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Level 6: Colosseum

The door ahead opens automatically and you can exit to a cave with a pool. Before dropping into the water, draw weapons and kill the crocodile that is swimming inside. Then drop into the pool and swim to the end. Before climbing out, notice the lion outside. Wait for it to walk away, climb out and kill it. Go to the left hand side of the building with your weapons drawn. A second lion lurks there, so start shooting whilst jumping backwards.

Climb up the blocks at the back and turn to face the building. Jump onto the ledge ahead and go to the right. Vault onto the low rock, but before climbing on the second ledge, go all the way around to the front side and pick up the Large Medi Pack. Then back-track, vault onto the low rock and climb on the second ledge. Go to the front side and to the end of the ledge, jumping over the gap. Then jump to the next rocky ledge on the right.

1st Secret - Before dropping into the cave on the left hand side, slide down the ramp. You can see a slide in front of you, but there is a flat ledge behind it. Take a running jump there, then another one to the alcove (this screenshot shows the jumps). Pick up the Shotgun Shells. To return back, exit the alcove, climb on the right hand block and take a running jump to the ledge at the bottom of the ramp. If you accidentally slide down, go the same way as before (by climbing on the ledges that go around the building).

Jump into the cave (or drop if you used the ledges of the building). Two crocodiles are lurking in the pit. Kill them from above, then drop down and pick up the Small Medi Pack. Climb back up, using the low rock. As you climb out, turn right and jump up to grab the crevice in the wall. Start shimming to the right.

2nd Secret - Halfway across, pull into the opening and enter the alcove. Pick up the Shotgun Shells and return back. Drop backwards, hang from the edge and continue shimming to the right.

Drop down and enter the passage. Follow it to the end and drop through the opening. The switch here opens the gate, which takes you back, outside of the building. There is no reason to go there, so do not bother using the switch, because a lion attacks from the steps. Do that if you are interested in all kills.

Arena - Go up the steps to enter the arena. You will have to deal with Pierre again, who will come from the left and is going to leave through the opening you just came from. Again, you cannot kill him, so draw Pistols, climb on the steps to the left of the entrance (as you enter) and shoot him. When he leaves, drop down and kill the two lions and the gorilla that are running around the arena.

(Note - There are two ways of taking a shortcut here, thus avoid going through a timed run that follows. Note though that you will miss some kills and a couple of pick-ups, including a Save Crystal for the PS version. If you want to take either shortcut here is how:

• Before dropping into the arena (having the entrance to your back) go to the left all the way around, until you come to the end. With the entrance on your right now, take a look beyond and you will see a ledge, which leads to the booth. You need to take a running jump and grab the ledge, turning left while in midair if necessary. This screenshot will orient you with the procedure. If you take this shortcut, skip to the Booth area part of the walkthrough.

• Drop into the arena and go to the right. You will see a spiked pit and this screenshot shows the two safe corners you can hang from and then drop down. Then skip to the Spiked pit part of the walkthrough.)

Drop into the arena and (having the entrance to your back) head to the far left corner (southeast) where an opening is. Slide down the ramp and draw weapons. Two lions will attack and usually they come one by one. Staying close to the ramp may make your job easier, as the lions do not approach much. Here you can see two switches. The one opposite the ramp opens a gate elsewhere and the one in the back right opens the gate of the current room in order to leave. Go through the latter to reach a pit in the arena. (The PS players will find a Save Crystal here.) Three lions are waiting for you outside and you may be able to directly kill one from here. The other two will run around, but if you climb out for a second, you will lure them. Then drop back down and shoot.

Once they are dead, climb out of the pit and (having the entrance to you back) go to the far right corner (northeast) where the rock pillars are. If you did not explore this area before, Walk between the rocks and you will see a frozen lion on the right. It will awaken, so stay sharp. When it does so, start shooting whilst jumping backwards. Once it is dead, go through the opening there and slide down the ramp.

Timed gates - You enter a room with two gates on the left hand wall and a closed door in the back left corner. Go up the steps on the far right and step on the gray tile. Turn around and you will see the two gates open. They are timed, but for now you have enough time to go through the right hand gate, pick up the Small Medi Pack and exit. If the gate closes before you exit, step on the gray tile in order to open it.

Now the timed run: Step on the first gray tile outside and turn around. The countdown does not start until you step off the tile. Run-jump and go through the left hand gate. Here you will find a switch and a gray tile. Ignore the tile and throw the switch to open the gate (that you surely did not miss) in the right hand room. Roll, exit, turn left and enter the room. Quickly go through the gate. Here you can relax. Take your time to use the switch and open the door outside. The gate most probably has already closed, so step on the gray tile to open it and exit. Then go through the exit door and follow the passage to the spiked pit. (The PS players will find a Save Crystal here.)

Spiked pit - Go through the opening that leads to some stone blocks. Climb up them and you will reach the top of the stone pillars outside in the arena. As you climb out, turn around and go up the rocks to find some Shotgun Shells (see here if you are not sure where to go). Return back to the rocks you came from and having the pit to your back, proceed ahead (south) to the extended ledge. Take a running jump to the rock structure on the right, go to the higher flat part and turn left. Take a running jump to grab the ledge and pull up.

Booth area - Draw weapons and kill the gorilla here. (The PS players will find a Save Crystal here.) Go behind the column and kill a second gorilla that comes up the steps. There is a movable block on the left hand wall. Pull it twice to reveal a switch and a Small Medi Pack behind. The switch opens a door in the northwest corner of the arena, so exit to the booth and drop down into the arena (or use the rocks you came from and slide down if you do not want to lose health).

Northwest corner - Go to the far left corner (northwest), vault onto the low rock and climb onto the ledge. Climb up the steps and enter the room in the corner. Kill the two bats and go through the door. When you turn around the corner, a gate closes behind you. At the top of the ramp you can see the boulder, which starts rolling when you approach the pit. You can either jump and grab the bottom of the ramp or drop into the pit. The boulder will pass above Lara's head. If you do the latter, turn around, grab the edge of the way you came from and pull up. Turn around, jump to grab the bottom of the ramp and pull up. Go up the ramp, which gets you to a room with a switch. Throw it to open the door in the southwest corner of the arena. Enter the passage and slide down the ramp backwards, pressing Action to grab the edge. Drop down and return to the arena.

Pierre and a lion are waiting for you now. Do not drop into the arena. Go around the walkway, close to the entrance. Kill the lion and again shoot Pierre until he leaves.

Southwest corner - Enter the southwest corner of the arena and kill the two bats. Go through the door.

3rd Secret - A door at the top of the room opens when you step on the tile beneath the taller pillar on the left (as shown in this screenshot). As long as you stay on the tile, the door remains open, so take your time to position Lara correctly. Stand on the front right corner of the tile, having the pillar to your back and the low block in front of you (as shown in this screenshot). You now need to take standing jumps on the ledges above the pillars. Jump on the low block ahead, side-flip to the ledge on the right, back-flip on the ledge behind, side-flip to the ledge on the left, jump forwards onto the ledge in front of the door. Quickly go through it, taking a standing jump if necessary to speed up Lara a bit. Inside the room you will find two Large Medi Packs, a pair of Magnums and some Uzi Clips.

Exit the room and turn left. Take a running jump to the ledge with the switch and use it to open a door in the southeast corner of the arena. Carefully make your way down and exit to the arena.

Southeast corner - Go to the southeast corner and enter the room. Climb through the opening and use the switch to open the door in the booth area. Drop into the water and swim through the tunnel. Climb out of the water and pick up the Small Medi Pack. Push the movable block twice to reveal a room behind. Then go to the right side of it and pull it to reveal the Rusty Key behind. Pick it up and return back to the arena the same way you came.

There is a gorilla in the arena, so kill it from above. You now need to go back to the booth, so drop into the arena and go to the rock pillars, then into the room with the timed gates. Go through the door in the back left corner and follow the passage to the spiked pit. Go through the opening that leads to the stone blocks and climb to the top. As you climb out, proceed ahead and jump to the stone structure on the right. Take a running jump to grab the ledge of the booth and pull up. (If you took the shortcut before and do not wish to go through the timed runs, follow the shortcut once more.)

Go down the steps past the column. In the passage behind the door you will find a Small Medi Pack. (The PS players will also find a Save Crystal here.) Return back and if you want all the kills, kill the two gorillas that run around the arena. Then use the Rusty Key to open the nearby gate. Drop into the water and swim through the tunnel. A crocodile will join you in a while, so quickly climb out of the water through the opening in the ceiling. You can kill the crocodile from here, although it will take some time because Lara cannot aim at it easily. Then use the switch to open a gate on the other side of the tunnel. Jump into the water, swim through the gate and the current will lead Lara to the end of the level.


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