Tomb Raider 2 Gold (Golden Mask) Walkthrough and Game Guide
Featuring All Secrets and Hidden Rewards and packed with Screenshots

Level 2: Fool's Gold

Drop into the water and swim through the tunnel. There is an opening in the ceiling beyond where you can surface. Climb out of the water and draw weapons. The three doors on the ground open and the bad guys will attack. The first one will come down the crates from the left hand side, so kill him before he reaches on even ground. A doberman may have already reached you and another thug will come from one of the two doors ahead. The bodies leave two sets of Shotgun Shells, but when you approach the one on the crates, a guy with a bat will join you. Take him out too. Then go through the door on the left of the crates where you will find a Large Medi Pack.

Room with pool - Go through either door to reach a room with a pool. A doberman attacks here, and if you came through the right hand door, stay sharp because it will attack from behind. Jump\ climb into the alcove with the orange tank above the pool and pick up the Flares. Go up the steps to reach the upper part of the room. You will find two sets of Shotgun Shells in front of a window. On getting them, two guys with flamethrowers appear at the bottom of the room. Equip a powerful weapon and take them out before they come upstairs and burn Lara. One of them leaves a Small Medi Pack.

Use the switch to open a gate elsewhere. Take a running jump over the gap and follow the hallway, passing in front of a closed gate. Beyond you can see the gate you just opened. Before going there, throw the switch on the left to open the gate you bypassed. Back track and go through it. Exactly opposite the entrance you can find a movable crate. Pull it outside the room (pull it four times), go down the steps on the left, climb on the right hand ledge and re-enter the room. Beneath the crate you will find two sets of M16 Clips (or the M16 Gun instead one of the two sets if you do not have it). Just to the left you can find some more Clips.

1st Secret - Before exiting, notice the other movable crate. Pull it to reveal the Gold Coins beneath.

Area with room in the middle - Now go through the gate you opened by using the first switch. Climb on the block and drop to the other side. Enter the hallway and go around the room in the middle, passing a closed gate on the right hand wall. When you climb onto the rusty ledge, a guy with a bat comes out. Drop back and start shooting whilst jumping backwards. Pick up his Small Medi Pack and climb on the rusty ledge again. If you wait for a bit, the other thug will come out. Once he is dead, pick up the two sets of Shotgun Shells he drops. Enter the room and use the switch to open the gate just outside.

Outside area with buildings - When you exit, go to the left and you will find some Shotgun Shells on a low crate. Before getting them, you may want to take care of the two snipers - one on each side. You will also find some M16 Clips on another crate to the left. As you approach them, a doberman will come from the alley beyond. Get rid of it and pick up the Flares at the end of the alley. There are more M16 Clips at the entrance of the tunnel beyond, but they are guarded by a doberman; kill it. (If this doberman does not appear now, it will attack along with the two snowbilers a bit later.)

Onto the roofs - Climb on the low crate opposite the one you got the Shells and climb onto the roof (as shown here). A guy with a bat will appear from the upper roof, so take care of him, along with the two crows that fly from above. Pick up the Shotgun Shells from the guy and climb onto the upper roof. Jump over the alley to land on the opposite side. Here you will see the dead body of the first sniper. Pick up his Shotgun Shells and go through the nearby opening. Another guy with a bat attacks here, so kill him and take his Small Medi Pack.

(Note - If you proceed a bit into this room, you will see the Gold Bars behind the grated windows. You will get them later.)

Exit to the roofs again and head to the left. Pass the opening on the left hand wall and go where the second dead sniper is. Pick up his Shotgun Shells and some more from the snow bank. Another thug attacks here. Make him a history and pick up his Small Medi Pack. Go through the opening he came from and use the switch to open the door. Draw weapons and kill the doberman inside. Then pick up the Circuit Board. Exit and go to the opening you bypassed before. The door opens by placing the Circuit into the panel.

Dark room with crates and ramps - Enter the dark room and climb on the crate with the Flares. Two rats are running on the ground, so kill them both. There is a third rat in the room somewhere that you will have to kill later, as you explore. A snowmobiler appears when you move more inside the room. Climb on any of the crates, so he will not run over you. He makes circles into the room, and whilst he is away, you can light a Flare, stay at the back of the crate and draw weapons. The Flare will fall onto the crate and you will be able to see where Lara aims. Once he is dead, pick up the goodies around: M16 Clips from the back left corner, Uzi Clips from the far right and behind a ramp, the Large Medi Pack and the Cardkey 1 from the crates at the lighted part of the room. When you pick up the Card, the camera shows a thug in front of a door outside. If you wait here, the thug will come inside. Kill him and pick up his Small Medi Pack.

Dealing with the two snowmobilers - Now exit through the opening you came from. If you step on the roofs with your weapons holstered, the camera will show the doors in the tunnel below opening and two snowmobilers coming out. One of them will come up and join you (do not ask from where, because there is no way, but anyway) and the other will stay down. Quickly turn right, go around the roofs and jump over the alley. The snowmobiler cannot reach you here. Climb on the chimney and shoot him when he approaches (see this screenshot to get oriented). Once he is dead, drop to the lower roof and take care of the second fellow. There is a doberman lurking below (if it did not appear at the entrance of the tunnel before). Kill it too;

Return back to the dark room with crates and ramps and locate the movable crate on the right hand side. Push it to reveal an opening. Pick up the Flares and go down the ramp. The way around to the right leads back to the ground. For now, climb on the rusty ledge and kill the guy that appears on the other side. Then drop into the water and pull the undewater lever on the column's side to shut off the propeller. Before going there, climb on the ledge just above the lever. Draw weapons and kill the guy with the flamethrower before he reaches you. Pick up his Small Medi Pack and the Flares from the dark room beyond.

Do not drop into the water yet. Instead, walk back where you climbed out before and take a running jump to grab the ladder. Then climb to the opening above. On the left is a movable crate. Pull it to reveal some Grenades beneath. When you pick them up, a door opens on the other side of the room. Inside you will find more Grenades. Again, by picking them up you open a door behind the movable crate. Go through it and pick up the Grenade Launcher.

Drop into the water and swim beneath the propeller, then through the right hand opening. Follow the tunnel as it goes, until you can surface. Here you will find two sets of Automatic Pistol Clips. Turn around and climb on the ledge just above the water's surface. Kill the rat and pick up two more sets of Automatic Pistol Clips (or a pair of Automatic Pistols instead of one of the sets if you do not have them). The door on the other side of the water opens as you approach and it gets you to the place where the two snowmobilers came from. Turn left and follow the passage to return back outside.

Yellow Star Entrance - Climb on the ledge next to the entrance of this area and use the Keycard to open the gate.

2nd Secret - When you go through it, the camera shows one of the Stalin paintings, signaling the Secret at the same time. Turn around, drop back down and go to the left, through the opening you came from. Just on the left is the opening with the Stalin's painting the camera showed you. Go through the door on the right and follow the passage. Climb on the ledge and use the switch to open the gate at the end and release three dobermans. Quickly drop back down the way you came from and kill them from safety. Then climb back up and go through the gate. Pick up the Gold Bars and return back to the Yellow Star entrance.

Back to the Yellow Star entrance\ Red Star entrance - Drop into the room and pick up the Keycard 1. Back up a bit and draw weapons, because a thug with a bat will climb through the opening ahead. Kill him and pick up his Small Medi Pack. Climb through the opening he came from and use the switch. This opens a wooden door behind the gate and magically makes another thug appear in the previous room, so return back and take care of him. Pick up the Keycard 2 he drops and use it to the Red Star socket of the second room. This (obviously) opens the nearby gate. Use the switch again to open the wooden door and go through it. It is on a slow timer, so you will not have a problem.

Outside area with rocks and crates - Go to the left. Two guys with bats will attack here - one from the left and one from the right hand side, but they drop nothing. There is an opening that leads inside a building on the right, but do not go there yet. Instead, climb up the rocks opposite the exit you came from and take a running jump to the the snowy ledges on the left. Climb up them and take a standing jump to land on the rusty beam with the Flares. Pick up them and cross the beam. Two more thugs appear from the right hand side, so take care of them.

Roof with crates - There are several crates around, but only two of them are movable. Both are on the right hand side. You can easily locate the first one becaue it is darker from the rest (but if you are having troubles locating it, see this screenshot). Pull it outside. Before pushing the second one that you probably have already noticed, hang from the edge of it, having the wall to your back (as shown here). This alerts two dobermans, so climb back up and kill them (if you tried to push the second crate first, these two rabid things would attack through the crates!!). Beneath the second crate you will find some Grenades and two sets of Uzi Clips.

Climb on the crate with the Large Medi Pack. On getting it, a thug appears from an opening below on the left. He will soon come and join you, so stay here and kill him as he approaches. He drops a Small Medi Pack. From the same crate, if you take a look below and to the right, you will see another thug patrolling. Kill him now and drop to the rusty single ledge close to him. He did not drop anything, but you will find two sets of Uzi Clips next to him (or a pair of Uzis instead of one of the sets if you do not have them).

Climb on the rusty ledge you came from and take a staning jump to the next bigger one. A crow and a thug with a bat emerge from the next building. Be quick with the thug or he will climb onto the ledge. Drop down close to the snowy slide and climb on the higher rusty ledge. You can either stand at the higher part of the slope and press Action and Up (the "Jump and Grab" does not seem to work) or take a standing jump to the flat ledge on the right, then climb onto the rusty one (see this screenshot). Pick up the Automatic Pistol Clips, drop down and enter the building following either opening.

Inside the building - When you enter, a rat appears, so kill it. There are two guys with flamethrowers behind the bars. Be careful!!! The flames can reach you through the bars. Since they can do that, you can do it too. Draw weapons and shoot them through the bars. You may need to climb onto the rusty ledge for the second guy. When you do that another rat appears from the other side. Be careful as you explore here. As you walk around, you trigger some rolling barrels. When you feel the ground shaking, return back and jump on the rusty ledge. There are four sets of rolling barrels in total.

Go up the dark ramp and turn around to kill a third rat. You may hear the sound of a fourth rat that will appear now or a bit later. Drop into the pit on the left hand side. Use the Keycard to open the double doors above. This also opens a trapdoor behind you and alerts a third guy with flamethrower. Drop into the water and swim through the tunnel. Get the Small Medi Pack, the Flares and the two sets of Uzi Clips from the alcoves. Surface and get some air. When you climb out of the water make a U turn and run away from the double doors. Draw a powerful weapon and kill the nasty guy. Facing the double doors from inside, go to the left where a smaller pool is. Drop into and get the Grenades and Large Medi Pack.

Cave with stone bridge - Go through the opening opposite the double doors and climb on the right hand ledge. A thug is standing above, so start jumping up whilst shooting. Once he is dead, climb on the ledge and pick the two sets of M16 Clips from the alcove on the left. Drop back down and go to the other side of the passage. Turn left to enter a cave. Go to the right and be careful not to accidentally slide down. Walk up to the edge, using the left hand part. The skeleton on the bridge indicates that a poor guy tried to do something and obviously failed. For now, take a running jump to land on the opposite block.

3rd Secret - Before dropping to the stone bridge, drop to the lower block and then into the pit where the Gold Skull is. Get it, climb back up and then climb on the higher block.

Facing the bridge, you can see a stunned thug on the right above. If you have ammo for the M16 gun, shoot him (Lara cannot aim at him with another gun from that far). Otherwise, ignore him for now. Hang from the edge of the block, having the bridge to your back. The camera pans back and shows a thug going down the rocks on the left. Quickly pull up, because he is not alone. Draw a powerful weapon and first kill the thug the camera showed you. The other one comes from the other side of the bridge, so finish him off.

Drop to the bridge. After a couple of steps, the thug above awakens (if you did not kill him before). He may take a lot of your health because Lara finds it hard to aim at him. In that case, proceed to the end of the bridge, jump on the block and kill him. On approaching the end of the bridge, two crows attack. Get rid of them too. Then jump to the opposite block and climb where the thug was. At the end you will find a Small Medi Pack and some Automatic Pistol Clips.

Drop back to the bridge and take a running\ standing jump to grab the ladder. Climb almost to the bottom and traverse to the either left or right. Make sure that half of Lara's body is in front of the ladder and the other half in front of the wall. Release to drop to a flat ledge (the flat ledges are shown in this screenshot). Turn around and pick up the Large Medi Pack from the other side. Five rats attack, so kill them. Then slide down the slope backwards, pressing Action to grab the edge. Release to drop onto another slide and land on the ground. Turn right and go forwards. You will find three sets of Shotgun Shells in a depression. Then follow the way the skeletons "show" in order to finish the level.


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