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ANTARCTICA: Antarctica

The Antarctica levels begin with an FMV, where Lara is flying in a helicopter, heading to the RX Tech base in Antarctica. The weather is bad and snows heavily. The pilot starts losing the radio contact with the base and tells Lara that they need to land, as this is getting too much. Lara realizes that there is a problem whilst the pilot tries to handle the helicopter in the snow storm. The helicopter is turned around by the storm and Lara manages to jump out just in time. The pilot does not make it and the helicopter slides into the icy water.

[Note about your health - During the level, you may need to jump into the cold water. When you do that, a hypothermia bar appears and you have just a few seconds to make your job and climb out of the water. When it reaches to the end, your health bar starts decreasing and you finally die. If in some points the swim is long enough and you cannot make it, save your game in a different slot whilst the hypothermia bar is about halfway through and load this save to restore your warmth. Just make sure you save in a different slot, in case something goes wrong.]

From the starting position, take a look in the water on the left hand side to locate the Desert Eagle Clips. Before jumping into the water, notice the small ice island ahead. This is where you need to climb out after getting the Clips. The ledge you are standing on is high. So, jump into the water, quickly get the Clips and climb out on the small ice island (see this screenshot if you are not sure where you need to climb out).

From the small island, turn to face the side where the shed is. Walk to the front left corner of the island, turn left 45 degrees and take a running jump to the opposite side without pressing Action. Make sure you press the up direction key during the jump and do not let go of it. This will help you reach the opposite side (see here for where you need to jump). Go to the left past the shed until you reach the channel (the shed includes the 3rd Secret, but you need a key for that). Take a running jump over the channel to land on the opposite side.

Turn right and climb onto the ice block. Continue forwards until you reach a slide. Stand against the slide and take a standing jump, jumping from the left hand side (or climb on the ledge to the left and take a running jump to the flat ledge above the slide). Carefully jump to the ice arch and head to the end (this screenshot shows the sequence). From there jump into the cave and pick up the Large Medi Pack, the Flares, the Rocket and the Crystal. Jump back to the ice arch, cross it and make your way back to the bottom of the ice block.

Getting inside the RX Explorer ship - (The following sequence is shown in this page.) Go around the ice rocks, pressing the Walk button to avoid sliding into the water. Take standing jumps if necessary to clear the angled ledges. Having the ship on your left, locate the low ledge on the opposite side. Jump into the water and quickly climb on this ledge. Continue forwards and notice another low ledge on the opposite side and a bit to the left. Again, jump into the water and climb on this ledge. Head to the right and climb up the blocks to reach the topmost beneath the handholds. Jump up to grab them and shimmy across. Drop to the ledge almost at the end and jump on the ship.

Inside the RX Explorer ship - Walk to the middle of the ship and locate the opening in the floor. Drop into and go down the ramp. Draw your weapons and kill the RX crewman who is coming from the engine on the right. The button here opens the nearby door, which leads to the upper level. However, you will find a closed door at the top of the ramp that opens from the other side. So, enter the engine, but turn around because a second crewman is coming from behind. Facing the engine, climb on the ledge on the left hand side and throw the switch to open a trapdoor exactly behind you.

[Note - If you are fast enough, you will manage to run to the switch and throw it without being harassed by the crewman. Then turn around, stand close to the switch and take your guns out. You will not be able to see the crewman behind the engine, but Lara will aim. Shoot him and eventually you will hear him dying, and Lara will not take any damage at all.]

Drop through the trapdoor and wait. Draw your weapons and you will see a crewman coming from around the corner. Kill him and continue through the hallway. Go up the ramp and kill another crewman in the alcove on the left hand side. Push the button to open the door and go through it. The button on the left hand side opens the nearby door, which leads to the engine below, if you had previously opened the door close where you killed the first two crewmen. There is no reason to return back, so go on.

Go down the stairs on the right hand side and kill the crewman that is lurking around. Pick up the Desert Eagle Clips he drops and drop through the hole in the floor. When you reach the ladder, turn around because another crewman appears from behind. Kill him and pick up his Uzi Clips. Climb on the ledge and push the button to drop the boat into the water. Return back where you entered this area and climb on the upper ledge. Follow the hallway and push the button to open the door. Go outside to reach the front side of the ship.

1st Secret - Head to the right of the ship and follow the walkway next to the railings. At the end, where there are no railings, turn left and take a standing jump to the alcove, pressing Action to lower Lara's arc. Drop down and pick up the MP5 Clips (or the MP5 Gun if you do not have it) and the Crystal just around the corner. Make your way back to the front side of the ship the same way you came.

Getting the boat - Stand against the slope at the front side of the ship (where the boat used to be hanged from) and take a standing jump over it. Keep pressing the Jump button and Lara will jump from the slope and land on the opposite ledge. Walk forwards and jump on the triangular ledge to the left, then jump to the next one. Pull into the crawlspace and drop down on the other side (this screenshot shows the location of the crawlspace). Pick up the Rocket and crawl back out. Return to the ledge you jumped onto before, which is opposite the slope. Carefully, slide to the ledge below (as shown in this screenshot). Walk to the edge and stand in front of the boat. Take a standing jump to land inside. If you cannot make it, jump into the water, surface next to the boat and press Action to get into.

(Controlling the boat - Press Action to get into and once you are inside, press Action to move forwards and Jump to move backwards. Press the direction keys to steer. Press the Roll button along with the left or right direction key to dismount. Lara can dismount directly on a low ledge, as long as you park the boat next to it.)

2nd Secret - Drive the boat around the ship (from the backside) to reach the channel next to the shed. Halfway you will see an opening on the left hand side. Park the boat next to it and dismount inside the opening (Roll and the left direction key). Climb up the ladder, slide down and jump to grab the crawlspace. No, you do not want to drop into the water below because you will die, as there is no place to climb out. Crawl to the right and pick up the Large and Small Medi Packs and the Grenades. Crawl back, but this time follow the other side of the crawlspace.

Gate Control shed - Drop into the water and swim towards the boat, which is on the left. Climb on it and if you want, you can dive back down and get the Flares you might have seen after dropping from above. Drive through the tunnel and around the corner to the left. Park the boat next to a low ledge on the right, where the Gate Control shed is, dismount and kill the bad guy. The shed is locked with a padlock and you need something to pry it open. Continue to the backside of the shed and drop into the water where you will find a Rocket. Quickly climb out of the water and climb on the block. Jump up to grab the bars and follow them as they go to the left and right. Drop down at the end and slide down the ramp. Kill the bad guy there and continue through the tunnel to reach an area with a tower.

Area with tower - Kill the dog that appears from nowhere and head to the far left corner, next to the building and behind the two barrels to find some Shotgun Shells. Be careful the barrel with the fire as you explore around. Enter the dark tunnel opposite from where you came and kill the bad guy with his dog. Pick up the Desert Eagle Clips the guy dropped and continue through the tunnel to reach an area with a water tower.

Building with broken doors through the Water Tower area - Pick up the Shotgun Shells beneath the tower and having the building to your back, go through the cave on the left hand side. Kill the two dogs that attack and carefully pass the two broken doors of the building. Go up the stairs to get inside and kill the guy that is waiting on the right. Wait some seconds and his friend will show up from the next room. Pick up the Small Medi Pack the second guy dropped and enter the office on the left hand side. Push the button to open the door in the same room and pick up the Small Medi Pack from inside. Enter the room at the end of the hallway and pick up the Crowbar. Draw weapons and kill the guy that is coming from the hallway. Pick up his Shotgun Shells (or the Shotgun if you do not have it) and carefully exit the building through the broken doors. Kill the guy outside and return back to the Water Tower area.

Back to the area with the tower - Go through the dark tunnel to return to the area with the tower and the flaming barrel. Climb up the ladder (leg support) to the top of the tower and use the switch to open a trapdoor on the roof of the next building. Use the Crowbar to break the padlock and open the door. Pick up the Crowbar again, exit and jump up to grab the bars. Traverse across and drop on the roof of the building. Before dropping through the opening, go to the right and follow the walkway to the end to get a Small Medi Pack. Return back and safely drop into the building. Check out the map on the wall. It reads "Fuel Supply" and it gives you the correct sequence in order to activate the generator. From the bottom it says: red, green, red, green. Use the switch to open the door and exit to the Water Tower area. Kill the guy outside and pick up his Small Medi Pack.

Underground area\ arranging the valves - Carefully fall through the opening with the huge pipe next to the Water Tower. Swim to the other side (or use the middle ledge) and climb up the ladder. Here you can see four valves that their measures are red. You need to turn those valves in order to match the Fuel Supply map you saw before. You read the map before from the bottom and the bottom here is the leftmost valve (as you face them). The first measure is red, so leave it as it is. Turn the second valve so that the measure reads green. Leave the third as it is and go to the fourth valve getting a Crystal on your way. Turn it to read green. Climb up the ladder on the other side and enter the room with the engine (the door was previously closed as you needed to turn the valves correctly). Pick up the Large Medi Pack from the far right corner and use the switch to turn on the power.

(Note - The valves are marked above as first, second, third and fourth if you entered through the Water Tower area.)

Fenced building - Exit the engine building and go to the left. If you want, you can explore the blasted building ahead, but be careful of the fire and the mutant on the other side in the back left corner. Only God knows what is wrong with him. He will throw a poisonous gas and then he will die. Leave this poor guy in his peace. Besides, if the gas hits you, you need to get a Medi Pack.

You reach another building with fence around. Push the button to open the gate and kill the dog that attacks from inside. The other two dogs attack when you push the second button and open the other gate. Finally press the third button to open the door of the building. Get inside, kill yet another dog and pick up the Uzi Clips (or a pair of Uzis if you do not have them) from the back right corner. Climb on the block at the far right and pick up the Gate Control Key. Draw your weapons and kill the guy that enters the building.

Getting back to the Gate Control shed - Exit the building and the fence and go to the left. Enter the snowy passage and kill the guy from the other side. If you stand before the snowy overhang in the passage, you can see the guard's legs only. Lara will aim at him and you can shoot him at your ease, as he will not even think of shooting you. Jump\ climb where he was, but before crossing the wooden bridge, stop to hear something that is barking below. Take care of the dog from here and climb down the ladder which is located at the beginning of the bridge. Pick up the Grenades from behind the crate and climb back up. Cross the wooden bridge to reach the Water Tower area. Go to the left and through the dark tunnel to reach the tower area. (Since you are here, check if you have the Crowbar. If not, you must have left it to the tower above.) Enter the snowy tunnel and follow it to the end. Take a standing jump over the slide, jumping from the left hand side and grab the bars above. Traverse back to the Gate Control shed.

Go to the front side of the shed and use the Crowbar to break the padlock and open the door. You can leave the Crowbar because you will not need it anymore. Once you enter the shed, you trigger the appearance of a guy at the back. Stay sharp because he may come inside and attack. Use the Gate Control Key to activate the mechanism and push the button to open the gate. Exit, get into the boat and drive through the gate (if you have parked the boat in front of a ledge, just run towards the boat).

3rd Secret - When you pass the snowy rocks, you can see a ledge with a red flag on it. There is an underwater alcove just to the right and before the corner of the channel. Stop, facing the flag, and jump into the water. Get the Hut Key from the alcove and quickly climb on the boat (this screenshot shows where the alcove is). Drive back to the Gate Control shed and through the tunnel, making your way back to the hut you saw at the beginning of the level. Park the boat next to a low ledge where you can climb out and use the Hut Key to unlock the door of the hut. A dog emerges from inside, so quickly climb on the shed and take care of it. Enter the hut and pick up the Uzi Clips, the Flares and the Crystal. Get the boat and return back to the ledge with the flag.

Park the boat next to the low ledge with the flag, dismount and kill the guy there. Pick up the Uzi Clips and get inside the boat again. Drive through the channel and just after the next turn, park the boat next to the ledge on left hand side. Dismount and pick up the Shotgun Shells. Get the boat and drive to the end of the channel. Park the boat next to the opening and dismount. Climb up the next two blocks and kill the guy up there. Continue to the left and up the ramp, but be careful of the shaft there (you will see what it is in the cut scene that follows). Kill another guy that is lurking in front of the building and slide down the ramp. Go around the perimeter of the building to end the level.

The cut scene shows Lara entering the building and she finds Doctor Willard eating his soup. Willard seems happy seeing her and asks her to come in, adding that he will not be a minute. Lara asks what home and she tells him about the mutant she met before. She also mentions that he was his (Willard's) employee. At this time, Lara places a satchel on the table that contains the four artifacts. Willard says that the mutant was a biologist and thanks to the artifacts his genes were multiplied. His (mutant's) exposure came from material impregnated into the meteorite crater and the real capacities lie in its core. And finally he adds that with these artifacts he will get an access. He grabs the satchel and runs away whilst Lara follows him outside. He calls the elevator and jumps into. As the elevator goes down, Lara jumps on its roof.


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