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Essential Software
Installing the game
Common problems


TRIII Patch V1.1 (Download)

Download and UNZIP this file and replace your existing tomb3.exe with this version. Don't forget to back up first. The fix prevents game crashes in full screen mode at high resolutions.


ESCAPEplay (Download)

Watch the cut scenes from Tomb Raider 3 with this FMV Movie Viewer.

The installation program will run OK Windows XP/2000 and should install normally. Once the installation is complete exit the autorun menu by pressing Cancel. You cannot use the Autorun menu to Play the game.
Click on the Start button and navigate to the TRIII Play option. Right mouse click and select Properties from the context menu.
On the Compatibility tab tick the Run in compatibility mode and select Windows 98 Compatibility Layer from the list.
Repeat the above method for the Setup option.
Windows 2000 users will not have the Compatibility Layer available by default. Follow the instruction below:

Follow the instruction below

Click Start, then Run. Type in:
cmd.exe and then click OK. The Command prompt will open.
CD %systemroot%\apppatch then press Enter
regsvr32 slayerui.dll then press Enter


Alternatively run this command file

Click on the link below to register and enable the Compatibility Layer in Window 2000


Press Open when prompted

The message "DllRegisterServer in slayerui.dll succeeded" will be displayed. Click OK. Compatibility Layer is now available.
I can't get Lara to dismount the Quad-Bike.
To have Lara dismount the Quad bike on the PC version you need to press the End key and Left or Right arrow at the same time. It goes with out saying that the bike will need to be at a complete stop before trying to dismount.
Lara is moving erratically.
Sudden movements is attributed to the games incompatibility with your joystick/gamepad or game port. Try running the game with the controller unplugged. Check the latest drivers and DirectX are installed.
Error message when you install or start Tomb Raider :
C:\Windows\System32\Autoexec.nt The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications.

This issue may occur if one or more of the following files are missing or damaged.


For full explanation and solution read this Page.

Lara's blood looks pink rather than red?
Don't adjust your screen settings. Some versions are censored by changing the colour of the blood. This can be confirmed as the crosses on the health packs are green.
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