriate buttons to save her.

(PS2 players - The first icon that appears means that you need to use the left analog stick. The Up arrow that appears along with the icon means that you need to move the left analog stick upwards.

PC players - The last icon that appears is the Right arrow.)

(Note: Many people encouter problems with this movie. Whe we say "press the correct buttons", we mean that you need to press the buttons that appear on your screen. On PC, for example, the icons that appear are the arrow keys. If the Up icon appears, you need to press the Up arrow key. On PS2, for example, the icons that appear are the four buttons on the right side of the gamepad. If the Circle icon appears, you need to press the Circle button. Sometimes, you need to use the left analog stick and move it to the direction the arrow shows. Note, however, that you need to press each button as soon as it appears, because you have less than two seconds.)

The ball puzzle - [Checkpoint] There are three pressure plates and three movable balls: one on the ground, one on a ledge above and another one to the left of the starting position, where you need to use the Grapple to throw it down (as shown here). Back up a bit and use the Grapple to throw the ball. Push the two balls to the left and right plates (at least start with the right one). Placing each ball, the corresponding statue on the left and right open, revealing some ladders.

You cannot reach the left ladders, so go to the right. Climb up either ladder and jump to grab the ledge in the middle. Then jump to grab the ledge above (which is the statue's mouth). Jump to grab the ledge above (the statue's head) and jump to grab either ladder. Then climb to the top. Push the third ball below. Carefully make your way down and push the ball to the middle plate.

The cut scene shows a tomb rising and a door opening. Lara approaches the tomb and says it is the queen's shaman. It is a dais with a sword on it and in this case it is Viracocha's staff. Alister asks if it is the same that Lara saw in Tiwanaku and she says that there is more than one dais, but possible yes. Zip, comparing the stories of King Arthur and Tiwanaku's Queen, says that in this case the shaman would be Merlin and the staff whatever King Arthur's sword was called. Alister says that it is a coincidence.

Climb up either ladder close to the door that opened.

The cut scene shows Lara going through the door and approaching a sword. Lara watches Queen's statue above and says that she is beautiful. Lara asks Zip if he sees something familiar on the sword and he says that this is what Rutland was holding. This one, though, is a ceremonial copy. Lara finds a part of the swrord that has broken off. Lara has seen this before at Waseda University in Japan. The piece, however, is not there anymore, because it was stolen by Shogo Takamoto. While Lara takes the piece and leaves, she asks Zip to arrange a meeting with Takamoto. Zip, however, asks her not to deal with Yakuza (Japanese mafia). Lara wants the piece and insists on this meeting. Zip will take care of that and he also tells her that he had a call from Anaya. He patches her though and she tells Lara that the bastrards from town are there and are coming down after Lara. This is a tomb and Lara will make them feel at home.

Going back to Anaya - [Checkpoint] After the cut scene, exit but do not drop down. Climb on the ledge on the right and jump to grab the upper one. Pull up and jump to grab the ladder. Then climb to the top. Go to the left and jump to the stone ledge. Jump to grab the narrow ledge and shimmy left around the corner. When you reach the destoyed part of the ledge, jump to grab the next one. Do the same for the next broken ledge. Shimmy left and release to grab the three ledges below. Then drop to the ground.

Jump to grab the rope, and climb up a bit. There are two stone ledges ahead. The left one is quite destroyed, but aim for the narrow ledge above it (as shown in this screenshot). Swing and jump to grab it. Shimmy to the left until you reach the collapsed part. Jump to the next ledge and keep shimming left. Pull into the opening and go up the passage on the right where you will find a movable ball. Push it and it will roll down. It will break the wall and end to the ground. Carefully make you way down and push the ball on the middle pressure plate. The tomb will rise more and reveal the Gold Statue (1/1). Get it and make your way back to the rope, the same way as you did before.

Swing and this time jump to the ledge on the right. Jump to the next ledge and draw weapons. Two mercenaries are waiting on the ground, so slide down and kill them. Pick up the items they dropped if you need them and exit with your weapons drawn. One more guard is waiting at the bottom of the ascent, so kill him. Slide down the slope and exit to the room with the inscription. [Checkpoint] There are three guards behind the wall. You can kill them from here then climb through the opening. Replain your health and ammo with the items the guard dropped.

Take a look around to spot the the rope. Grab it and climb almost to the top. Swing and jump to the ledge in front of the opening. [Checkpoint] Go up the ascent, climbing up the blocks. At the end, climb up the ladder. When you reach the top, look for a ledge on the left. Grab it and jump to grab the ledge above. Pull up and draw weapons. Kill the guard and pick up the items he drops (if you need them). Climb on the above ledge and grab the pole. Climb to the very top and jump to the ground.

Immediately draw weapons. The place is full of mercenaries and you can see two of them in front of you. Kill them and then take care of the rest eight. As you kill them, try to get the items they drop (Health packs, ammo and Grenades) so that you can continue the battle. When you kill them all, Lara asks Zip to tell Anaya to get under the jeep because someone is coming close to her. Once you kill the last guard, a cut scene plays.

In the cut scene, Anaya hopes that Lara found what she was looking for, because she is not coming to this place again. Lara shows her Amanda's shoe. This is what was only left. Anaya wonders why Amanda was hiding all these years, but Lara says that Amanda is not hiding, but she probably does not want to keep in touch with old friends. Or maybe she found or learned something down there that she wanted to keep to herself. Lara then asks Zip if he talked to Takamoto. Zip replies "yes", but Takamoto does not want to meet her. Nishimura (one of Lara's good friends) is having a party though and Takamoto will be there. And since he does not know that Nishimura is Lara's friend, they will meet there. Lara returns to Croft Manor, because she needs to find something nice to wear.


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